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Comment 31 minutes ago

Purdue's 3rd team could beat Purdue....

Comment 37 minutes ago

Somewhere Finebaum said on ESPN or Second team could win the SEC East.

Comment 46 minutes ago

It hard to remember everyone with all the talent on this team, but this freshman class is insane.  And so will 16.  And 17 is shaping up to be historic. 

Comment 56 minutes ago

Dude can ball.  Like to see him on kick/punt return.

Comment 3 hours ago

Why does everyone forgot about Kierre Hawkins?  Dude is BIG.  Is he projecting out at TE or WR?

Comment 5 hours ago

Uber. No question. Less talk, more action. And no fuss with $$

Comment 23 hours ago

My bro played for FSU.  And now coaches 18&U youth select team here in Scal.  Has some incredible kids (some that have been recruited for D1 scholarships in football).  Tough sport.  Hats off to you.  I played some 7's and found out I was terrible and slow.

Comment 24 hours ago

Couple of clients.  My bro was just there and warned me of swingers?  Said it was big there.  His hotel bar was known as a swingers hangout.  Not cool when you are traveling with a bunch of 17 year old rubgy players and their parents!

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Heading for a work trip in Hillsboro.  Have Friday night and Saturday day to mess around downtown.  If you have any insight, let me know.  Probably try a brewery tour or three Saturday and catch the Buckeyes game somewhere. 

Ahh...I do remember you saying something about heading back. Have fun!  I've been East too many times this year with at least two more trips scheduled.  So I don't think I'll catch the Bucks until they hit AZ in January.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Forget about the NFL for a second.  Let's talk MMA.  These are they guys I am worried about long-term.  Repeated blows to unprotected heads.  At many, many levels of competition.  I fear not only for their safety, but what they could potentially do to person(s) around them in a demented state.