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Comment 16 Jan 2017

I mean, it's not exactly like that. When training, the muscle breaks down. It happens to all muscles throughout the day, but the more stress put on the muscle, the more the muscle is broken down. The broken down muscle (specifically myoglobin) enters the blood stream, passes through the kidneys, blah blah blah you pee it out. When the myoglobin reaches high enough levels, it can cause kidney damage from the kidneys' inability to cleanse the blood fast enough.

Less leaking, less "metal," lots of dumbfuckery by their S&C coach.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Kyle Kalis is also slated to work with LeCharle Bentley, so I'm hoping Elflein gives him all the verbal abuse he can think of.

Good take on finding coordinators from not so obvious chooses, like maybe hiring a plucky middle school coach just south on High Street....

Also, dude Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite (they are the background of my phone, have ever book). Thanks for bringing the feels with that link.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Ramzy nailed it in his post, so I didn't have to. This is a POWER run spread offense, where did that go all year? I'm fine with JT getting too many carries if it is winning by the surest way. I'm not sure I saw any true option play or power (Dave). The offense seemed so timid. I'm not saying fire anybody (though I wonder about Beck as a QB coach), but get back to the offense we had when the offense was dangerous. 

Urban wants to make the defense cover every yard on the field, hard to do when all you have to do is get a pass rush and set the edge on Samuel.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

I think Fick will still be at UC because I don't see him having the early success, unless he gets a top notch OC. I see him as being that coach that in 5-10 years, has UC a top 25 team every year. He might be that coach that sticks around a program for a long, long time with developing 3 star kids and having a great defense every year and every so often he'll get that 5 star stud on offense that carries the team.