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Brandon, what's up w/Jashon Cornell?

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June 1, 2014 at 2:40pm

Thought he was either Michigan State or Alabama bound, but seeing recent CB trend towards us, you pick included. What's going on with him? Thanks

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Had a great visit yesterday, and during an interview earlier today, stated that he no longer has a favorite, more a top group of Notre Dame, OSU, MSU, Michigan. Wants to get back to Notre Dame, and visit Penn St. at some point.

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Forgot to mention, said his best relationship was with Larry Johnson

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That's very good news - let's hope it continues...

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I think this goes to show just how early it still is in the recruiting process, I've barely heard anything about him possibly coming to tOSU until today

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Excellent...we're going to need to reload eventually.  Can't keep Spence and Bosa forever.

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@SWiltfong247: Flipped my @247CrystalBall to #OhioState for five-star DL Jashon Cornell. All the info why here (VIP): http://t.co/7BedGPnjvR

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Been something like 7 CB's for him to OSU today, it's still early, but I feel like if we can get him to visit one or two more times this summer then we could be in a very good position come August 28th (his decision date)

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I'll have an update on Cornell tomorrow. I spoke with him at NFTC. 

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Heard that Ohio State is the team in front for Cornell. Especially after this weekend. Definitely in his top three.

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I would wait a little while and see. Kids tend to love a school after their visit and cool down again after a few days. That's how I was during my college visits.

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