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Comment 12 Jan 2017

I tend to disagree, because on occasion I think he can be very entertaining.

however, one thing that drives me absolutely insane about him is that he is always the first person to say "this was the greatest THIS" or "that was the greatest THAT" the greatest performance ever, etc... He over dramatizes every thing that happens... it drives me up the wall when any sportscaster does it, but he does it with EVERYTHING.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

One thing the Buckeyes tend to do is not commit a single player to the slot.  In the pros it's typically a smaller, faster, shiftier WR that can catch a ball over the middle and exploit a matchup with a safety or a LB (hence the emergence of the "nickel" corner).  Ohio State has never really looked at one guy and said, oh, Okay, you're our slot receiver.

I think that was set to change within the next couple of seasons with the addition of Lindsey, but now that he's gone, I don't know what the plan will necessarily be.  The HB is a lot of times lined up in the slot in a 3 or 4 WR set just because they're typically the fastest guy on the field, and if they want to run the end around they're able to do so, or they can get them on a short pattern in space and get them the ball quickly (theoretically, even though our offense was pretty lackluster in that department this season).

I would really like to see them mix some of the bigger bodied WRs into the slot to keep the matchups off balance. Put Ben Victor in the slot on occasion and let him take his 4.4 speed and 6'4 frame and go up against a LB for a few plays a game.  If nothing else he commands a double team with help from the safeties and that should leave a WR on the outside in a 1-on-1 (assuming they can win it, this year they really couldn't).

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Given that he's highly ranked and in-state, I'm sure this opinion won't be popular, but please hear me out.

I'd like to see the staff pass on Bowden.  I just don't think we need another converted "do-it-all" type player on the roster to convert into wide receiver.  I also think the allure of the "H-Back" position is so overrated.  Besides Samuel, what other HB's have we had that have been wildly successful?  Marshall was arguably the second best HB we've had and his stats didn't light the world on fire.

I'd rather see this slot go to a pure WR, someone who is in the 6'1"-6'4" range, that can run routes and has great hands, even if their 40 time doesn't fly off the page.  Go after a less heralded recruit that we can make a pure possession WR, that's what this team is missing at the moment IMO.  There are just too many guys that we've brought in that didn't play the position in high school that haven't quite gotten up to speed.  just my opinion... 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Can you imagine how brainless the show would be with Golic and his kid on there?  They're both a couple of meatheads.  What worked was the balance Greeny and Golic had with each other.  Greeny was more intellectual and outside the box, and Golic was more grassroots, a little more basic, and one dimensional.  Greeny embodied NYC (his hometown) and Golic for sure has that Cleveland mentality.

I think Adnan would be a good choice, or someone like that, someone that didn't play a sport in college and earned their degree studying.  Adnan Virk (spelling?) also has that cinefile podcast, so he's pretty versatile.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

You have to give Urban credit in this case. There was an obvious and glaring problem, and he went out and fixed it, or at least made changes.

Back when Urban curb stomped Tress, he came back the next year, no real changes to game planning, play calling, or recruiting, and Ohio State became a little stagnant, winning in the B1G, but not winning consistently on a national level.  Urban won't stand for that, he knows the #brand is above all, and will admit when things need adjusted, and make those fixes.  Props to him for that.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I think this sucks, but on the same token can be overcome by the right move by the coaching staff. I think the worst thing they can do is go recruit yet another kid who plays QB/S/RB/KR/PR for his high school team. We have enough converted "do everything in high school" types on the roster. Go recruit a pure WR. Jaylen Harris should now be priority 1 on the board IMO.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Even if Wade had not ended up at OSU I would've respected the way he went about his business.  He wasn't big on attention, not putting out cryptic tweets to stir up headlines.

He committed because he wanted to come here, then went through the due process (that he is entitled to) to make sure he made the right choice.  I respect that. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I can think of no one on the team more deserving.  Curtis Samuel is a special player.  If there is an OC out there that can figure out effective ways to use him, he could be an absolute monster in the NFL.

Def. going to miss him in Columbus #don'tgotothebrowns

Comment 07 Jan 2017

It's ridiculous that the Holmes family made it about them and not about Darnay. I'm sure he's happy to be playing in general, but he should've been able to make the decision on his own. His parents talking about a family decision definitely tells us he wasn't given much say.