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Comment 27 Sep 2016

1. Ohio State

2. USC

3. Florida

4. Notre Dame

5. Georgia


7. Stanford

8. Michigan State

9. Nebraska

10. Texas

I'm big on history, I'd want to go somewhere with some lineage, or a place where the kids are held accountable and their education is as important as what they do on the field (Notre Dame/Stanford).

Comment 27 Sep 2016

There isn't one team in the B1G that scares me.  I don't think Wisky's D is that good, I just think LSU and Michigan State's O's are just thought bad. 

Michigan has a solid D, but they don't have the athletes to match up with us.  Jabrill Peppers is the most overrated player in college football.

Injuries aside, I say we run the table.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Man oh man, it sucks when a Buckeye player goes down, but I followed Hilliard's commitment process about as closely as Bell's.  Sad to see him down, but in this day and age he can make it back and be better than ever.

Get better JH!

Comment 22 Sep 2016

I respect your opinion the but the notion that we have to hold these guys to a higher standard because they can play football just doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm not saying this gives them a license and get out of jail free card to act like animals.  I'm saying if they do, they should get punished the same as anyone else, but they shouldn't be expected to hold themselves any standard that differs from that of a typical person their age.  We're all human, some humans are awful people that do bad things and those humans should be punished.  Some humans are great people who uphold society and want good for the world, and those people should be admired for that.  Some people don't care and just want to live their life, and they're OK.

No one is starting forum threads over John and Bev Smith's 18 year old college freshman, Billy Smith, who doesn't play football.  No one is saying "Sure hope Billy doesn't get drunk and try and fight a team of cops." 

The players are no different, if they screw up, punish them, otherwise we don't have to dwell on the fact that, oh man, if JT gets caught drinking this weekend we're screwed!  Let's just let these kids live their lives and have the same experiences as the rest of us.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Kids are kids, and no matter how many forum threads we make they're going to do dumb things that make us shake our heads...  You can't hold one 18 year old to a higher standard because he can play football.  Shit happens, as they say.  JT did his time last season and we were no worse for the wear.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I mean, it's a non-issue.  These kids are kids, they're probably going to screw up on some level, some worse than others.  One kid may not sleep enough before an exam and get a C...  One kid might not make the right choice, go to a party, drink, and drive home..

They're kids, if I remember back to the dumb things I did in college there's no way I could hold it against any of them for being typical 18-21 year olds.  Let's just not worry about it, and whatever happens realize that they're human beings too.

Comment 16 Sep 2016

For the Buckeyes it's:

1. Throw the Football to soften up the defense
2. Run the football to the outside to get the OLB's to clear and cheat that way
3. After the defense is convinced you're going outside and the second level is more sparsely defended, you let Weber #eat

That's how the offense wins the day IMO.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Going to for sure need JT to hit some passes down field to make the defense back off, get those LBs a little deeper so Weber can get past the DL and get into the second level.  I think our offensive balance will be the key to the win, but it's for sure manageable.  The Buckeyes got this...

And we all know Urban has a few tricks up his sleeve.