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Comment 27 Aug 2015

Hope this is just a situation where they are resting Sibley as a precaution for the rest of the season. No need to risk putting him back in since they are already up big. 

Comment 22 Aug 2015

His father also stated that he himself has built the strongest relationship with Larry Johnson. 

It has to be good knowing your son has another father figure to guide him if he goes far away from home.

Comment 07 Aug 2015

I'm reading that he is suspended for the first 4 games of the 2015 season. So as someone stated before, he's basically suspended for games he wouldn't be playing in anyways because of his torn ACL. 

Comment 04 Aug 2015

Bucknuts just put out a story with quotes from Hall discrediting everything Birm said. 

Knowing the history of Birm and Bucknuts history, I tend to side with Birm when it comes to Buckeye recruiting. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

With schools offering kids a lot earlier, the sites are trying to keep up with the college coaches. Ohio State also has to keep up with the SEC if we want to stay at the top. Kids are now being offered in the 8th/9th grade since everyone is trying to get a head start on everyone else, so you always have to recruit 2 classes in advance. After NSD 16, you will start hearing about 2019 recruits. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Cook is really good. 

Think this is the main reason and why Deandre Johnson's little brother, Tyreke Johnson, is so upset with FSU and Jimbo Fisher. 

By the way, Tyreke Johnson is one of the only early 5 stars in the 2018 class and was FSU bound until these incidents started happening. Kid has been dominating players 2-3 years older than him all camp season.