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New Rivals100 with New #1 Player

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May 19, 2014 at 7:18pm

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Ohio has three players making the list:

#36 Jerome Baker - ATH | Cleveland, OH | Benedictine

#49 Justin Hilliard - LB | Cincinnati, OH | St. Xavier

#65 Larry Scott - RB | Hubbard, OH | Hubbard

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I haven't heard any news on Baker's recruitment lately.  Anybody heard anything?  Are we still in the lead?

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Some other notable players:

#3 Trenton Thompson - DT | Albany, GA | Westover School

#4 Damien Harris - RB | Berea, KY | Madison Southern

#10 CeCe Jefferson - DE | Glen St. Mary, FL | Baker County

#11 Josh Sweat - DE | Chesapeake, VA | Oscar Smith

#18 Jacques Patrick - RB | Orlando, FL | Timber Creek

#21 Tarvarus McFadden - DB | Plantation, FL | American Heritage

#30 Christian Kirk - WR | Scottsdale, AZ | Saguaro

#45 Soso Jamabo - RB | Plano, TX | Plano West

#51 Torrance Gibson - ATH | Plantation, FL | American Heritage

Feel free to add more to this list.

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#51 Torrance Gibson - ATH | Plantation, FL | American Heritage

He is from Plantation, FL... Maybe he is the next Shazier? (I know they play different positions and Gibson has not committed yet)  

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#4 Damien Harris - RB | Berea, KY | Madison Southern

This is the kid who initially committed to *ichigan, right?  Any word on what's new with him (I don't follow recruiting as closely as others, obviously). 


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Initially committed to Michigan, now it's an OSU/Bama battle, we're the presumed favorites, and Kentucky is going after him really hard as well.

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Mapped out, it's pretty obvious where the talent in coming from....


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surprised with the lack of top 30 players from texas

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You need to remember that Mike Ferrell also has a very strong SE bias.

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That was nice of you. Thanks!

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3 HUGE reasons for this -

#1 - Population Shift

#2 - Year Round Football

#3 - Population Shift

It is a pretty down year for Ohio, one of the worst I remember in quite a while, which is why Meyer and Co. have gone so national. This is particularly true since the state in not strong in the areas of needs for OSU. Can't wait to see how this all shakes out! And I also agree that the lack of top 30 talent in TX is shocking!

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There are omissions in this map? #36 Jerome baker is from Cleveland, no?

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It's a map of the top 30, I believe.

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That #1 players name is Byron Cowart not Hawk just an FYI. 

I'd add #32 DE Terry Beckner Jr. to the list as well, as I've seen on 247 a lot of predictions for us landing him even though I haven't heard any real news on him. 

#39 and #40 WR DaMarkus Lodge and OT Drew Richmond are two other notables who we're in on at the moment.

Throw in #53 DT Christian Wilkins as he's 91% crystal balled to tOSU on 247.