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Comment 28 Dec 2014
Braska scored two plays later after the lateral td was overturned.
Comment 28 Dec 2014
Braska scored one play later after the lateral td was overturned.
Comment 12 Dec 2014
I attended my first ever Ohio State game this past Saturday, and I have to say the crowd was probably 4-1 Ohio State fans. We had that stadium loud the whole game, from 0-0 to 59-0 it was loud with Buckeye Fans hoping to see a shutout :)
Comment 29 Nov 2014

Hard to smile when one teammate is missing and the other suffered a broken ankle. 

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Oh c'mon, relax and join the party! Some of our favorite memories as sports fans have come in games too close for comfort, here's a few in the past few years.. Purdue 2012 (Guiton) Wisconsin 2012 (Shazier) Michigan 2013 (Powell) this game will forever be remember for Bosa's effort.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

I have a feeling you're the type who is awfully boring at parties and while everyone is having a good time you're the person rambling about politics and criticizing the drinks everyone is drinking. 

Comment 25 Oct 2014

So Big Ten team loses to other Big Ten team so the conference suddenly got worse? I'm confused.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

The new narrative is SEC West is the best. ESPN quit loving SEC East.. except for Gurly and UGA.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

Here's a sum-up of the press conference: Well um.. um.. well.. uh.. um.. we can still win.. um.. championships.. um.. unacceptable.. welll.. um.. this is Michigan... um.. prepare for Penn State next week.. um.. well.. uh.. right direction.. 

Comment 04 Oct 2014

In my opinion..

Penn St. - Toss Up.. slight edge PSU

Michigan St. - loss

Indiana - Toss Up

Northwestern - Loss

Maryland - toss up

tOSU - Loss.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

I love me some JT Barrett, but he's not the best player on this team. Start the Joey Bosa heisman campaign. I wanna see a defensive lineman win it! (I know.. never will happen)