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Listen to Gibson Announce his Top 15 Tonight

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May 5, 2014 at 3:38pm

Torrance Gibson will be announcing his top 15 college choices tonight in order.  Click the link in the tweet to listen to it live. 


Edit/addition: This is something OSU and many other school's coaches (as well as many recruiting analysts) are going to undoubtedly be listening to, I figured it was at least worth posting on 11W. Also since Gibson will be announcing his list in order there will be a lot more info to come then just a top 15. If Ohio State is far enough down the list, it may tell the coaches it's time to offer some more QB's in the class. If Ohio State is high enough, or even number one without even visiting, it shows the coaches are on the right path and that Gibson is still worth it, especially once he's on campus. I don't know this for sure, but I can't imagine he would just announce his top 15 and that would be it. There will probably be an interview and hopefully a breakdown/explanation of at least his top 3-5. This is also a chance to hear the info straight from Gibson's mouth rather then an interpretation from someone else. I won't be able to listen to it tonight, but if anyone does, please post his list and any other info you get from it!

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Judging by his sunglasses, he is in a parked car in the 'Shoe.

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now were interested in watching a prospect list his top 15 schools live? No offense to you and appreciate the link, also, I'm sure many will listen, but recruiting is getting stranger and stranger and more about giving kids excessive attention. Just amazes me how out of control recruiting can get sometimes. 

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I agree. Love the kid and hope he commits to the good guys , but come on. If I don't have something else to do, I will find it. Looking forward to seeing the list though. 

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I feel you on that FromThe18, it is more then just a top 15 though. This is arguably the top QB and one of the most important players in the class and his list will be in order so it will give people a very accurate idea of where Ohio State, and other schools, stand. This will let others, even coaches, know if Gibson is still that high on the Buckeyes or if it's time to offer some other QB's in the class. I'm sure there will be more then just a top 15 too, it will likely have an interview and some more insight on some of the schools as well. It's Cinco de Mayo so I won't likely be listening to it myself, but for anyone that wants this info not only live coverage, but the info straight from Gibson's mouth (rather then interpreted by others and regurgitated online) can do so. I do agree that recruiting can get way out of hand, I think that this tweet below is a better example then Gibon's announcement though:

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I think I will wait until he makes his final decision

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Sounds like an absolutely meaningless event.

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Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Another -------The University of Ohio State, or, the timeless---everybody steals, everybody kills.

Sorry----red flag alert for me.

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I guess 4th is ok considering he hasn't been here yet *shrugs*


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goes to show we still need to get him on campus

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We miss on wimbush and gibson, plan c/d/e will also be gone...........what then?

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Does Troy Smith have any eligibility left? He's already on campus...

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What the frick does he even have Nebraska on the list? Ran out of schools still recruiting him or something? 

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