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Who made the best coaching hire yesterday?

Arkansas - Bielema
7% (135 votes)
Auburn - Malzahn
20% (379 votes)
Boston College - Addazio
3% (60 votes)
Purdue - Hazell
69% (1301 votes)
Total Votes: 1875


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Say what you will, but 68 wins in 7 years aint too shabby.  I do see this as a blow to the B1G unless Wisky can get a great coach that can keep it going.  The B1G has a bad rep right now and losing a good coach on one of the few strong teams is not good.
On a side note, 610 reported that Alvarez is considering coaching the Rose Bowl game.  If he does, I'm picking Wisky in that one.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Read that Bielema did not seem particularly happy the last few days according to a high school coach that keeps in touch with him regularly. Also said he felt Bielema was feeling pressure about this years record and that his skin wasn't made to take much of that. Funny thoughts.

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I'm not sure coaching in the SEC is going to be less pressure. In fact, there will most likely be more pressure to win where he's going. I don't know that the money behind Arkansas is going to settle for 7 win seasons.

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7?  I feel a steady dose of 5-7 years is in his future. 

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Hazell's hire will definetly improve Purdue's play and he should be able to actually compete for recruits based on his history. That being said, Bielema running to the SEC only hurts the conference at this point considering how poor the conference as a whole plays.

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That may be true, but it depends on who he is replaced by.

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Boston College hired Steve Addazio? Is that a joke? 
I can only assume Jim Bollman was their first option but he turned them down. 

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Addazio was my coach freshman year in HS. The guy is intense for sure, Whether that translates to wins is another story. BC is a step up from Temple and I wish him the best, even though he was a piece of work back in he day when I knew him!

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Gus Malzahn was AU's OC when $cam Newton led them to the NC. Given their last three recruiting classes and current players, Auburn has the best chance to make a massive wins improvement.

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Hazell is a great hire but Auburn made the best move IMO...

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Malzahn was the perfect hire for Auburn.  If he can coach a team anywhere close to how well he runs an offense, the Tigers are gonna be set.
Gotta give some credit to Bielema.  He probably realized that years like this were going to be the norm with a rejuvenated OSU and UM opposing him (not to mention Nebraska and MSU being on their same level, as well), got a big offer in Arkansas, and followed the cash to Fayetteville.
Being a "hot" commodity during a coaching search can be quire the transient thing.  Props to the big guy in Madison for leveraging it before it all slipped away.

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^^What he said.^^
Bert leaving wisky hurts the league, but I think his run in Madison was coming to an end.  He got while the gettin was good.  Can't blame him for it.  In five years he'll be coaching Iowa. 

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We all know that Kirk Ferentz will still be coaching Iowa and will be winning the B1G Coach of the Year award in 2017 after taking 6 previously sub .500 teams to 8-4 due to the vast improvement he made that year.
Seriously, though, I may be in the minority but I don't think his loss is as big as people think. The numbers don't really lie. He was 23-1 against the likes of Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, and Illinois but 16-18 against the remaining B1G. On top of that, he was 2-4 in bowl games. So while overall numbers look good, I think when you dig a little bit, you find numbers that aren't so great. He struggles against teams that are better or on an equal plain. So while perception is that we lost a good coach, I say that the SEC just gained a mediocre at best coach. He took his money and ran and you can't blame him for that, but I think Wisconsin will be able to find a better coach.

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And thus we're left with the crux of Tresselball: you'll always beat the teams that you're more talented than, but you'll struggle to match up to teams that are equal or superior in that regard.  
Tressel was one of the greatest game managers to ever coach, which mitigated a lot of his system's inherent weakness.  Bielma isn't Tressel's equal (nor does he field the talent Tressel did), and thus his fundamental strategy is exposed as such: overwhelm lesser teams, struggle to beat the ones that can match up to the hogs on your O-Line.

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I'm with you. He can be replaced fairly easily. I'd rate him no better than 5th among current B1G coaches and you can ask Johnny how brilliant that group is on the whole.

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While Fathead did do pretty well with Wisky's program, I voted for Hazell.  I'm really curious what he'll be able to do with a larger program and likely better recruits.
I will also be curious to see how Malzahn does at Auburn minus Cam Newton.

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Does Hazell have to grow a mustache? 

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That was one of the things that needed worked out in the contract and what held it up for a bit. It's a requirement that all Purdue head coaches must have a thick, Tom Selleck type mustache.

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Malzahn at Auburn is a great combo.  I wonder if Arkansas reached out to him at all - he was Houston Nutt's OC for a season.  Week 2 next season will make for a slightly awkward moment when the Tigers host the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

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The Ohio State coaching tree grows again.

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Malzahn will be a steal. People forget that the year before they got CAM they still went 8-5 and put a scare into Saban in the Iron bowl even tho Malzahn had some no-name QB starting. The guy is legit. He even won AT ARKANSAS STATE. 

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Drama has followed Malzahn at every stop.  Don't expect it to stop now.  Hazell FTW (or maybe not, at Purdue).

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I think Hazell to Purdue may be the best hire on the list when all is said and done, but I'll admit losing Bert is probably a decent blow to the B1G (or Leaders, anyway).  Douche or otherwise, he may have maxed out Wisconsin's program while he was there - unless the next coach comes in and averages a higher annual recruiting class than 51st in the nation (Bielema). That's an awfully high (low?) number compared to the nice he had in Madison.