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If a Big Ten/ACC Challenge was ported to football, what league would you want to face?

Big 12
14% (96 votes)
Big East
4% (24 votes)
23% (152 votes)
59% (394 votes)
1% (7 votes)
Total Votes: 673


johnblairgobucks's picture

The Pac12, makes the most sense.....better top-to-bottom program matchups, and it would be fun, nice travel destinations for road games.
I voted the SEC.  To be the best, you have to beat the best. 

Poison nuts's picture

I wanted to write a comment on this subject, but to know how I feel on this ^^^see above comment by Johnblair.
The SEC - bring them on & if they win - take all the 'SEC is the greatest' horse shit that would be coming from everyone's mouths, bottle up that anger, & remember that for the next time...I personally would love to see OSU play a team from the SEC yearly. Eventually the tide will turn.

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SLVRBLLTS's picture

"Eventually the tide will turn."

I see what you did there....

"Because we couldn't go for three"

cplunk's picture

SEC. Every year the bulk of that league is way overrated. Plus, I assume at least half the games would be in B1G stadiums rather than all in the south.
Second choice is the Big Twelve. Fun matchups.

painterlad's picture

SEC. It would be great to see the looks on the faces of those young men as they discover roads actually do run north, and that there are stadiums that have indoor plumbing. Plus, after we beat them, we know they will still be ranked high so that the the two good SEC teams will have good "SOS" on their resume.

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OSUBias's picture

SEC, same thoughts as everyone else. But mostly to wipe the smug expressions off of Les Miles and Nick Saban's faces (mostly Miles. Saban looks more botoxed than smug most of the time)

Shitter's full

RBuck's picture

Voted SEC, but I don't think any of their top teams would agree to home and home. They like those so-called neutral field sites in the south.

Long live the southend.

Lee in Altoona's picture

ACC. It would be the easiest league to travel to for the away games from Ohio.

AngryWoody's picture

Gotta play the Big 12! They need to see a defense at least once a year, right?

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Et_Tu_OSU's picture

I'll take the SEC, please -- it's about the only way we'll ever get them to play in our stadiums.

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AngryWoody's picture

"You're just making excuses! Playing Florida in Florida is totally a neutral site!" - ESPN

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Bucksfan's picture

The SEC would never go for it.  They're cowards.

onetwentyeight's picture

Why the HAILL are people picking SEC? Why do we want to see B1G schools slaughtered? This is insane. I picked the Big LEast b/c then at least we'd look halfway not atrocious and OSU might get to beat UC like a drum once in a while. 
But please, spare me the "SEC IS overrated! #ESPNBIAS!" crap. Yea, maybe if you're a REAL LEGIT team like Kansas St or Oregon, you could make that argument. But NONE of the pathetic fools we play in the B1G would stand a chance alright. What's the conference's record against the MAC this year for christsake?! Everybody in the B1G sucks except for us and it's time to stop being in denial and think we're equals to the SEC or even like the MAC. OSU is a good team stuck in a dying conference that's spiraling downwards at an alarming rate. 

cplunk's picture

Saban, Miles, Meyer. There is the greatness of the SEC summed up. 
You tell me we're playing a Saban team and I'm worried. You tell me we're playing a Miles team and I'm concerned, anybody else in that league? I'll put this team, flaws and all, up against them in a heartbeat. Remember his unstoppable Arkansas was? Now does that game go if Tressel doesn't take his foot off the gas? 
The rest the SEC has a barely over .500 record against out if conference BCS opponents in the BCS era.
Stop buying the "top to bottom" hype. It's Saban, Miles, Meyer. That's it. Chizik only won one because he had Urban's recruit at QB, and Oregon was a first down away from winning that game.
Florida? Our horrid team last year barely showed for the bowl game and still basically played them even on everything but special teams. South Carolina? They struggled with Vanderbilt- the same Vanderbilt that Northwestern beat. Georgia? They got pummeled by that same South Carolina team. Texas A&M was a middle of the road Big Twelve team. And guess what, they're a middle of the road SEC team too.
Saban, Miles, Meyer. Stop buying the SEC overhype and ridiculous voting in the rankings. 
Now for your B1G spiraling down comment? Absolutely true. And that's another reason I want an SEC-B1G challenge. The rest the B1G is not going to improve until its been absolutely driven home that they need to. Plus, I don't really care if the rest tha B1G gets slammed. In fact I'd enjoy it.

Poison nuts's picture

I wish I could up vote on this a number of times...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

VHX7's picture

Exactly. All you have to do is watch SEC games this year to know that Alabama is the only SEC team that is actually that good. I've watched enough of Georgia's soft defense, Florida's and LSU's nonexistant offenses and South Carolina's total inconsistency to be able to tell that even this year's Ohio State team would probably hang with all of them except Alabama.
The SEC looks like it's the best from top to bottom for a couple of reasons. First of all, preseason rankings turn perception into reality during the season. It's the only reason why they have 5 top ten teams right now. Because most of them (besides Alabama and occasionally LSU) play NOBODY out of conference, and then 6 of them are in the top ten. Once that happens, it's impossible for them to fall out because they only lose to each other, so they have no "bad losses". I mean heck, South Carolina lost a game by 33 points and only fell 5 spots in the rankings. Mississippi State fell 4 spots for a 31-point loss, and Georgia fell 6 spots after getting blown out by South Carolina. And now South Carolina, with 2 losses, is ranked ahead of an undefeated team and 4 1-loss teams.
The comment about the Big Ten getting shelled by the SEC would normally far from the truth. This year though, the Big Ten is just that bad.

onetwentyeight's picture

 Instead of twisting my words into saying that I support the notion of SEC teams top to bottom being vastly superior football teams - go back and read what I wrote. I never said SEC teams were all on the Saban-Miles-Meyer level, never said that entire conference didn't have weak teams or that the conference wasn't comprised mostly of flawed teams. ALL THAT IS TRUE. BUT. The B1G would still get slaughtered. THAT WAS MY POINT. It's not mutually exclusive to think
1.) that the SEC isn't all it's hyped up by the media to be
2.) the B1G would still get destroyed by the SEC and shouldn't be asking to play them in a challenge.
BOTH THESE THINGS ARE TRUE. Inherent B1G bias is a funny thing. Our conference blows so much that the middle of the road SEC teams would embarass the B1G (OSU not included). That's just the truth, and it's not saying MUCH about the middle of the SEC to say that they'd beat the B1G. AS I SAID IN MY EARLIER COMMENT, The MID-AMERICA CONFERENCE did pretty well against the B1G this year too.

lamplighter's picture

Voted SEC, but I think that the Ohio River must be kryptonite or something