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Rank 'Em (2014 NBA Draft Edition)

Silver Bullet 10's picture
May 24, 2014 at 7:09pm

1. Jabari Parker - I think he is the most NBA ready prospect in the draft. He's the best offensive prospect, has a high basketball IQ, and has great size. I think he has the potential to be this draft's only superstar. I can definitely see Parker as a 30-10-5 type of player. He must work on his defense, nonetheless.

2. Andrew Wiggins - This is the prospect with the greatest upside. Wiggins is a super elite athlete and a lockdown defender. He's very capable offensively as well, but he can be passive at times. He didn't possess a superstar mentality at Kansas, unlike Parker at Duke. That's not to say that he wouldn't in the pros. That said, I think Parker is more likely to be an NBA superstar. Nonetheless, I see Wiggins as a possible 20-5-5 player who will add a few steals and blocks as he locks down his man on defense. He will be a great wing man and all star, but maybe not a superstar.

3. Joel Embiid - If I was the Cavs, I wouldn't touch Embiid. He has Greg Oden written all over him. Not worth the risk if you have the top pick. A healthy Joel Embiid could be a fantastic NBA player. He possesses a polished post game, is mobile for a big man, is good defensively, and he has a lot of upside. He could develop into an all-star at center, or he could be a bust due to injuries. 

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