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Bassdroppers fantasy league

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August 5, 2014 at 9:34pm

The draft was the other day and although none of you care I'm bored and making a topic about it anyway. And feel free to babble about any fantasy drafts you guys have going on or tell me about what you had for dinner, whatever.

The draft took 6000 hours and I just left before the last 2 picks just figuring best available would be fine. So ESPN gets me 2 running backs. Vick Ballard who's out for the year most likely, and Marcus Lattimore who has yet to ever play a snap in the NFL, and may or may not play this year. Thanks auto draft, you're the best.

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That's why you don't auto-draft...

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I was bored by that point (no attention span+some slow picks) plus I had to leave, and it was I think the 22nd and 23rd rounds. 

Not like I did the whole thing, I even stayed sober for most of it.

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I almost ONLY do auto-draft. I don't love admitting it, but I do better when I autopick than when I control everything. I might intervene in the later rounds, but yeah...

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Did a work league last year and the only girl who agreed to be in it was the only one who auto-drafted her entire roster got 3rd, and that was only because she had a couple guys get injured and never adjusted her roster.

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I feel your pain PittBuckeye, that's why I only spend money on leagues where we all get together at a bar and draft.  At least that way I can try to stay more sober than those around me -- I still make the occasional boneheaded move, but at least I don't usually get the IR guys until the later rounds.

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I took a few injured guys who I thought would have been gone a lot earlier if there weren't questions around them, but those guys are just wastes.

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I feel ya. I'm in the league too and I did the auto draft for the whole thing bc I was at the HoF game amd forgot about it completely. It drafter me Tyranne mathieu and dion jordan. Mathieu is out for maybe 7 weeks and jordan is suspended I think 3 or 4. Both great players but neither do me any good for now. 

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Is it an IDP league or something? Crazy that it took 2 defensive players though...

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You start 5 I think per week plus a team D.

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IDP leagues are the best. Been playing in one for years, and without a doubt my favorite type. Hate hiding behind team defense. Much more rewarding to find the impact defensive players every week.

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Hi guys

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I love lamp

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I forgot to draft myself but I will be active. I wasn't aware we were also doing defensive players. This will get interesting
I'm a bit pissed I didn't get Jamaal Charles.

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