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Comment 5 minutes ago

What is a television blackout and why do they still exist????

So...you do know what a blackout is

Comment 54 minutes ago

Exactly.I know nothing about them except they have the sweetest mascot

Comment 10 hours ago

Either firstrow or just let Paul Keels' soothing voice paint me a mental image while I watch anything else on ABC/CBS/FOX/CW (though looks like there's not MACtion on the CW this week)

Comment 11 hours ago

The word bubble pics are pretty nice! Needs more words. Neutron man was before my time but I don't think it looks as good. Woody looks great!

Comment 12 hours ago

I think paying for cable packages is stupid. I'd rather just pay for a channel or two (Comedy Central/Discovery), but that's unpossible. I pay for Netflix, wait for shows to come out on that, if not then I just don't watch them. And I have ways of procuring other means of watching shows if I absolutely need them.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

His ankle had surgery last year, might still be behind the curve or something

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I'm dying for something to fiddle with for the next 3 days and 30 minutes.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

That vid was ripped from someone else's channel and already posted here a few weeks ago

Also, while I'm being negative Nancy, I still hate those speeches in the beginning.