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Comment 19 Apr 2014

I'd definitely tweet about it. I also think keeping your recruitment open until NSD is wise if you can, with coaching changes, etc.

I'm just not sure I'd tweet that I was making a big announcement...and then make that announcement be: "I'm taking my talents to the All-American game." Would hopefully tweet: "I'm humbled and honored to have been invited. Thank you." But at 17, who knows.

Comment 18 Apr 2014


Comment 17 Apr 2014

Seems like what Kirk tweeted is being taken out of context. He's for using "The," just not emphasized in a pompous manner.

You can still say "The" in a way that exudes respect/confidence for the University and what it represents.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

In looking for a clever GIF, came across this one from LSU Freek. Not sure how I never saw this.

He certainly fell upon his sword for the greater good of the University:


Comment 15 Apr 2014

Long live 9Route!!!!111

Another DJ Skully, another "Players deserve MOAR!!!" plug -- whatever side you're's just too early for this, no?


Comment 14 Apr 2014

(Props though to Ohio State for doing the right thing and lowering the prices.)

 More like: ...for coming to their senses and lowering the prices.