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Comment 11 Aug 2014

He is not going to Miami. He has said repeatedly that he wants to get out of Florida. 

I don't see him going to Arizona, I just don't. 

This will be a race between Auburn and the Bucks. At this point, I'd give the Bucks a 70% chance. Don't be surprised if he commits after the VTech game. That game is going to be huge! 

Comment 01 Aug 2014

funny they didn't ask any Ohio State players

Comment 27 Jul 2014

There was a recent article on 247 that Matt Burrell attended Florida's FNLs and came away very impressed. Any competition here or is OSU still a heavy favorites?

Comment 10 Jul 2014

from a depth chart perspective, it makes sense. 

UF had zero LB commits in their 2014 class, and Baker would be the only LB commit in this year's class. Compare that with our hauls in the last two years of Booker, McMillan, Berger, Hilliard, and Connor

He would be able to play immediately at UF. 

Comment 27 May 2014

11W did away with the gray box, which is super odd to me. Gray boxes have a cult following and so easy to do, but for some reason, 11W staff didn't want to continue the tradition. 

Recruiting updates are just not the same without it. Love the new site format, am extremely disappointed with the lack of the gray box. The one thing I miss from the last website revision. 

Recruit commitments are not distinguished any differently than regular updates/news! 

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Our weak defense was because of Fickell. 

This is the bend but dont break philosophy that carried over from Tressel's days. Our defense was better then, but I still hated it. 

We have played soft coverages for the past 10 years, way before Withers got here. I'm just surprised Urban is buying into this bullshit. 

Even Dabo called us out on playing soft. How you can consistently play soft when all they did was beat our ass by screens is something I will never be able to understand about our defensive gameplan. Soft coverages work in the Big Ten where you don't have any big passing threats, but when you face teams like Florida State, Clemson, Oregon, etc...You need to press these fast WR who run timed and quick routes. 

Comment 17 Nov 2013

I think going to the NCG game in back to back years and being beaten by the best of the SEC doesn't help the situation. 

I think there is a bias towards the SEC, but if you objectively think about it, it's well deserved. An SEC team has won 80% of the NCGs the past 10 years. 

Which conference or team is even close to their caliber? Over the past few years, USC has gone away, Oregon is the best team in the country except if they go against a team that can run the ball and play defense, Stanford has been good, but not GREAT, Texas has gone off the map, Oklahoma hasn't be relevant in a long time, Florida State just came out of the Bowden end of the career slump...........and then when you look at the Big Ten, you get Wisconsin who keep losing rose bowls, Penn State is recovering from turmoil, TTUN hasn't been good for over 10 years now, and Ohio State, as I mentioned above, is coming off back to back NCG loses 5 years afo  and a tumultuous time of its own. 

Best we can do is keep winning and when we get into big games/bowls, just win! Next year there will be no excuses, we will be top 3, and our destiny will be in our own hands. 

Lets keep the streak alive and go bucks! 

*SEC dominance = LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Florida (historically) and now Texas A&M. Rest of SEC is no better than our bottom dwellers. 


Comment 07 Nov 2013

If Alabama has been able to keep Kirby Smart all these years, we can figure out how we can keep our'll come to the $$$$ 

If we give our assistants a formidable raise, they'll stay for a couple more years, especially if we don't get to play in the NCG. After back to back undefeated seasons, I think all the coaches are gonna want to see this through and play in at least one NCG with a chance to win it all. Those type of experiences don't come around very often, and are priceless...

Comment 20 Aug 2013

Mickey Mitchell is insane. 

I didn't see him shoot in that video, but he can take it to the hole, he can dish, and he seems like a formidable shot blocker. Impressive. 

Comment 29 Jul 2013

I wonder why he's a composite 3-star. 

ESPN, 247, and Scout has him at 4-star, with Rivals as the only 3-star rating