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23 it is.

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July 27, 2014 at 1:25pm

LeBron will be donning the 23 Jersey this year. Thoughts?

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23=CLE/ 6=MIA....it just makes sense. The number six represents his leaving. The people that didn't burn the old jerseys are probably feeling pretty good right now.

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This is the Instagram photo from the above tweet.  Did not show up for some reason.
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My hierarchy went

New Number



Would rather a fresh start, but as long as it isn't 6.

It will be amazing seeing all the old 23 jerseys. Mostly because the national media told me that everyone in Cleveland burned their old jerseys.

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I thought he was petitioning the league to retire the number out of respect for Jordan? If that first sentence has any truth to it then I'm not sure  how I feel about it. If that was just  a rumor then I think its great he is back in 23.

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That was more of Pat Riley's thing that LeBron regurgitated. James the Cavalier should always be #23.

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I like that he reverted back to wearing the number 23. It just further demonstrates the loyalty he has for the state/organization.

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How? (Not trying to be a dick)

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He's obviously paying homage to David Lighty

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I'm with you.  I can't help but thinking that 23 is the approximate number of months before we have to go through the whole "will he stay or will he go" thing again.  

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Good Deal!

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23 works for me, just didn't want 6

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A little surprised but I'm cool with it. I'm sure the league was hoping that he would wear something new so that more people would buy jerseys. Then again, many people rid themselves of that jersey a long time ago. Oh well, my old jersey will work just fine.


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I sold my lebron jersey last week on eBay for 78 bucks. I never wore it so it was time to go.

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New Cavalier jerseys for next season!

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I likey.

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Those are certainly a cut above what they currently wear.

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Ronald McDonald approves these styles

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Fake and amateurish. A skyline silhouette? First trick out of the old sports design cliche bag.

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I would prefer to go back to the 2002(?) jerseys from his rookie year. I don't care about sentimentality or symbolic gestures there - I just like those the best. The Cavs need to stick with something for a while for once. This is why they don't really have an identity of their own in the league, historically speaking. Their longest tenured look was a NYK rip-off. Glad they went back to the W&G colors. That is a great look. 

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Sorry but the Wine and Gold look is not a good look and the majority of Cavs fans that I know or have talked to don't like it either. We are moving into a new era of Cavs basketball so I think it's time for a fresh look.