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Comment 5 hours ago

I'm glad I'm not crazy/doing something wrong, but still doesn't explain why normal sized photos blow up to fit the entire width of the column

Comment 5 hours ago

Can we start a gentleman's club? I've always wanted to sip quality alcohol and smoke cigars regularly.

Edit: gentleman's club sounds like a fancy name for strip club and now I'm arguing with myself about what word I want to use

Comment 9 hours ago

That's how I figured it. I don't know how Harbaugh wanted to dole out playing time, but he had 5 capable backs and now only 3 are healthy for the start of the season. Not sure where Lattimore stands in things.

Comment 10 hours ago

Oh yeah? Well I used to work at the RPAC and Lauranitis came in one day to lift. He did a ton of curls and left all of his weights out and I had to rerack them.

Comment 10 hours ago

Little Animal spelled wrong in very first sentence, come on man!

Comment 18 hours ago

Maybe you should tweet at him and ask!

Shut up sarcastic side of my brain

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Yeah, starting running back for Pick North, which is the good school (sorry Pick Central folks)