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Comment 21 hours ago

Yesterday he said Ole Miss's Nkedmgrgichi is the best defensive lineman in the country. Make that 73 trolls...

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I thought a 30 ought 6 was an elephant gun haha. I used to have a toy gun that was loud as hell and that's what I always called it because louder=bigger bullets

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Okie doke. I couldn't remember his time at Michigan, I thought he brought in a DC who ran a hybrid 4-3/3-4 like OSU did before Chris Ash, but I couldn't remember for sure.

Oh, wow, thanks Neilwood for pointing out the joke to me haha

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I'm sure Buchtel Elementary could probably beat Maryland too

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Because there are different kinds of cancer. When my mother had lesions growing on her brain, they were able to determine that type of cancer originated in her breast tissue.

Not all causes, treatments, or types of cancer are the same.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

The Buckeyes are the only team in Big Ten history to win every regular-season conference game three straight seasons, although Minnesota was unbeaten at 12-0-4 from 1933-35. Top-ranked Ohio State’s first crack at extending the streak is Saturday at Indiana.

I love stuff like this. It reminds me of the accomplishments from 19 ought 4 that Michigan likes to bring up, except we're doing it now!

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I love Jon Mike, very smart dude and writes a very nice article that the public will understand.

Distance is relative. I do powerlifting, anything over about 50 feet is distance training to me haha