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I don't know why Yahoo keeps throwing Carlos Hyde articles at me, whether it's based on my history or just an actual headline, but here's another!

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Interesting, different side of Carlos. We all think of him as the untackleable beast who ends all worlds. Turns out he's smart, too. Good read. 

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“I actually sit behind (running backs) coach (Tom) Rathman, so I’m able to whisper in his ear about protections and stuff,” Hyde said. “ ’What’s going on here? Why did Frank do that?" - Carlos Hyde

 A naturally smart, gifted runner and a student of the game.  Doesn't take his natural abilities for granted.

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Well that's as glowing a review of what Carlos is doing, from his coach, as you can get. Can't wait to see him excel this year. He'll definitely have his chance.

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Carlos Hyde just walked off field with the team's head medical trainer. Looking at right hand. #49ers.


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And…..He's back

#49ers Carlos Hyde's right hand injury not serious as he's back on the pitch

 Who uses pitch to describe a football field?


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haha, plenty use it to refer to a football field, well the other kind of football field. Interesting to see it is migrating over.

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-Pass on Hyde
-Give Dalton 110+ million dollar contract.

Frakin' Bengals. :/

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Frakin' Bungles. :/


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Snatched up Hyde in my fantasy draft. Hyde in 9th. Get this, Gore went in 16th round. Probably should have snagged him too.

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Jesus, Gore in the 16th? Gore is old but for some reason his consistent but not amazing style always drops him lower than he should be. He has been getting undervalued in my league for the last 2 years despite the fact that he is still producing like a high level 2/borderline 1 RB(12 team league), but even my league doesn't undervalue him that badly.

We don't hold our draft till after some of the preseason(for injuries/info), but I'm thinking Jamaal Charles is going no.1 given that I drafted him at 4 last season(best pick of my draft); he was the highest scoring RB/WR/TE in the league and I set the highest score ever for a team before losing in the final. I tend to be the guy that makes unexpected picks that set trends, I'm tied for the lead in league championships(2) and won one through taking a rookie QB(Newton) very high for that type of player, which had never been done before. Now it is a regular practice.

However I also take risks which means a crap season every once and a while. I'm thinking Hyde as one of my late RBs, I'm really high on Gerhart too despite Jacksonville being worrisome. If you look at his stats he has been one of if not the best backup RB in the league.

I am careful about rookie RBs because they often disappoint, but I like my late WR/RB picks to have high potential instead of mediocre previous production. I came so close to drafting Lacy before he was stolen a pick in front of me, but I really like Hyde with the injury possibilities and the style San Fran plays. Hopefully I land him at a good value point in the draft.

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I'm very excited to see what happens up there in San Francisco.  Optimistic that Hyde plays well, especially considering the success of Gore's counterparts (most notably Kendall Hunter).

Go Bucks!

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Look forward to watching Hyde this year. He's a perfect fit for what San Fran wants to do on offense.