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Who is the best running back in the B1G as of right now?

Wisconsin's Montee Ball (comedy answer)
2% (22 votes)
Sparty's Le'Veon Bell
18% (200 votes)
Denard-dog Robinson
11% (122 votes)
Northwestern's Venric Mark
4% (41 votes)
Braxton Miller
65% (720 votes)
1% (7 votes)
Total Votes: 1112



Is it sad that our QB is better than half of the Big Ten RB's?

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Yes - it is a homer pick - & it is also the truth. Braxton Miller is the best RB in the B1G. He would excel as a pure runner. Denard may be faster flat out - but Braxton has the prettiest moves I think I have ever seen. I love it when he jukes these dudes & gets by 3-4 guys. It's a thing of beauty...

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Not going for the homer pick, I went with Bell. I think Braxton is the 2nd best. I like the fact that he can scramble so well, but I just don't think it's good for a QB to be the best on the team.
Gosh I hope he stays healthy.



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If the MSU offense wasn't so god-awful, Bell would be the undoubted best RB. I voted for Bell.

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Best runner in general? Denard followed by Braxton and Taylor Martinez.
Best running back? Bell and Ball easily. 


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I'm trying to remember the last time a Heisman finalist came back to look as mediocre as Ball, granted that he did have sort of an eventful offseason.

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I'm convinced that Braxton could go to at least 50-60 FBS schools and start at RB next weekend.  Imagine if he trained and conditioned to run between the tackles more.  

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B1G rushing leaders (Yards per attempt) thru 9/15/12:
Rank   Player                          Att    Yards   Ave
1 Denard Robinson Michigan     40     351    8.78
2 Imani Cross Nebraska            18    128     7.11
3 Braylon Heard Nebraska         16    109    6.81
4 Braxton Miller Ohio State       56    377    6.73
5 Larry Caper Mich St              12      77    6.42
6 Ameer Abdullah Nebraska      61    367    6.02
7 Taylor Martinez Nebraska       30    176    5.87
8 Tevin Coleman Indiana          25    133    5.32
9 Stephen Houston Indiana      31    164    5.29
10 MarQueis Gray Minnesota     45    234    5.20

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M Man, Braylon Heard and Imani Cross are the 3rd and 4th string backups at Nebraska.  Get serious.

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He just posted the top 10 big ten in terms of yards per carry... Not his fault they happen to be on the list. 

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Even though Sparty lost last night, did you see LeVeon Bell hurdle those 2 tacklers?  Dude got some pretty impressive air for a 245 pounder.  That's how he got my vote.

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I agree he is the best rb in the big ten. Hes sick with the rock . Unfortanetly though hes not a running back he should be able to pass first run second i hope he matures with his accuracy cause quite franlky i miss seeing the buckeyes dominate through the air. We havent for awhile terrelle pryor couldnt really throw he was average . Braxton hes an average thrower . But both are great getting out of pocket and makin plays with there legs great qb to run the spread. That run vs Cal was sick love the kid but his throwing accuracy needs much improvement. I think he will be alright and improve and i know its a long shot but we could go undefeated this year we really could. excited to start conference play soon thats when we will be tested. Go Bucks baby.  Has anyone heard about our nike pro combats this year i know nike contacted urban about it but thats all i know? any information on it who we will wear them against?