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February 10, 2014 at 5:16pm

On the 11W forums, you'll notice a few sticky threads that may catch your eye. We want to not only be the best Ohio State recruiting site on the internet, but we also have a desire to make sure that all prospects in Ohio have another avenue for people to find out about them, especially as we head into the busy summer recruiting months, but also for during the season.

While I hope I can convince Jason to start a completely separate forum for this endeavor, in the immediate future I'd like to invite you all to comment in this these sticked threads, broken down regionally (NW Ohio/NE Ohio, etc.) 

This is a great way for you to help promote the kids in your hometowns and to give us the chance to get to know a greater number of prospects, coaches, etc. 

Central Ohio Regional Thread
Northeast Ohio Regional Thread
Northwest Ohio Regional Thread
Southeast Ohio Regional Thread
Southwest Ohio Regional Thread

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This a really great idea. If I still lived in Ohio I would definitely get involved in this.This just goes to show 11W is the greatest site in the world.

+1 HS
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Looks like I'm going to need to fine tune my Ohio geography. We plan to post "mini-stories" on recruits that might not be Ohio State caliber. It'd be pretty cool if our readers would join in with the discussions or even make suggestions of who they'd like to see an update on. 

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Im all for this!!! Living in an area that has a young man who commited to Lousiville, then ended up at OU. And i will get to see the young man from East (Tyler Gerald) and from Jackson (Reagan Williams) play

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I'm not a recruitnik in any way, shape nor form, but let me tip my hat to you fine gentlemen, on what I think is an excellent idea.

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great idea! as the parent of a 2016 player at a D4 school with college" potential", this type of exposure could be extremely helpful. good job guys! now if I was only better at figuring out how to take game highlights from hudl to where they need to be seen id feel even better lol

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Peyton Ramsey is a class of 2016 QB from Elder High School in Cincinnati. He is the coaches son and led the Panthers to a 9 and 3 record getting knocked out in the 2nd Round of the playoffs against the eventual D1 state champion Moeller. Good film 


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I Like the idea AND the Idea of it's own separate forum, mostly because I would like to see the current recruiting classes stickied to the top of the Recruiting forum!

ONE Not Done!

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I've moved the links to the individual region's threads into this thread so we'd not clutter the forum page with a bunch of pinned threads, FYI.

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This should help any recruits with the dates: 

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When is Friday Night Lights

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It's not set. Best guess would be July 25th. 

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Will there be some type of TV or media coverage for FNL?

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