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Top 5 2015 Wishlist

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March 1, 2014 at 1:05am

Just out of curiosity. Which 5 prospects of the 2015 recruiting class would you most like to see in Scarlet and Gray?

I'll start..

1. Minkah Fitzpatrick

2. Brandon Wimbush

3. Dre'Mont Jones

4.  Christian Kirk

5. Chris Clark

Thoughts? What's your 5?

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1.Torrance Gibson
2.Torrance Gibson
3.Torrance Gibson
4.Torrance Gibson
5.Torrance Gibson

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I disagree completely.  My top five in alphabetical order...

1)  Torrance Gibson

2). Torrance Gibson

3) Torrance Gibson

4) Torrance Gibson 


5) Torrance Gibson

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And then there is this

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1.  Torrance Gibson or Brandon Wimbush
2.  Damien Harris
3.  Christian Kirk
4.  Justin Hilliard
5.  Chris Clark

Clark probably won't make a lot of lists because he isn't currently rated 5 star and all that jazz, but I think it's really important to pickup a good TE in this class.

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ITWASME's picture

1. Torrance Gibson
2. Jacques Patrick
3. Tarvarus McFadden
4. Justin Hilliard
5. Terry Beckner Jr.

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture
  1. Josh Sweat
  2. Christian Kirk
  3. Torrance Gibson
  4. Justin Hilliard
  5. Garrett Williams

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buckeye4life050233's picture
  1.  Torrence Gibson or Brandon Wimbush
  2.  Minkah Fitzpatrick or Devante Peete (6'5" , 190. We need some big receivers)
  3.  Justin Hilliard
  4.  Tarvarus McFadden
  5.  Tim Settle


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TUNBUCK89's picture
  1. Torrence Gibson 
  2.  Justin Hilliard
  3.  Tim Settle
  4.  Minkah Fitzpatrick
  5.  Chris Clark
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Knarcisi's picture

1. Gibson 

2. Fitzpatrick

3. Settle 

4. Hilliard

5. Harris 



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And since its a wish list, George Campbell, just to spit in Michigans eye

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Guys that just missed the top five:
Beckner Jr

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Settle/beckner/ epic dl haul

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1. Torrance Gibson

2. Chris Clark (we have to land a top-flight TE in my opinion in this class)

3. Tim Settle

4. Justin Hilliard

5. Ben Edwards (this kid is legit- let's hope we can hold on to him)

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NorthwestOhioBuck's picture

1. Terry Beckner Jr.
2. Tim Settle
3. Torrance Gibson
4. Josh Sweat
5. Damien Harris

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1. Torrance Gibson.  QB is the most important position on the field, and the Buckeyes don't really know what they have once Braxton leaves.  TG is clearly the staff's top pick for the position, and therefore my top pick for the this list.

2. Tim Settle.  Buckeyes didn't take a DT in '14 making this a clear priority for the '15 class.  I put Settle up here because he seems to be the top guy we have a realistic shot with. However, Trent Thompson or Daylon Mack would be perfectly acceptable.

3. Damien Harris.  RB is not as big of a need as QB and DT, but Harris is such a talent that he's number 3 on my wish list.  The fact that the Buckeyes would be stealing him from Michigan is an extra bonus.

4. Justin Hilliard.  As with RB, LB doesn't seem as urgent a need after last year's haul.  Still, you have to keep the top players in the state, and the consensus this year seems to be that Hilliard is that player.

5. Martez Ivey.  As long as we're wishing, I'll take one of the top rated OTs in the '15 class, thank you very much.

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ab1993's picture

1. Torrance Gibson

2. Chris Clark

3. Damien Harris

4. Tim Settle

5. Minkah Fitzpatrick

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ohhiyo's picture

1. Torrance Gibson

2. Damien Harris

3. Minkah Fitzpatrick

4. Adonis Thomas

5. Iman Marshall

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1. Gibson
2. Kirk
3. Tolliver
4. McFadden
5. Hilliard

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1.Torrance Gibson or Brandon Wimbush. 2.Damian Harris 3. Jeffrey Holland 4.Minkah Fitzpatrick 5.Tim Settle

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1. Torrance Gibson

2. Terry Beckner, Jr.

3. Christian Kirk

4. Damien Harris

5. Justin Hilliard

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1. Torrance Gibson - QB is a very important position obviously and with having no idea what we have after Braxton is gone, it's very important to get a great game changer/playmaker like Gibson. Kid is #1 on the staff's board and I don't blame them. The kid has his head on his shoulders and can flat out play!

