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Josh Alabi Names Top 5

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June 26, 2014 at 12:42am

Josh Alabi - 2015 | MI | DE | Cass Tech:


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Cass Tech teammates Weber, Alabi and Webb:

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I get we are on his list but where do we stand? Pursuing him hard?  Chances we get him?

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Pretty sure mgo fans thought he was a lock.  No idea where hes going, and I'm sure it isn't Columbus,  but this sure feels like a win.

A man got to have a code...

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He was never thought of as a lock by Michigan fans and has always been considered a Sparty lean (over 75% CB since September 13, and having no Michigan predictions since December 13).  His name hasn't even been mentioned with regards to Michigan recruiting for a while now.  For the 2015 cycle, Michigan's class size is quite limited and as far as DE recruiting goes, they seem to be strongly focused on WDE prospects (KLS being priority #1 and as evidenced by no longer recruiting Cornell and cancelling his visit, which in my opinion was really stupid by the staff).  Going back to Alibi though, Michigan being left out wasn't really a surprise (If they made his Top 5 it would have been because they were one of the instate schools).  I don't know who cooled on who first and won't even try to speculate.  I will say the instate recruiting for 2015 seems to favor MSU over Michigan though and seemed to swing that way with MSU's hiring of Curtis Blackwell.  If you recognize his name, it's because he helped start and ran the SMSB camp until MSU hired him.  He's very well connected in the Detroit football community and it appears to be paying dividends for MSU in the short term.

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Appreciate the clarification- not certain why I thought that.  Or why I used 'sure' so many times.

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Cass Tech recruit who doesn't even list UM in his top 5?


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Sarcasm.  Hmm... I don't think so.

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How much longer can Michigan put up with this lack of in state pull from in state recruits? It's starting to slide faster and faster! Can't the powers to be, see what is happening? If the current coaching staff is allowed to remain it may take a DECADE to recover!  Suggestion/ Coach Stoops from KY.



Ed Hopper

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I have been saying this for almost a year. Mich fans poo pooed it with "we recruit nationally" and "cass tech players are never good anyway".


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It's great to see us making penetration at Cass Tech. So glad ttun didn't grab another one

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The only bad part of the above statement of being happy scum isn't grabbing these cass tech players is the fact that now, two of those players will likely be going to go MSU and that's our real threat.

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