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Comment 7 hours ago

Tristen Wallace was even expected in the days leading up to his decommitment. He took visits to UCLA and Oregon a few days before he decommitted and it was said then, that he wanted to switch positions so he and the staff decided to part ways. Tyjon Lindsey has been the only surprise decommit I can remember in recent memory.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

Reason was that his sources still believe Gaoteote stays on the west coast. Although, a poster on Bucknuts did say that Biggins from Scout stated earlier this week, that he still has Gaoteote to Ohio State.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I have seen Clement compared to Samuel and while that would be a nice Buckeye comparison, he reminds me more of Dalvin Cook. Not the biggest back but deceptively strong, very hard to tackle, knows how to work his way through traffic and once he hits the open field its goodbye. While Samuel is a great player, he didn't show off the strength that Dalvin Cook did and that Clement shows in his highlights.

Dalvin Cook was listed at 5'11, 190 with a 4.46 40 during his recruitment and got up to 214 at FSU according to their official roster. Clement is listed at 5'11, 190 with a 4.49 40 on his hudl. 

Comment 07 Feb 2017

Guys who I think will be gone between now and NSD 2018 for one reason or another...

Offense: Barrett, Weber if he rushes for around 1500, Clark, Dixon, Stump, Price, Jones, Feder

Defense: Lewis, Hill, Hubbard, Holmes, Sprinkle, Slade, Thompson, Baker, Worley, Conner, Sheffield, Ward, Webb, Smith, maybe one of Burns or Wint

Have to remember that Haubeil will also go on scholarship in January 2018, so he's essentially a 2018 recruit.

Comment 06 Feb 2017
No, his plan was to commit in December before he pushed it back a couple months and it was said then that he will likely commit after NSD for the 2017 class.
Comment 06 Feb 2017
Ha, great minds. Mods delete my thread please. As you stated, USC will continue to recruit him hard even if he does pick Ohio State. Better to have him early and hold on to him rather than having to chase him, though.
Comment 05 Feb 2017

Gets voted on in April and even then it wont affect the hirings that have already been made.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

His reasoning is that he's Odell Haggins top target in the 2018 class and when Haggins has his eyes set on a recruit, he gets his guy.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Clark didn't leave because of Martell, nor did he want to leave the class. And the QB room has much more depth than the RB room. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Yup, he did an interview a few months back stating that he was set on Ohio State and a second RB wouldn't scare him away. He hasnt taken any visits since his commitment.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Good get for Penn State, Ohio State hasn't actively recruited him since his Freshman season when he first jumped on the scene, reason why he hasn't been on a visit to Ohio State since then. As a poster noted above, our guy is Jaelen Gill.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Still need to pay a lot of attention to the OL and DL this class.

OL losses afrer 2017 - Jones, potentially Knox or Burrell if they continue to get passed over, Price, Lisle is gone, Trout is gone, Feder can't stay healthy. 

DL losses after 2017 - Lewis, Hubbard, Holmes, Hill, potentially Alabi if he doesn't get playing time this season and Thompson is a transfer candidate.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

I agree and this thread isn't to say that the staff should only be recruiting from Ohio or to say that we need more Ohio players, no school in the country fills up with just talent from in state alone. This thread is moreso about showing how many top players are in state this year, compared to the last couple of years. 

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Yeah, we just needed a few more breaks to go our way. I started to post this the other day, but I'll post it now... What if Ohio State could take a full class of 25 this year and Bolden was told he could commit? What if Moretti never suffers his serious injury, which means we never take Munford? What if Darnay Holmes had his way and committed to Ohio State like he wanted? What if Lindsey never decommited at the 12th hour, which means no last minute scramble for Gardiner? Ohio State would have finished with a score of 323.16, which would have been extremely close to beating Florida's all time record of 323.66. Possibility that it could have still been broken, because both Moretti and Grimes dropped around 20 spots after suffering their injuries. 

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Quality over quantity doesn't work this year with Bama vs Ohio State. As the poster above pointed out, Alabama is just one point behind Ohio State in average and brought in 8 more players. This is essentially how Bama rose to the top in the first place. In Saban's first two or three classes, they brought in a lot of players and proceeded to cut the ones who didn't work out. On numbers alone, they have a better chance to hit at 29, than we do at 21. They have a bigger margin for error with the amount of recruits they brought in. This is why Clemson and Stanford only taking 14 recruits each this year is unheard of. If they miss on close to half of those, like most schools do, they will be in deep trouble.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Nah, they ended with Henry Ruggs, LaBryan Ray, Devonta Smith and Philadrian Mathis as expected. The funny thing about this, is that they told Parks that they had to wait and see if they got LaBryan Ray before they allowed him to commit because they were short on numbers,  yet they would have gladly accepted Aubrey Solomon if he wanted to commit. Would Solomon have had to grayshirt had he chose Alabama? I doubt it. 

Comment 02 Feb 2017

They need to work quick, then. Texas got absolutely raided this cycle. Stanford took two top 10 players, Ohio State took 3, LSU, I believe, took 7 highly ranked players, Alabama took the 11th ranked player, Texas Tech and Texas A&M each had one top 10 player in state, while Texas missed on all that they were pursuing and are falling behind in 2018 as well. There highest ranked in state player is 20th.