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Brendan Ferns - 2016 | OH | ATH | Highlights & New Offer

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June 10, 2014 at 11:09pm

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Urban and Ferns:

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Yes sir. Here's to Brendan having better taste than his older brother. 

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Man...this kid could potentially be the leader of the '16 class and help recruit what is supposed to be the best D class the state of Ohio has had in years. And to play AGAINST his bro at UM. Glorious!

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Awesome to see him get an offer.  Come right on down, Mr. Ferns!

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The talent in Ohio for 2016!! Yessir!


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Super pumped to see the coaching staff jump on this one and extend an offer early. Would like to see the same with the other Elite Ohio prospects for '16.

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The only "elite" Ohioans that haven't been offered yet are tucky and cooper. I suspect that will be remedied next week at camp for tucky.

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Layne as well. 

I also think OL Gerald and Cupp are elite.

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Forgot about layne. Also afaik, Gerald has an offer.

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It would be awesome to see brothers go against each other in the best rivalry in sports.

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Our own birm also cast his CB pick for ferns to OSU as well....

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Looks a little slow off the ball, but that's fixed if he works on his first step (a lot of the time it's backwards). Then again, I dont know much! Hope to see you in the 16' class!

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Would not be surprised if older brother transfers in after this year? Current coaching staff on short leash.

Ed Hopper

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Not gonna lie, would be a pretty awesome back story for The Game to have a house divided and two brothers playing against each other in the greatest rivalry in college football. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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