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Comment 2 hours ago

98 MSU, that game by itself ruined my childhood. 

We had season tickets while my mom was a student, and a guy in our section hadn't brought his wife to a game ever in 15 years of attending games, and she'd finally talked him into it for that game. He never brought her again and said he had a hard time sleeping with her for a couple months. That game ruined lives.

Comment 3 hours ago

Ya know Hove as I read the piece I was thinking of funny quips I could make bat the ankles comment, had a couple real winners. Then I get to the end and the first damned comment stole my thunder. 

Listen people I never get to make fun of the typos because you all wake up sooner than I do. I thought 10am was pretty darn early and I'm 4 hours late to the party.

Comment 16 hours ago

That would likely be cost prohibitive. But as you've seen if they just released 20 sets with BASSDROPPER on them those might sell out faster than the others. Street rep yo.

Comment 22 hours ago

Any chance you can send me a private message alerting me as to the exact time these will be released? I mean I'm kind of a big deal, and nobody else really matters.


Comment 22 hours ago

The silly SEC thinks that part of Mississippi is the north #southerneducation. Someone clean off the roflcopter and take a lap.

Comment 22 hours ago

That's likely just the Whitecastle you had earlier, give it a bit the feeling will go away.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Great you say this after the button has already been pushed.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

That reason is so far down the list it barely makes the honorable mention page.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Someone find a reasonable way to use "Venice: The Series" please. I tried, and failed.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Yea, but while that's probably true someone who is that athletically gifted may very well turn out to be a better all around qb in time. I have been amazed over and over again what freakishly athletic people can do.

And if all else fails you have someone who is supposedly as much of a sure thing to make it to the NFL as a WR as anyone can be at that age. That's an ok backup plan.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Not that it's entirely relevant, but I saw a 7' wide version of this for sale the other day, apparently it had hung on the wall in the Columbus dispatch's office for years. It was 400$

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Either way he's played better than most people thought he would, and he'll end up getting his shot whether it's for Golden State or not.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

That's what I'm saying, he admits it freely, so whats the harm in mentioning it. Heck ESPN spent the last month showing it every day so it's still fresh in the memory. 

Obviously he learned and handled this go round a whole lot better, about as well as he possibly could have.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Had poor foresight? Talk about an understatement, how about it was put together by people who didn't bother to consider what they were doing for 2 seconds.

And they easily could have raised a whole lot more money for that if that was really their goal. They wanted a spectacle, and got that, lets not act like it was about the kids.

That being said, yes it's long since been time to let it go. That doesn't mean we should pretend it was about the kids. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

They meant he was just waking up as the piece was published. Those literal writers.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I didn't know they deported you, I just thought they black bagged you, and threw you into Hoke's meat locker.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Couple of things; first there has been a lot of speculation from multiple sources in the know (Windhorst included) that Lebron knew he was going to leave the Heat over two years ago, and that then as soon as they lost the finals he knew when. I don't buy that he didn't know, I'm not sure why the holdup, but I don't for one second believe it took that long to decide.

Second Lee Jenkins is his boy, has been since high school when Windhorst wasn't any kind of a big deal to anyone. Lebron has made public comments about how much he likes Brian Windhorst, and how he considers him a friend. But if there's a Lebron story of this magnitude that's going to be broken in that way Lee Jenkins would have gotten every single one of them since he was a junior at St V.

I don't think Windhorst knew based off of anything that Lebron's people had told him, I think that's why he said over and over again even minutes before the story broke that he believed Lebron would choose the Cavs, but it was a guess because nobody who he trusted was saying anything to anyone. 

I believe Lebron and his 3 member "inner circle" knew, I bet his mother, his wife, Dwyane Wade, Pat Riley, and Lee Jenkins (and I think they said 3 other people at SI) knew. That's it, they didn't want a solid source ruining the story, so they didn't tell anyone. Dan Gilbert didn't even know until about 30 seconds before the story was posted.