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Comment 22 Apr 2017

Recruiting. Passion. Charisma. Competitive excellence. Deep Ohio roots. Understand the University's role in leading/representing the whole state.

Parents love him. He is intense, more than Urban in some ways. He's an Ohio guy, fully.  He is an excellent coach of his position but seems to work very well with the other coaches.  He is not afraid of the high expectations and holds himself and his players to clear, high standards. And he loves his guys like they're his kids. They go to battle for him. 

All of these factors are important, but I hope they use what appeared to be the blueprint when they hired Tressel: a proven winner as a head coach.

Didn't matter he wasn't D1 - he knew how to win at his level and it would arguably be easier with better talent.

Same idea bore out with the OC hires the last few years. Herman was proven and really familiar with Urban's offense. Warriner was a great OL coach, and maybe "deserved" a reward for his efforts, but wasn't a proven OC. Beck had a pretty mixed record, iirc.

Big part of the reason I'm excited for Wilson - proven offensive mind.

Also renews my appreciation for Urban - incredible timing to be able to pick him up after the tattoo fallout and right off his year away from coaching.

Comment 21 Apr 2017

Used to share a "room" with a guy near a 7/11 and it always felt packed. He had to move out - brought it upon himself - and the place felt like home again. Was pretty thankful for the powers at be. 

Other than that, I always had great experiences with roommates.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Why does a murder who committed suicide deserve respect? 

Perhaps he meant respect for the surviving family, others on this board who have been impacted by suicide.

It really doesn't take much thought imho.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

 concerns about the morals of folks and why certain behavior is more or less allowed.

Then why not just contact a Mod directly and privately? They continually tell folks to feel welcome contacting them with any and all concerns.

the "old guard" doesn't really frequent this place much anymore. 

But when you do, you often engage in behavior that is reasonably seen as taking passive aggressive shots.

Then everyone says fuck the "old guard" they're just salty this isn't their playground.

No one is dismissing what you perceive as sexually inappropriate comments because of your saltiness over your preferred way to use the site - that's your misinterpretation.

Most everyone just wants to enjoy the site, maybe make some new Buckeye friends, and keep the trolling and inappropriate commenting away. If you don't think this is being accomplished, there are more direct, respectful ways to voice this.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Who are you calling "old"??

Vintage? :) 

Actually, I sort of see the group as the original 11W champions. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I've never claimed that I haven't.  My only point is that there was a war over this not so long ago and the very people waging that war are committing the very same offenses in an often more egregious manner.

Stepping back to recap:

"Old-guard" engages in cliquey, disingenuous, and extended off-topic commenting in both staff articles and non-staff threads alike.

The owners of website make accommodations, repeatedly showing extreme patience.

Old guard continues to take passive-aggressive jabs.

Guys who give up some of their site enjoyment to keep the site civil, more enjoyable for all make fun threads in the appropriate forums to help pass the offseason.

Old guard gives Mods a short leash, and fails to show much (any?) appreciation in the name of hypocrisy, when they really just want to go back to their old ways.

Maybe the Mods were trying a little too much to keep the offseason light, but I think they deserve to be treated with a little more tact given as much patience and respect as they and the owners have shown you.

This is without mentioning the site has given you relationships you've supposedly taken offline, regularly texting and meeting up for drinks. Yet you still complain about not being able to bullshit with each other directly on the site.

If you're just having "one of those days" - we've all been there - but a little perspective can go a long way.

Comment 13 Apr 2017

He's had a good experience with Buckeyes... 

“Nate [Ebner] has been – Nate’s got a big job as quarterback of the punt team,” Belichick said Tuesday at a press conference. “I mean, that personal protector, that’s a tough spot to play. There are a lot of things that a quarterback has to do, I would say there are even more things. It’s only one play, but there are a lot more things that can happen on that play in terms of rush, return, protection, disguise, plus-50, backed up, who’s the returner, wind, so forth and so on. There are a lot of things that go into that play that he has to control, or has the ability to control and weigh the other. But it’s not just that, it’s kickoff, it’s the return teams.” 

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Sounds like Naperville and the surrounding area has treated your family well - it's great you have everyone nearby. I really appreciate the insight (just sent you an email).

Comment 09 Apr 2017

Congrats on the little one! Sounds like you've got some nice traditions - especially the Cadbury one. :)

My folks always got me a mix of candy, beef jerky, and a nice shirt or book.

I may have already asked you - my apologies if so - but how do/did you like Naperville? Looking at interviewing for a position there.

Comment 09 Apr 2017

Don't like Peeps either. Cadbury eggs on the other hand:

Favorite candy is Reese Cups and M&M's.

Comment 07 Apr 2017

Maybe for a man cave or bar area...definitely not main kitchen