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Which primetime game are you most interested in seeing?

#21 Michigan at #11 Notre Dame
67% (347 votes)
#14 Kansas State at #6 Oklahoma
3% (18 votes)
#10 Clemson at #5 Florida State
30% (156 votes)
Total Votes: 521


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Not the best poll question I've seen in a while, time to grade it. Smh
As I'm sure the percentages will hold out throughout voting, they rightfully reflect the importance of each game, minus the one game that was missed. 
+25 pts for the Michigan-Notre Dame game
This should be the game that everyone is watching regardless if you hate Michigan or not. The Blue guys have beat ND in the past three years as Notre Dame has squandered away late game leads in each of the last three contest. The Irish defense looked exceptional in its last contest with Michigan State only allowing for 50 rushing yard. With Fitz return back to face elite competition, Michigan running game will be one deminsional with denard running the ball. The only hope for michigan is if they go with the longball throughout the game and challenge Notre Dame injured secondary. ND wins 28-17, OSU fans bash in Michigan defeat. 
+25 points for the FSU-Clemson game
Battle of two ACC power schools could determine wither or not FSU is a legit title contender. After posting impressive scores against FCS opponents and Wake Forest, FSU offense looks impressive under Fisher. Clemson likely has shown that its offense is equally as great, with an impressive win over mighty SEC SEC SEC foe Auburn. Key to this game is FSU speedy defense versus Clemson offense. If the FSU defense can limit the big plays of Hiseman contender Sammy Watkin, Andre Ellington and QB Tajh Boyd, FSU wins. FSU seems to choke every year in the big game but I'm picking them to get it done and win in a shoot out 45-27
+25 points for the KSU-Oklahoma game
All signs point to Oklahoma being favored to win the big 12 and trip to the Fiesta Bowl. Last season the Sooners walked away with a 4 point win in the Little Apple and this year looks to be no different. Stoop will have the boys ready. Boomer Sooner 38-24. I'm yet to see a game yet, poor write up.
0 points for not including the Oregon-Arizona game
How can you not include this game. This one figures to be a shoot out between two coaches who are offensive-minded. The biggest shocker this year has been the resurgence of Rich Rod spread which failed in the Big Ten but has resurfaced in the Pac 12. With an impressive win over Oklahoma State and lowly South Carolina State, one has to believe the UofA is back on track. Oregon equally has been impressive with their offense lead by DeAnthony Thomas. Even though Oregon has a weak OOC schedule, Ducks roll 42-28. 
The final point tally for this poll is a 75 which is a "C" at Ohio State.
Time to start cooking for the game. Go Bucks. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Before you step down off your high horse... 
Oregon at Arizona isn't a primetime game. It starts at 10:30 pm here on the east coast.  The other 3 games start at 7:30 or 8:00.  You don't have to choose between Oregon/Arizona and the other games which was the whole point of the poll. 
I will be watching Michigan/ND mostly but keeping an eye on the other two games.  Afterwards, I'll for sure be watching the Oregon/Arizona game hoping they overload the scoreboard.

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Beat me to it.  Arizona @ Oregon; some are talking about this as a possible Pac-12 title game.  It may be a bit easy to overstate the importance.  And Arizona is a distinct underdog.  But an Arizona win would easily overshadow the stories in all of the other games combined.  Plus; watching the game should be an absolute trip.  They will need to bring the basketball statisticians.

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Lets go Rich Rod. My favorite all time Michigan coach got sort of a raw deal up north and by all estimations is a great coach who deserves better. Now, don't get me wrong, I wish he was prowling the sidelines in Ann Arbor humming Josh Groban songs to himself but since he can't be up there, I hope he wins a lot of football games in the desert. Shoot, I hope he sticks it to Lane Kiffin for the next few seasons too for good measure.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Coastal Carolina vs. Toledo Rockets.



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"Others receiving votes": Minnesota vs. Syracuse. I am actually a bit interested in this game.

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