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Comment 21 Apr 2017

You can't flush out food poisoning with an excessive amount of fluid.  Any nutritionist he was working with would have told him that he needed IV fluids to prevent hydration.  When you have bacteria in your stomach that is sensitive to pressure (which is ultimately why everyone continuously vomits and craps with food poisoning), it will cause you to expel whatever is in there until the inflammation subsides.

He either a. did drugs too close to the combine and was doing whatever he could to flush them out (doesn't work and gets you popped every time) or b. he didn't cycle off the juice he was doing correctly, he knew he didn't, and was trying to cover it up and flush it out (again, see above). One thing he did admit too was that more than one scout told him they'd like to see him get his weight up.  Perhaps he was juicing to add bulk?

I find it all telling that he had a disagreement with medical staff at the combine and was ultimately thrown out of the combine.  Do we know if they do the hair test for drugs there? Perhaps he did the urine test, and when they informed him of the follicle test (which will detect any drugs in the system for up to 90 days) he lost it and freaked.  No source on that, just a theory of what may have happened.

Either way, I'm an Eagles fan, they pick at 14, and even after the combine freak-out incident I still had him #1 as most draftable at 14, but that's over now.  I wouldn't spend a first round pick on him, period.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Oklahoma will look to brutalize our secondary through the air.  I don't think they have a prayer in hell of running the ball on us, and they know it, but they will try and get after the secondary.

I think Penn State a little, but the team will be hyper-motivated and you can't bet against Meyer coming off a loss to any team IMO.

On the road @ Nebraska is going to be tough, regardless of how lacking their roster may or may not be.

@ Iowa is never easy, they always come to fight.

And of course @ the shit house will be a battle.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Offense: JK Dobbins, no question.  I think by mid-season he will be a 10-12 carry a game guy and that will make things even better for Weber.

Defense: Damon Arnette.  Something tells me he will thrive in the slot and play with a bit of a chip on his shoulder with people doubting him.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

I think the Larry Johnson effect can not be over stated here.  I mean it really comes down to Cox having a chance to come to Ohio State and be coached by the country's best DL coach.

Truth be told, the pressure here is all on UGA, given that he's an in-state guy.  If we miss on him we have another dozen or so options in the pipeline, it really is that simple.

A boom would be great, but a fizzle in this scenario isn't the worst thing ever. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017

The only thing I know for sure is that after JT is gone this year, the QB room stacks up to look like this:

1a. Burrow

1b. Haskins

2. Martell

3. Jones

There is no way in hell that three of those guys bide their time and wait for a turn while one starts.  They're all far too good. One or two of them will be on their way out before they play a down at OSU, and honestly, rightfully so to some extent.  If you're good, you should play, it's just unfortunate when someone ahead of you is better and you have to move on to make it happen.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I feel the exact same way. Mccaffrey is a fantastic player and if he is the pick I won't be all that salty even though the defense needs major help. But like you said, Samuel is as dynamic a play maker with the exception of not having the experience in the return game. Both guys are bigger versions of sproles and both would be great in the offense, but I think Samuel in the second adds more value if a guy like foster is available in the first.

my dream scenario is they trade down to about 22/23 and get Conley, pick up an extra second rounder, get Curtis Samuel, and a guy like Charles Harris. 

Comment 16 Apr 2017

I'm down if it's not a bullshit remake with the fat girl and the girl from Saturday night live and the fat guy and the guy with the stupid curly haircut and the dumb guy with the muscles.

if they can get Eddie Murphy and aresnio to do it, then I'm all in.

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Philadelphia eagles: first round I would be happy with any of these:

1. Rueben Foster 2. Mike Williams 3. Gareon Conley 4. Derek Barnett 5. Christian mccaffrey 

second round: depending if they go defense first I would like to see them take Curtis Samuel or go DB and get Quincy Wilson or tre'davious white if he is there 

third round: pass rusher dawuane smoot projably 

4: Kareem hunt RB Toledo 

5: Carlos Henderson WR Lou Tech 

6: OL 

7: interior DL 

Comment 16 Apr 2017

I guess the way I rationalize it is that we have seen this offense trudge to a snails pace and become so one dimensional behind JT... and he didn't look so much improved today that it felt like the history of him running the offense would be any different. I didn't see him do anything in the spring game he wasn't already doing. He has historically not been able to make good reads down field and was forced to work the short and intermediate throws. He just isn't a good down the field passer.

his intangibles are great, but he doesn't have the physical tools to change this offense and that's what it needs now more than a "rah-rah" guy at QB. 

If the offense is going to trudge along and be ugly like last year, for me it would be better to let it be joe burrow under center getting his feet wet, rather than JT doing the same old same old.

Comment 14 Apr 2017

No Tavion Thomas?  I'm sure I read in the Hurry-Up or somewhere that he'd be on campus.

Also, You think we can get an edit on the Micah Parsons gaff?  I mean he is only like one of, if not the most important recruits this cycle for the Buckeyes...  Maybe we could get his position listed correctly?