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Comment 29 Jul 2015

With schools offering kids a lot earlier, the sites are trying to keep up with the college coaches. Ohio State also has to keep up with the SEC if we want to stay at the top. Kids are now being offered in the 8th/9th grade since everyone is trying to get a head start on everyone else, so you always have to recruit 2 classes in advance. After NSD 16, you will start hearing about 2019 recruits. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Cook is really good. 

Think this is the main reason and why Deandre Johnson's little brother, Tyreke Johnson, is so upset with FSU and Jimbo Fisher. 

By the way, Tyreke Johnson is one of the only early 5 stars in the 2018 class and was FSU bound until these incidents started happening. Kid has been dominating players 2-3 years older than him all camp season. 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

No, Williamson is a pure corner, reminds me of Bradley Roby. 

Shaun Wade has the skills of a corner but body of a Safety, has the ability to play both but will be a big corner. 

Lamont Wade is a Safety/Nickelback/Slot corner, he can be used all over the secondary the way FSU did with Joyner. 

Lecounte is a pure Safety. Can be a free Safety with his ball skills but also tackles and hits like a strong Safety.

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Rashan Gary - not likely
Nate Craig-Myers - not likely unless he visits 
Antwuan Jackson - very likely
Binjimen Victor - likely
Ahmir Mitchell - not likely
Brendan Ferns - not happening 
Donnie Corley - possible, I can actually see this one happening
Jordan Fuller - I think we get him
Jauan Williams - not likely
Damar Hamlin - very likely
Luke Farrell - very likely
Prince Sammons - not likely
Steve Smothers - not likely
Craig Watts - not likely
Andrew Pryts - likely

Meanwhile, U$C stills has decent shots to land...

5-star Oluwole Betiku - doesn't list USC in his top 3
4-star Tyler Vaughns
4-star Jack Jones
4-star Dylan Crawford
4-star Lamar Jackson
4-star Brandon Burton - USC not in the top 5
4-star Bryson Young
4-star Isaac Garcia

If Ohio State lands (Jackson, Pryts, Fuller, Hamlin, Victor) the 2016 class will have a score of 297.27 with 24 commits. Could still have a surprise or two. 

If USC lands ( Vaughns, Jones, Crawford, Jackson, Young and Garcia) their 2016 class will have a score of 280.41 with 22 commits. 3 more commits wouldnt be enough for them to pass Ohio State unless they are three huge commits. They will need two recruits the equivalent of Rashan Gary just to get to 297.57. 

Comment 25 Jul 2015

I think Ohio State lands Jr. if he's a take. 

Teammate 5 star CB Darnay Holmes may also be a Buckeye as well. Reportedly has a top two of Stanford and Ohio State. Ohio State hasnt had much contact with him before this weekend from what I have read, but I expect us to be after him hard going forward. 

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Wilson isn't fully healthy from what I have read and isn't expected to be by the time the season starts. And Marshall has already been moved out wide full time 

Think Braxton and Samuel will split reps, with both having the possibility to line up in the back field and in the slot. Both can also be on the field at the same time, so I don't think anyone is out. 

Moving Samuel to backup RB limits his touches and Meyer has already said that Samuel is a guy who needs his hands on the ball more often.