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Hale Hentges - Birm's CB to FSU

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May 24, 2014 at 1:09pm

I saw that Birm CB'd Hentges to FSU... what does this mean for our TE recruiting this cycle? I know that the didn't want to go to the same school as Clark, but now it looks like we'll get neither.


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Was wondering the same thing. Boykin is still out there.


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Boykin is being recruited as a WR.

I still think Hentges ends up with the good guys. The fact that Ofodile has Hentges crystal balled to Ohio State and, Hentges has Ofodile crystal balled to Ohio State is a good thing imo.

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I wasn't aware that Ofodile was really considering us. He is a top 10 WR prospect. Would be big time. 

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Where do you see that they crystal balled each other.....? I wasn't aware players could do that

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Look at the bottom of their 247Sports profile. 

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Thanks. Do you think it's pretty indicative (for the time being) that they have each other CBed to OSU?

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Doesn't look like Hentges has made any predictions for recruits.  The thing on Hentges' page is just saying he was predicted to OSU by Ofodile.

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Wow, Birm's CB pick definitely goes against the trend of Hentges to OSU.  Hope he logs in today to tell us he was just drunk last night and clowning us.

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Hentges is an interesting cat...FSU probably bribed him with the power9 magic card set.

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Definitely frustrated with our TE recruiting over the past couple of years. We slow played a 4* Ohio kid who is going to end up at UK. I have a feeling Clark and Hentges don't end up at OSU. I hope the staff goes all out on some TEs soon or we are going to be hurting after this coming year.

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I completely agree us not offering CJ Conrad or even Alex Stump and letting them go to UK is frustrating.  Wonder if some of these big name TEs are scared off of being behind Vannett and Baugh for a few years. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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They would only sit behind Vannett for one year and as far as Baugh it could go either way whether or not he makes it here with his past issues.


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Unfortunately this is becoming a recurring theme...other site advises staff is reassessing in state recruiting strategies so this doesn't keep happening. 

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OSU just hasn't been able to really get the TE involved in our passing game the last few years.  Herman and Meyer continue to talk about it being a marquee position, and the desire to really get that position more involved in the offense, but it just hasn't manifested itself onto the field.  Whether that is on Braxton's inability to make the correct read or make the right throw, playcalling, etc., who knows? 

The fact is, most NFL teams are drafting and playing dynamic and athletic TE's who cause matchup nightmares at the next level.  While Meyer had that while he was at UF, we certainly haven't seen that type of player at OSU, and I think that, coupled with the fact that we're shooting for the stars with our TE recruits, is causing the drought of TE commits.

The fact that Gesicki (sorry to bring up the past) chose to go to PSU last year, which is absolutely loaded with depth at TE, versus coming to OSU where he could have competed for a starting spot in his Sophomore year was telling to me.

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Have to factor in PSU being closer to home for Gesicki as well. Location still speaks volumes to recruits imho.

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Stoneburner was the leading receiver a couple years ago so we have had production recently at the position, and we have very good depth at TE now. PSU has no better depth at TE than OSU, maybe more in number but not in quality. Gescki saw better playing chance at PSU than OSU, plain and simple. With our depth we can be more picky on whom we bring in.

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Gesicki and Adam Brenneman are (will be) better than the receivers PSU currently have - they are going to miss Allen Robinson.

OSU doesn't have that problem - Buckeye WR unit is deep and talented, if somewhat unproven save Devin Smith (who isn't Mr. Consistent).

I think Heuerman is prime to contribute regularly, with Gannett and Baugh (hoping he gets things together) ready to take over next year(s).

The Buckeyes will be able to sell the role to recruits, and I think they'll find the right guy(s).

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Stoneburner was never the leading receiver while he was in Columbus.  His best year in terms of total catches was 2010, where he had 21 for 222 receiving yards.  Posey, Sanzenbacher, Spencer, and Philly Brown led the team in receiving during his time at OSU.

PSU will have Jesse James, Kyle Carter, and Adam Brenneman, all of which have 2+ years of eligibility left, assuming they stay through their Senior years.  Granted, PSU frequently runs a 2 TE set, which helps his chances, but regardless, they are loaded for a few more years.

After Heuerman graduates this year, Gesicki would have had  a great shot at playing himself into the 2 deep, or even taking the starting position.  I can't see how you can look at that situation and argue that he would have had a better chance of playing at PSU than he would have here.