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OV/UN '15 Ohio Recruits

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February 13, 2014 at 11:24am

Thus far, we have 2 kids from Florida, 1 from Ohio. We have a pretty good crop of kids in Ohio this year, so what say you fellow 11 Dubber's, over or under 10 ?

I got over.

  1. Justin Hilliard
  2. Hjalte Froholdt (Flip 'em from Bert: #Karma)
  3. Jerome Baker
  4. EGW (Already home. Gotta keep his nose clean.)
  5. Shaun Crawford (Flip from TTUN; Gareon Conley 2.0 style. Muck Fishigan!!)
  6. L.J. Scott
  7. Elijah Taylor
  8. Cris Green
  9. David Dowell
  10.   Andrew Dowell
  11.   George Brown Jr.
  12.   C.J. Conrad
  13.   James Daniels
  14.   Matthew Draper (Glenville Pipeline continues.)

I know, I'm a complete homer & overly ambitious for our home bred kids, so sue me. (And I should have put Rob Dowdy on that list.)

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EvanstonBuckeye's picture

I think it's going to be a low number (4-5), which will undoubtedly set off alarms around the state about us not having our fence up.

Also, I think Nick Conner will be a Buckeye. Less confident about Crawford.

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I am going with under. Like Evanston said, I think the number will be around 5. We are already off and running in Florida, I expect that to continue and I see a good haul of East Coast guys coming in as well.


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under... I'll go with 8 recruits from the Buckeye state

The strong will stand, the weak will fall by the wayside.  100% and then some!

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With only 9 of 23 in 2014 - I'll go UNDER as well as the class size likley won't be more than 20.  (12 seniors on the scholly Grid + 3 off probation + natural attrition)

ONE Not Done!

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Under 10 for sure Ohio is not very talented this year 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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i am guessing about 7 kids in state, less than this past year.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Under. This class will (or should) be a bit smaller, with an even more national approach.

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With a class of around 21 or 22 coming up and all the national talent we're in for, I cant imagine we take more that 7 or 8 from in state. Obviously EGW is already in, but beyond him, I really only see Conner - LB, Daniels - C, Conrad - TE, Dowell - WR, and Baker - RB are 100% sure things. 

Obviously we would take Hilliard, but I'm not entirely sure he wont end up at Notre Dame. If he doesn't come to the good guys I think his spot is taken by another local kid in McKee.

I think we offer Taylor, but I think he goes to ND as well and cinci continues to be a thorn in our side.

The above can be said for Froholdt as well. I dont think he sticks with piggy, but he really has no Ohio ties and I think he winds up elsewhere.

If we land Harris at RB, I dont think Scott gets in, and I'm not sure there is room for the other Dowell either (although I realize that if you take one you probably take both).

Brown Jr is in if we take 4 linemen, but I'm not sure we do, and if you land Richmond and Gonzalez along with Daniels, well, then you're out of room.

Green and Draper get offered, but I think they're low on the priority list and only get in if we miss on bigger names.

Crawford is a possibility, but once again, it depends on how many corners we want in this class. Dean is already in, and I think Whitehead from PA gets in soon as well. Some say EGW is a corner (I think you'd have to be crazy not to play him at receiver). Thats 3 right there and after the halls we had the last two years I dont think we take 4 (Unless its a guy like Fitzpatrick). 

So like I said, I'm thinking 7 or 8 at most.


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I say under.  I'm sure the staff has their eyes on the top 7 and after that they may go after a couple others if they miss out on from those top 7.

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I say under, i am thinking maybe 7 or 8.

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Just another point, not only are we going to get under ten Ohio kids there's a good chance we could lose out on some of the top kids in Ohio. Also this is me trying to take away biased and be a realist. 

  •  Froholdt is from Europe so some people don't even consider him an Ohio kid. He's committed to Arkansas and is living back in Europe now.
  • Hillard- his brother goes to Iowa, and is getting recruited really hard by ND and scUM
  • Baker- He grew up a PSU fan, I've heard good things so far about him being a buckeye.
  • Scott- might not get an offer unfortunately with our national pursuit of a RB. I'm sure he'll go to UK because the rest of the Big Ten can't recruit. 
  • Crawford and Kinnell are committed to TSUN
  • I imagine the Dowell brothers are going to want to play together and I don't see both getting an offer. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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state has some awesome players…OSU needs to land the top 5-8 IMO. 

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I'm going under 10 from Ohio for 2015.  My thoughts are like some others above - slightly smaller class and we are in good shape for a ton of talent outside of Ohio at the moment.

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Justin Hilliard, Jerome Baker, David Dowell , Andrew Dowell, George Brown Jr., C.J. Conrad, Matthew Draper

those are my picks for future buckeyes. aI'd also like to see Nick Conner, Reagan Williams, Kei Beckham, Austin Dorris and Anthony McKee.

"Bleed Scarlet, Die Gray"

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Under, but not by much. I think about 8.

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Under 10. I think this class will be another class between 20-23. Ohio is loaded year in and year out, BUT 2015 lacks all them national guys. Only true national guys we have in Ohio are Hillard, EGW, Baker, Brown Jr, & maybe Crawford & Scott. Not including Froholdt who lives back in Europe.

already have EGW. he's gota stay clean or he could lose his scholly.
Hillard is being pursued all of america pretty dang hard. I see him staying in the Midwest either way. Without being a homer, I honestly think Meyer will pull all stops to keep him in Ohio. Same goes for Baker with PSU. I think Meyer does everything possible to keep Baker in Ohio along with Hillard. Crawford will most likely stay at scUM & he seems to small for the type's of corners OSU wants even though we have offered. Brown Jr is getting offers from everyone! I know OSU has higher priorities on the OL for 2015, but man Brown has a better offer list than most the OL targets we have offered and he's in our own back yard. I wish we would offer Brown and go after him, but I have a feeling we wont. Scott most likely wont get an offer due to grades AND the staff pushing hard for some RB studs out of state.

I'm pretty positive Nick Conner (LB) ends up in this class along with the new LS we offered from Kilbourne. Include Daniels on the interior OL. Apparently Rashod Berry will get an offer if he gets his grades in line & should be in this class IF offered. Conrad is another guy I could see getting offered & being in this class. I want Draper to get offered to keep the Glenville pipeline going but I dont see him getting offered. Id also like to see Rod Dowdy get offered as I think he is a stud who can hold his own but I dont think OSU will offer.


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Under for sure, we'll have more kids in this class from Flordia than Ohio.  We'll land the top talent in Ohio and possibly flip Shaun Crawford.  However with Ben Edwards in the mix, it's possible we land Jeff Holland and even flip Kevin Toliver.

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I'll go with the under, maybe 8-9.  There'll be a few from the OP's list that come in, and a few that don't, and as always there'll be a couple of guys off the radar right now who start to blow up once camp season comes around.

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