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2016 #1 OB Malik Henry Releases Final 4

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August 7, 2014 at 3:48pm

UCLA, Notre Dame, Ohio State and FSU

Wiltfong projects him to land at FSU. Jimbo really made a big impression on him during his visit last month to FSU. His next visit will be Sept. 6th to Notre Dame for the Michigan game, and he could be deciding as early as within the next two weeks.

Kid has a lot of close family in Ohio and rooted for the Buckeyes growing up stating that Ohio State will always hold a special place in his heart, so hopefully that helps us out, if not there's still Haskins, Pass etc. out there for this class.

Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2507875/highlights/84067376


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Didn't FSU just land 3 4-star QBs in one day for the 2015 class?  I know many are projecting all 3 don't stick, but Jesus, talk about not being scared of a depth chart.

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I think the fact that Jimbo has produced 3 1st round QBs with a 4th coming in Winston, as well as FSU having a top 10 baseball and football program, is what has this kid intrigued.

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most certainly does, especially if the kid is considering playing both.  just shows what success on the field and in the draft does.  I know it was a topic talked about a lot on this site, when recruiting was slow, and many people pointed to the depth of the last few classes as reasons for fewer commits, as well as certain positions (QB and TE specifically) that either haven't seen NFL success (QB) or college success (TE) as a possible reason for no commits at either of those positions of needs (at the time-obviously things have changed).

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I read previously that Henry is slated to be a 1st round MLB draft pick, if that happens then all 4 of these schools will be missing out on a great football player.

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The kid made some pretty tough, deep throws in that clip compilation.  Impressed.


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FSU just got commits from 1,000 QB's, so we shall see


He's got nice footwork and like his knowledge of stepping into the throws from the pocket

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I think he's the best QB in the 2016 class.

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I would rather have Haskins!!! His rifle is ridiculous must better than this kid....

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Despite Manuel and Ponder being mediocre at best, FSU has gotten their QBs paid. Until tOSU gets a transcedent QB, they'll continue to miss out on the passers who happen to be dual threat guys.

EDIT: Now that I re-read this post, it sounds circular, "until we get a Jameis we won't ever get a Jameis" basically.

I just think tOSU's history with QBs is spotty at best. They've never won a national title with an elite QB and they last Heisman winner they had looked like crap in the national title game. TP is an NFL backup and a supplemental draft pick. Somehow, they need to find "The Guy" and sign him, at all costs honestly.

I hate that schools like Baylor and A&M are discovering NFL passers and tOSU isn't. They've gotta improve there

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You're saying that Bauserman was NOT transcendent?


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Lolllll, funny you bring up Bauserman because I keep seeing posts on here talking about how great Burrow is and I have a feeling he'll be another Baus...

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