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Smooth Jazz Debut with LA Kiss

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June 15, 2014 at 1:12am

Guiton came in as back-up QB and scored a TD.  Had another called back.  Prior to that, had a nice run dragging tacklers all the way to goal line.  And yes, I spent my Saturday night watching the game waiting for the KG appearance. 

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Kiss will soon be playing Smooth Jazz

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Kurt Warner 2.0

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Thanks for the update.... I'm not in the lounge yet, but sure am getting the premium content here.

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I will need to go watch a game since I am out here in LA.

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K - I would have expected another video from your sports adventure on the town - very depressing! Haha

Good Luck Kenny

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For a game that is supposed to be fast & exciting, it seemed to go on forever. 

Kenny is a backup to Garcia, who is considered an All Star in the arena game. Even though he tosses INT's and pick-6 on a regular basis. I think Kenny has a way better upside. And they like using him on the short yardage situations. 

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Love those smooth dance moves

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How long was the other TD that was called back?

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It was just a 1-yard run. But the play before was just inside the 10 and he almost made it. Dragging tacklers to the 1. 

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That was awesome!  Love Kenny Guiton!

Go Bucks!!

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