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It's Gotta Be the...Khakis?

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March 6, 2014 at 4:43pm

Harbaugh got skillz. Half-court, yo.


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I thought it was stupid that he was wearing that get-up. I have no idea if it was his idea or the schools, but he just looked like an idiot. Was he afraid they wouldn't be able to tell him from his brother in Kansas otherwise?

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Future Michigan head coach

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They wish!

Football is complicated...

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Jim is not a fan out here in the Pacific Northwest

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LOL...ya think?!

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It's becoming a costume lol

Harbaugh's closet:


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Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone.  But where I live, they refer to that get-up as 'the ohio uniform'.  Hat with brim rolled up.  Shirt that should not be tucked in, tucked-in.  Dockers or Docker-style shorts.  Tennis shoes.  Used to be the braided belt and Tiva's. 

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