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Has Jared Sullinger met your expectations this season?

13% (111 votes)
No, he's exceeded them
1% (8 votes)
No, he's come up short
42% (372 votes)
Ask me in a couple of weeks
45% (395 votes)
Total Votes: 886


Bucknut-in-the-South's picture

It seems almost silly for me to be answering this question.  The fact that a 19-year-old (now 20) has to meet my 58-year-old expectations is extremely unfair.  Jared Sullinger is, first and foremost, an intelligent, well-spoken, and positive young man who is also an excellent basketball player.  Like most people his age (and mine) he has good days and bad days, but, by and large, he is an excellent practitioner of his chosen craft.  The real question, as it is for all of us, is, has he met his own expectations?  Any expectations I might have for him are both misplaced and irrelevant.  I do like him better, though, when he is face-palming defenders and smiling as they bleed.

VestedInterest's picture

He has certainly garnered his fair share of attention in the paint in the second half of the season. Difficult for me to say he's done anything in regards to my expectations which remain, as always, irrelevant. That said, my expectations are that when he's mugged like a one armed blind man in the paint, the B1G crew officiating the contest should be calling fouls based on rules not by his size, they have failed to meet those expectations in every regard.

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Sully's still a good kid, and reps OSU the right way. In my mind, before the season started, he was a lock for POY and B1G POY not sure he's even close to the 2nd and lost out on the first. I think Kellogg might have been on to something with him being hurt and missing some practices. Not sure I had expectations, but I wanted him to win those 2 awards and bring home the first title in forever. Nothing too difficult.

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I put that he has not met my expectations, however, it is more due to his supporting cast which cannot hit an open three to save their lives which subjects him to continued double and triple teams with no consequences to the opposing defense.

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so the others guys aren't meeting them.

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He'll have met everyones expectations if they win a NC, he'll have met no ones expectations if they don't. Thats just the way it works.

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I just want to see him go after it like Oden did against Florida.

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I'd like that as well.

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I find it offensive and insensitive for folks to say, prior to the NCAA tourney tipping off, that Sully has "come up short" of their expectations.

No, seriously though, all that will matter is how the team performs over the next several weeks. If Buford goes off and Sully turns into beast mode, we'll remember them as Syracuse fans remember Carmelo Anthony. Everything that happened before March will not just be irrelevant; those moments will be virtually erased from the fans' collective memory banks.    

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I expected alittle more consistency from him. Same with Buford. His year hasn't been as good as I expected it, but it's hardly a disappointment. His year might have been better if Buford had stepped up more and taken some of the pressure off.



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Only because my expectations were out of whack has he not met them

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Last time we had a guy on campus that peole expected this much out of he got our football program in shit heaps of trouble.  Ridiculous.

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Miller hasn't gotten anyone in trouble????

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Stop. In fairness to Pryor, our expectations for Miller are chump change compared to what we had in mind for Pryor.