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2015 Football Recruiting Class Rankings

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February 7, 2014 at 7:32pm

I figured I'd do another football-class rankings forum even though it's extremely early in the process and update as these recruiting services start ranking the classes collectively.  ***(Updated 2/19/14)***

247: 23rd -- Dropped two spots after the 247 player update.

ESPN: No rankings yet.

Scout: 25th

Rivals: 21st.


Current Committed Prospects:

  • CB/ATH/WR - Eric Glover-Williams (Canton, OH) rated as 4* on all four databases.  Consensus top 100 player, ESPN JR 300.
  • CB - Jamel Dean (Cocoa, FL) rated as 4* on 247 and ESPN and as a 3* on Scout and Rivals.  ESPN JR 300
  • .S - Ben Edwards (Jacksonville, FL) rated as a 3* on both scout and 247, currently not ranked by ESPN and is ranked as a 4* and the #5 safety and 149th overall player by Rivals.



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Will EGW move to offense?

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I believe so, could see him being a 2 way player also.

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I expect EGW to rise in the rankings; also, Meyer has a full slate of scholarships, this class will be top-5, no doubt. 2015 will be his best class since he began at OSU. 

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Even with 85 scholarships next year the senior class is only 16 I believe. That's 19 before attrition. So expect the class to be like this years somewhere in the 20-23 range.

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I assume MI is number one? (Actually they are 18th). And they are lining up their September Heisman candidates.

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This year's recruiting cycles for Michigan and Texas should be interesting to watch. Both have something to prove; Michigan because they've started so fast and then faded the last two years, and Texas having to take back their own backyard from A&M.

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With so many great recruits we are already in on, this next recruiting year should be a wild ride.  It would be nice to get a QB commit early to help momentum and get the top players here to visit.  It's going to be fun for sure.  What's everyone's prediction of the date of the first panic posting about how this class is shaping up?   In Urban we trust...

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I'm gonna say April 14th. Right after the spring game, even though it will probably come before then.

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Next week.  I mean currently 3 services do not have us ranked.  We are already pretty close to the danger zone.

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15 class has started a little "slow" compared to other programs; we're in on a lot op the top prospects/5 star players.  I believe Torrance Gibson will commit once he visits and after that you can be sure commits will probably start falling in.  Based on the numbers of seniors/attrition we're more than likely looking at another 20-23 member class.  When it's all said and done with the players we're after we could have the #1 class.  Buckle up because this one is going to be crazy.

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How much attrition are people really expecting in order for the '15 class to be 20-23 kids? There's 12 seniors (11 if you're not counting J.T. Moore, who may or may not still be with the team) that will for sure be leaving after '14, and the only junior I can see leaving early is Noah Spence (I'm pretty much expecting it), so even if you factor in Spence leaving early and 3 more current players transferring, that would still only make 18 spots available for '15. Seems like it'll be a fairly small class.

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Yeah it may be the smallest class of the Meyer era, don't forget about the scholarships we get back though from our lil probationary period.  I'd assume we would be around 20-22 commits for this class.  The staff probably has a better guess at the numbers though.

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Yeah, I'm taking into account the scholarships going back to normal too, but if nobody leaves early or transfers (obviously not going to happen) then a 14 player class would already get to the max of 85 scholarships for '15. The team has 38 freshmen right now though, so I'd say there's going to be a good amount of transfers so I guess we'll see.

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Lets all remember its more about the players we currently have and coaching them up. The potential recruits for 2015 and beyond are of secondary importance. If the '15 class is in fact smallish, I'm sure it will be loaded with 4 and 5 stars and be a supplement to the massive underclassmen classes coming up. If we end up with a class numbering less than 20, it might put us a lot lower in the recruiting 'rankings' but just remember how many upperclassmen and experience we will already have on the team.

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Ryan Timmons will transfer and be part of this class


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this is just something I stumbled upon on twitter and it certainly has its flaws, but it is interesting:


It's called "rank by offers." The guy who made it uses Sagarin or something from the past few years to weigh the value of each scholarship offer. It has some flaws for sure but cool to compare at least.


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Updated.  Dropped 2 spots in the 247 rankings to 23rd overall, and now scout and rivals have released their class rankings in which the Bucks are sitting at 21st (Rivals) and 25th (Scout) respectively.  ESPN has yet to release their 2015 class rankings.