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Comment 20 Feb 2017

Sam Hinkie was so close to having Embiid, Simmons, and Towns on the same team.... With a crap ton of assets and picks and cap space. 

Imagine having those guys and having two top 5 picks in this year's draft.... And the Kings 2019 unprotected first rounder. And a ton of cap space going into this year's free agency.

Sam Hinkie was a genius. The NBA stepped in too soon and now they look stupid. 

He made so many deals and fleeced so many GMs. 

The Sixers are a mess now. With Hinkie they had the potential to become a legitimate contender. With Colangelo they'll probably end up in NBA purgatory again, maybe a bit higher.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Did you watch the 2015 season? Did you watch the playoffs? 

LeBron was shooting like 1-20 from threes during one stretch. His shot and mechanics were atrocious. He couldn't hit an outside shot. The confidence wasn't there. 

LeBron's shot just wasn't falling. He was going through a major slump.

And those were the Finals where he used those floaters, tear drops, running one handers, relentless putback attempts, turn around Js, heavily contested layups and close range shots....

LeBron played a completely different game. The Cavs had no floor spacing, no driving lanes. 

LeBron was getting hacked with no calls. That was the Finals series where the refs didn't call anything down low.... Which benefited the Warriors because they were a jumpshooting team. No one talks about the officiating because the numbers were equal. But reality was that the Cavs should have drawn way more fouls. And they would have if the refs called the fouls in the paint. I'm still pissed at that shady officiating. It was a huge advantage for GS.

The Warriors would collapse on LeBron and he'd have no one to pass it out to who could hit a shot.

So he had to go 1v4  in the paint, get fouled, but hope he made the shot because there wouldn't be a whistle called.

leBron took the series to 6 games on shear will power, heart, basketball IQ, and stamina.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

When he was with the Heat, he ran a 4.6 one offseason. He was 28 and just messing around. No training. 

At 21 years old, and with actual training....

LeBron probably would have run a 4.3... 4.4 for sure. 

6'8" 260 lb WR with 4.3 speed 44 inch vertical incredible body control, strength, great hands, and a 7 foot wingspan?

LeBron would have broken the game.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Brandon Ingram is the worst player in the NBA by this metric. 

Another thing to take away from this is that you should always take the proven star over the shiny high draft pick. 

Kevin Love is 16th in the NBA with a 4.56. Wiggins is 254th with a -1.49 with Anthony Bennett nipping at his heels at 308th and -2.05..

Comment 01 Feb 2017

I'll grant you your first wish. You have two more wishes. Choose wisely. I'd suggest wishing for a 5 star DT because LJ sure as hell cant get one. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

1. Joey Bosa was one player.

2. He was not an LJ recruit 

3. He dominated as a freshman before LJ got here

4. The line would have  sucked without him last year. Remember the Notre Dame game?

That's like crediting Mike Brown for LeBron.

But this is just my opinion. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Larry Johnson has swung and missed on every elite DT recruit. His defensive lines are also incredibly overrated. No pass rush and too often they get dominated in the run game. 

We need to snag a few of these big time DT recruits.

In recruiting, if you ain't first, you're last. No prize for second place finishes.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

He went up against NFL secondary vs Ohio State and struggled. 250 yards 2 picks (should have been 3), 1 TD. And even that statline was inflated by his offense.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Brown will be lucky to get drafted. Slow and struggles to get separation. Great hands, great blocker. Great size. Just not polished enough to play WR at the next level. Athleticism is a concern. Possibly weight too.

None of Brown, McLaurin, Campbell were good this year. Huge drop off from Thomas, Smith, Marshall, Spencer, Wilson to those guys. 

We didn't have a very talented offense this year. JT, Samuel, Elflein were great, but the rest were pretty bad for an Urban Meyer OSU offense.