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February 7, 2014 at 6:02pm

Is there not a spell check feature on the new site or am I just really bad at looking? Misspelled words are a pet-peeve of mine, and all that I saw when I misspelled a word were the red-lines underneath. No option to change it to the correctly spelled word. I had to type it into google to find the correct spelling.

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I applaud your effort!!  I think it is just flat-out lazy, to not care if words are spelled correctly-----forum board, or not.  Spread the word!! 

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Yeah, I too noticed the spell checker is not working.  Hope it gets fixed.

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I nevver misssbell an-knee wordz eva!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatchu talkin bout Willis

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Spell check works for me because I use Chrome.... Try that. 

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I'll give that a shot.   Although, I always seem to gravitate back to Firefox.

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If you use IE11, it has a spell check feature. Anytime you type in something it checks the spelling.

PS: IE11 does work. I am typing this up using IE11.

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If you have a bug, or something you think might be a bug (because it was in the previous version of the site), then post it to the bug list.

Fixing the spell check feature has been added to the list to fix. I think several people have mentioned it so you are not the only one missing the feature.

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The recent posts on the side have seemed to have stopped updating. I always thought that was one of the coolest features to be able to join a forum that was active with simply looking to the right hand side. Or is it just not updating on my pc? windows7 google chrome DellXPS

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Sometimes misspeeled worlds make the morst entertinning popes.

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