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Torrance Gibson now favoring Auburn?

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February 7, 2014 at 12:21pm

Forgive me if this is true but I just did a search for Gibson, 24/7 has an "insider" story the tagline of which reads "Oh yeah they're definitely on top" in terms of his interest in Auburn...  Anyone hear anything about this?  Any 24/7 insiders care to shed some light?  So far I thought we were way ahead with him.

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edit:  Forgive me if it was already brought up, not true...  If it's true it's a bummer.

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IMHO, it's way too early to think about what's in these kids heads especially the studs like gibson. He'll put all the big schools at the top right now I think.



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I'll check in with these 2015 kids in like 8 mos.

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Maybe even 10.

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Get a subscription to 247

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Sometimes when kids say that a school is "on top," they mean #1, and other times they just mean the school is in their top group. My guess is that he meant the second option. I'd be shocked if they jumped over OSU given his close relationship with Coach Urb.

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He said they were in the top group of teams he was looking at. Not THEE top. In the top 7 or 10 was how he put it. Since it was yesterdays info it is out and around now.

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This he means there at the top of his list.  I've seen a lot of insiders saying the expect him to commit after his first visit to OSU so he can get a bunch of players that want to play with him.  We still have a long way to go.  There is an insider on the Vols Nation board that is pretty sure we got him.  You never know though a lot can change in a year.

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Well that explanation got my panties out of a bunch and feeling a bit more comfortable now. Sucks going up against Auburn for a top dual threat QB considering the last one they had they leased him for a year and the kid won a Heisman and a National title all while the World knew his father was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's a tough battle to go up against in the long run but I feel like we can pull it out if Meyer really wants the kid.

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Auburn might have ended up with cam, but lets remember who recruited him the first time around...

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I think we trust UFM and his team to maintain the stellar recruiting that they have brought to tOSU. We are a long way from NSD 2015. I know I for one could use a 3-4 month breather and hopefully return to solid foods in that time (LOL). The recruiting scene has become more stressful than watching the actual games be played out during the season. So while UFM and the coaches continue the 2015 recruitment of another top 3 class....lets get onto some Spring football.

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Buckeyes are in great shape for Gibson, but there's a long way to go. Expect a few twists and turns but Ohio State will remain in the conversation the whole time.

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Can always count on Birm to calm my nerves! I'm not getting to worried about 2015 yet, I'm still coming down from this years class. Gotta stay away for a little while- who am I kidding, my name is Al, and I'm addicted to recruiting

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Haha, I finally found out where my fellow addicts are on the new site layout! 

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I just don't know how we can stay at the top of his list when we are competing against the Tennessee Twitter fan base. 

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Or Kentucky, they get everyone they want.

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He wasn't naming Auburn as his leader. They are just at the top with Ohio State, Miami, LSU and others. 

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Gibson is the kind of qb that urban Meyer would love to have in his offense he could also switch to wide receiver like Russell sheaperd did for lsu because coming out of high school he was a qb but switched to wr and had a decent career


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Don't take this as complete fact or anything but there are people (insiders) who believe that once Gibson visits and gets the go ahead from his parents he will commit.

Would love it if that were true.

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I keep trying not to believe those rumblings, but that would be a really nice get this early in the process. And can't do anything but help.

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How many chickens must I sacrifice to ensure this happens???

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At least 14 as I hear that school up North is sacrificing 13 skunks.


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They're sacrificing their cheerleaders?

Michigan sucks.

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Ya, would love to see Torrance get onboard as early as possible if he's going to -- a guy like that would be an awesome class leader!

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As Birm said, there's a long time till NSD next year.  I have a feeling these classes are going to keep getting better and there's absolutely NO reason to worry.  

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I believe if he was commit early and become that leader type that helps recruit this class could become epic. How would the future of our offense look if we could get Gibson,Damien Harris,George Campbell,Soso Jamabo.

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Throw EGW in the slot and.... Holy shit.

Michigan sucks.

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No way we land all those guys.  That's a pipe-dream.

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Why not?  How many 5 star kids did Bama land this year?

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You forgot Chris Clark and Devante Peete.

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To echo Birm, I spoke to Mike Rumph a couple weeks ago and he said Bucks are in great shape but there's a long way to go. He said Urban is doing a great job cultivating that relationship and Torrance feels like a perfect fit in the offense. Also said Miami slow playing him and he doesn't feel like he fits their offense anyway so they don't seem to be the biggest threat. Even though he played there, Mike is definitely not pushing him that way because he agrees with Torrance.

Found this amusing...the school has a relatively old security guard and when he let Urban in the guard said, dead serious, "Hey I know you, you're Nick Saban!". Mike said Urban didn't crack a smile and mumbled to him, "Don't these m.f.'ers know who I am? If not, they will." Mike said Urban is very cool but still super intense, even on recruiting visits, and is laser-focused on his mission at all times.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Next time I see him I'll ask if Torrance has a timetable for his decision.

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Give it a couple more years and the elderly security guards in South Florida high schools will be mistaking Saban for Urban Meyer to which Saban responds by stepping over their lifeless bodies while muttering "get him a bodybag."

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