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Comment 07 Dec 2016

Tennessee Football:

“The culture is a disaster,” said someone who works in the football building.

This is what really makes me sad for these kids. This is not an OSU homer thing. Trey should have come here or gone to Bama. You see kids with so much talent and potential going into programs that will are more likely to do harm than good. Could he still flourish on pure talent and still make it to the NFL? Sure. But as a parent and a recruit, this is a business. I'm sorry, but if your goal is to eventually play in the NFL and make millions, where you go to school and what coach you play for is a BUSINESS decision. If you want to go for the experience, get an education, and the NFL is a pipe-dream (if it happens, great, if not, it wasn't your goal), then go to wherever you feel most comfortable. It's too bad that these kids don't always have the best advice on this type of stuff. I wish Trey the best...but if you're walking into shit storm with a "disaster culture" run by a coach that might not be there during those crucial years of development, then it's because of your choosing. I'm still bewildered how a recruit like Smith doesn't go and play under Meyer or Saban. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

I get the whole stay close to home thing, but for these kids, picking a college is a BUSINESS decision. If you are in a winning program, there is a higher likelihood you will be drafted higher in the draft, you get more attention, and you have a better chance of being developed. 

I get a recruit picking Florida State, Bama, Clemson over us right now, but I saw this crazy chart they put up during one of the Tennessee games this year, showing how many five and four star players went there and shit their career away and are no where near the level of play that was expected of them. 

Long story short, I have no idea why a premier linemen would choose Tennessee over OSU or Bama. Sorry, but if you do that, you're just making a horrible business decision. 

Comment 27 Nov 2016

My biggest gripe all season has been our crappy offensive line and JT in-ability to throw and read coverages and move in the pocket. 

I think we will get eaten alive by Clemson dline, which is STACKED with first round picks, inside and outside. We will not be able to pass protect, which means we will not be able throw downfield, which means, our run game must be on point to win the game. 

Clemson's offense is also very prolific.....if it gets into a shootout, we will be looking at an almost impossible game to win. 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

are you kidding? yes by the score we are not "out of it" but what in this game gives you any hope that we may have a chance?

We got one pick six, and another turnover because of a bad snap. What did we really do to earn anything in this game other than good defensive play.