2. Justin Hilliard - OLB is not as much of a need like it was for 2014, BUT even though we have brought in all these great linebackers, were unsure of what they will do at OSU. We still need to land atleast 2 LBs for 2015 & Hilliard has to be the staffs top target. You cant let the #1 player in Ohio leave the state. We need to lock up the states top several guys since we arnt taking many Ohio kids this year. Must Get!

3. Jerome Baker - An ATH who can play RB or LB in college. We really need atleast 1 RB for 2015 & even if he switches to LB, he's a must get, especially being a top 2-3 guy in Ohio. Like I mentioned above for Hilliard, need to keep the several top kids in state. kid can flat out play as well. another must get.

4. Drew Richmond -Even though we landed 5 OL last year, only 2 may end up being tackles. Need another big tackle or 2 in 2015 & Richmond has to be towards the top of the staff's board. Kid really loves OSU also, which is only a bonus. Kid is a stud & is a must get as well.

5. Devante Peete - WR isn't as much of a need in 2015 as we hit a homerun with the position in 2014, but we still need to out and get a Big WR. Peete fits pretty well and the Bucks have a solid shot. Comes from the state of Florida which is always good. Kid is a HUGE playmaker.

Wild cards: Tim Settle, Steven Gonzalez, Sh'mar Kilby Lane, Minkah Fitzpatrick & Damien Harris


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Torrance Gibson

Trenton Thompson

Iman Marshall

Kevin Tolliver

Martez Ivey

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Its tough to nail down 5...could we possibly do a 20 player (whole class) wish list? Lol

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1. Torrance Gibson

2. Drew Richmond

3.Josh Sweat/Ricky DeBerry

4. Damien Harris

5. Tim Settle/Jacob Daniel

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1. Torrance Gibson - This one is obvious for me. Braxton is gone after this year. A freak of nature from the Sunshine state. Could be an absolute star for us in the future fighting it out with JT Barrett.

2. Christian Kirk - Game changer. Kid doesn't get tackled at all in his highlight video. He doesn't play top competition, but neither does Damien Harris. They both dominate the games that they play in, and they should. Looks like he could play outside, in the slot, and in the h-back role, as well as returning punts. Which we desperately need. (I'm looking at you Philly Brown.)

3. Justin Hilliard - It has been stated that OLB is not the biggest need in this class, and I absolutely agree. Because it isn't. We just brought in three studs at the position. But we have no idea how they will pan out. He's the top player in Ohio. Gotta keep the best in-state.

4. Drew Richmond - Big OT prospect. I see Jamarco moving to guard eventually and right now, we don't have much proven at tackle. Of course, this could change by the time Drew Richmond signs, but at this point, this kid is 313 pounds and is probably ready to step in at any point. WANT.

5. Tim Settle - Stud. At a huge position of need. There's no way we don't come away with two DTs in this class and I think he ends up being one of them.

Honorable Mention - Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane - If you haven't watched this kid's tape, you should. Absolute nose for the ball. With Curtis Grant leaving after this year, there won't be much depth at MLB. He's a lock though. I see him committing at the Spring Game.


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I wouldn't say he's a lock. He recently just announced his top 3 in order and OSU was third.

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I'm just saying. If he has us at third then you can't just say he's a lock. Trust me, I want him just as much as you do and I still think he'll end up with us. Just not as sure of a thing as it was a few weeks ago.

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1. Torrance Gibson
2. Damien Harris
3. Terry Beckner, Jr.
4. Tim Settle
5. Justin Hilliard

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honorable mention: richmond


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Leon Sandcastle is all I want on this team. He can play defensive back and receiver. I heard that he is good but may not meet NCAA qualifications. I heard he is very fast. 4.2 40 yard dash.

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4-Hilliard (gotta have the best kid in the state of Ohio)

5-Patrick just b/c he is Beast Mode V2.0