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Comment 11 hours ago

Happy 10 years! Thanks for taking the time to document the story - such an enjoyable read. It's so neat to see this level of success while maintaining in large part because of such solid business, journalistic, and interpersonal values.

With many sites treating their "customers" as faceless, page-clicks, crafting articles with the hopes to make even one person's Wednesday afternoon a little less shitty epitomizes what differentiates you from the rest. From your integrity in breaking stories to the decency with which you treat the recruiting process, you guys "get it."

This site has been my work break stress-reliever and even an uplifting "constant" during life's difficult times. Thank you for all you do - 11W is truly is a special place.


Comment 26 Aug 2016

No apologies needed. It's not like not posting a thread here is going to keep other sites from running it. If anything, it allows to get out what the proper response should be with the situation: it really doesn't involve Meyer or Ohio State.

Comment 20 Aug 2016

How could there be so many people in the wrong, on a path of self-destruction...

With as many users as 11W has, there is bound to be some trolls and/or self-inflicted bannings. These pale in comparison to the number of reasonable users.

I have to wonder how many people get a false sense of being a 11W

Twisting "Paying it forward" to "Being entitled." Helmet sticker counts too, perhaps.

Comment 20 Aug 2016

Recapping: Guy pesters the Staff (and manages to even piss off Hove). Readers voice their grievances about the behavior and enjoy taking their time to do so. Grown man is not at fault for ensuing jerk behavior and it's all just a shame actually.

Sticking up for a friend is valiant, but this is border line delusional.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

My only disappointment is that you didn't ban him sooner.  He was a jerk to a lot of users and staff.  I am sure most of the people who miss him didn't catch half of the passive aggressive metaphors he used to disparage people.

Yeah, his commenting style was the epitome of creating a cliquey feel to the site (and his passive aggressiveness really was off the charts). That along with his obsession with "lighting a match and running," he deserved what he got.

At the same time, I understand there were at least a handful of you guys who enjoyed his company here. Most of you seem to keep in touch with him outside the site, which is neat to think a sports website can forge those kinds of relationships. I think that's part of what makes bringing him up in every "best of 11W" or similar thread seem like martyring him or passively hinting for dropping his ban, though.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

I'd add that it's not like banter is disallowed (or unwelcomed) either. Earle and YTown do their ramblings, etc. Hove occasionally creates a thread with lots of banter. Threads don't get off track like they were during the big influx of new users, but that seems like a good thing, imho. Dupes get taken care of quicker, but that also seems like a good thing.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

never seemed to temperamental

He frequently agitated Staff members - just didn't know when to stop. Believe the thread was in the 12W section.