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Comment 18 hours ago

Kind of surprised Joe Berger didn't participate... He must be on his way to make his fortune at a normal job...  So awesome, best of luck to all the buckeyes!

Comment 20 hours ago

I sit at my desk every day that there is a practice waiting on the staff to update us on the status of our Spring buckeyes...  Suspense is killing me!

Comment 23 hours ago

While not as pressing a need given the haul made last time through, DB needs to continue to be a focal point for this team.  We keep shuffling them off to the NFL at an insane rate, you've gotta get them in here in force, highly touted and ready to play. 

I think the fact that the staff has focused on getting guys with NFL size, that are smart, and take care of their business is such an important trait.  No goons, no one with the character issues and such.  Doesn't hurt that Coach Coombs is the most intense dude in the room no matter where he is.

Comment 23 hours ago

The Browns could theoretically have the first two picks in the draft.

Trade #12, one of the 2's, a 3, and one of their 2's for next year to the 49ers for the 2nd overall pick and take Myles Garrett and Solomon Thomas 1 and 2, get the two best players in the draft and completely transform your defense.

Comment 24 hours ago

When the Eagles picked up Malcolm Jenkins I jumped for joy.  He's by far my favorite defensive back to ever play for the S and G. 

In terms of overall needs, the Eagles are all over the place.  The need a corner, and I'm hoping Conley is the guy because Lattimore will more than likely be gone when they pick.

Comment 24 hours ago

This is my carry weapon of choice.  Ruger LCR .38 +p.  I love the hammerless feature, it's not very big, super comfortable, and without the external hammer it doesn't get all caught up in your shirt when you pull it.  The +p option, when combined with a hollow point round, would leave a hole in an elephant.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

Not sure if it's PTSD, or what, but knowing that Parris Campbell is a guy who has an inside track at taking over the spot that Curtis Samuel turned into our only really consistent offensive threat last year has me worried.  I loved Campbell coming out of high school, but his pension for drops, and just becoming a complete and total ghost when he's gotten his opportunities makes me think it's a bad move.

Why can't they just let these young dogs come out and eat?  Victor, Hill, Mack, McCall, let these dudes get that limelight.  If those four aren't playing the majority of the snaps at the spring game I will be pretty bummed out. The Campbell's, McLaurin's, Dixon's, Clark's, and Stump's of the world have had their time and they weren't able to make much happen with it.  The page should turn.