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Comment 5 hours ago

Emmanuel Greene named his top 6 today and Ohio State was not in it, Judson also mentioned that Ohio State isn't a program he is considering going forward. This may be a surprise to some, but I have read multiple times that the staff isn't really pursuing a slot WR in this class except Lindsey and if they miss on Lindsey, there are other slots who they prefer over Greene and Judson. 

Comment 15 hours ago

Tykevius Chandler is another top RB thats interested in Ohio State. Dad played for Ole Miss and he lives in Tennessee, so of course those are two of his top schools, but he also stated in an interview recently that Ohio State is recruiting him hard, along with Ole Miss and Tennessee. 


He visited Ohio State for the Penn State game and mentioned that a spring visit is in the works. 

Comment 12 Feb 2016

Hill's situation was that he didn't have a position at Ohio State. The coaching staff didn't feel he had the wiggle to be RB, the skills to be a WR or enough talent to be a DB... They liked players at all 3 positions better than Hill. 

Clark will have a spot as long as he keeps improving. From 247sports director of recruiting Barton Simmons:

Danny Clark, QB, Akron (Ohio) Hoban
An Ohio State commit since his freshman year, Clark has been a Buckeye longer than some prospects that are already on campus. After regressing as a sophomore, Clark took a big step forward during his junior season and now looks ready to carry the title once again as the next in line for Urban Meyer under center.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

It's definitely beating a dead horse, but Alabama fans seem to think they would have wiped the floor with Ohio State, since they did it to MSU and MSU beat Ohio State. Doesn't seem like their coaching staff thought so, though.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Jeudy, Robinson, Gray, and Laborn were all guys I didn't think we had a legitimate chance at so I left them all the list.

I understand this line of thinking, all 4 are long shots, just wanted to throw some names out there.

Pugh is a guy I considered putting in the 3rd tier group at TE.

I have read that the staff likes him more than Dotson, due to his versatility, but he got injured this past season so both have to camp to earn their offers. 

Samuels should be in tier 1 based off talent no doubt, I just didn't include him there because I don't believe the staff will put much effort into recruiting him so with that reasoning, I don't believe he's big enough of a priority to be in tier 1.

This is also true. Samuels is a FSU legacy anyways, so I doubt any school will pull him from them.

Riep, I don't believe is on the same level as Okudah so just like Myers and Moretti I didn't want to put on the same tier.

Yeah Okudah and Myers will both end up as top 10/15 national recruits, so I understand this thinking as well. Moretti and Riep aren't on their level but I believe both are still tier 1 in the staffs eyes.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

I would put Lemons in tier 2 at RB. Harris, Swift, Akers and Laborn would be tier 1. 

Jaylen Harris is tier 1, he's one of the staffs top targets, as well as Jeff Thomas. Black, Davis and Richardson would be tier 2. Jerry Jeudy and James Robinson are also tier 1 if you want to expand, but both are highly unlikely at this point. I would say it's a pretty big drop off after the top 2 tiers. Greene, Johnson, Hamler and Judson would be tier 3.

Trey Pugh would be tier 2 for TEs, even though I have read he could be brought in at a different position. 

Moretti is tier 1, he's elite and Clark is tier 1 as well. I believe he's one of the few guys that the staff would let commit today, if he wanted in. Wilson, McNair and Gray would be tier 2. 

Dylan Moses will be a LB or RB in college, but he's tier 1 at either position. Young and Kaindoh are the top 2 DE targets right now. I would put Ewell in tier 2 of DTs, seems to me like the staff is chasing Solomon and Hansard harder than him at this point.

White would be tier 1 at LB for me and Riep would be tier 1 at Safety. I would move Stanford Samuels to tier 1 at CB as well, even though he's a long shot, he's elite. 

I don't think the staff would let anyone commit this early, if they aren't tier 1 and that's excluding Clark. Everyone in Buckeye nation thought he would be the next great thing once he committed. Sibley isn't tier 1 either, but i believe the staff wants 2 RBs, one from Ohio and another national elite, and Sibley may have been the best Ohio back in their eyes. 

Comment 10 Feb 2016

He's from Baton Rouge but recently transferred to IMG. He was committed to LSU for about 2 1/2 years before decommitting and has since named Alabama his leader. Most people feel it will come down to LSU or Bama, with Florida having a slight chance as well.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

Martell was not happy about A&M firing their QB coach, he was also not happy with A&M offering another 2017 QB recently. 

Martell also tweeted "crazy how A&M fans are trashing me already" but the tweet has now been deleted.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

This is a definite possibility. A&M fans believe Martell is looking for a reason to decommit with his recent actions. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I thought the same thing and I definitely could see Ohio State passing on a TE this class. But they went hard after Kmet, which makes me think they want just one in this class. There's a chance Baugh could bolt after this season and Berry & Alexander still don't have spots yet, from what I have saw. That would leave just Farrell, Hausmann and Hawkins as TEs and Hawkins isn't a true TE either. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Yup but I've seen that Ohio State is in his early top 3. Pryor and Williamson being at IMG now, they're going after him hard. 

If Ohio State lands Marchiol, that would be 3 defenders on IMG going after Kaindoh. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Staff isnt high on Sermon anymore from everything I have read. His play dropped this past season and they wanted him to make it up for a game this past season and he never made it. 

Harris and Akers are guys they will chase up until they tell Ohio State no. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I see 4 players leaving early, there's also 3, not including Berger, who could potentially get medical hardships. Not to mention the multiple 4th year Juniors who will not get 5th years if they do not contribute this upcoming season... 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

You serious? Conley and Apple were rated as a top 3 corner duo this past season in College football, per advanced stats.

Conley outplayed Apple for much of this season up until the ND game when he had to go against the speedster Fuller. 

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I think 6 DBs would be good to reload, Lattimore and Burrows are battling injuries and Conley will probably go pro. 

Pryor could potentially be a LB and L. Wade is dynamic on both sides of the ball.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

It would be 23-24 and I think that's an ideal size. People always freak out over class size early in the recruiting season and it always end up working itself out.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I would have 

QB: Danny Clark 
RB: Todd Sibley and Cam Akers
WR/SLOT: Trevon Grimes, Javonte Richardson, Jaylen Harris and DPJ
TE: Matt Dotson 
OL: Josh Myers, Jake Moretti and Micah Clark 
DE: Joshua Kaindoh 
DT: Jerron Cage, Fred Hansard and Aubrey Solomon 
LB: Brendon White and Santino Marchiol
DB: Shaun Wade, Isaiah Pryor, Marcus Williamson, Amir Riep, Jeffrey Okudah and Lamont Wade 
K: Blake Haubeil