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Comment 18 Feb 2017

What a bunch of bs. People really are shit for trying to pass off someone else's signature. I got an Ohio state official ball signed by all four living heisman winners and I did it the old fashioned way... paid for entry to signings, met all four of them in person, and got the experience to go along with a priceless piece of buckeye history that I will always cherish. If you're faking any celebrities signature to pass it off and make a buck you're a complete piece of trash and I hope you die.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Hill and Sprinkle probably have the best shot to go the UDFA route but they'll get looks.  The only difference being if they both come in this season, start, and light the world on fire. Sprinkle had a chance but got hurt. 

I think Holmes is a late draft choice, Hubbard is a mid round choice, and Lewis is probably a solid second rounder.  If I had to guess I'd say we get 3 names called and 2 picked up in FA.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Precisely, to play a meaningful role in the DL rotation at Ohio State you have to be able to rush the passer, stop the run, and if you're on the interior, eat up the right gap blocks to let the LBs roam free in the middle of the defense.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

It's so crazy to think...  I always try to put it in these terms...

If Michael Jordan were the player he was in 1990 and came to the NBA today... how would he do against the current competition?  The level of athleticism from top to bottom on the average NBA roster is obviously MUCH greater, but the game today vs. then is much more tempered in terms of physical contact between the players.  In the late 80's players got away with a lot more physical play than they do today... 

How would Lebron do if he were transported back to 1990.  Not only from a standpoint of the game, but if he were like Jordan/Ewing/Barkley/Bird/Magic/Robinson... If he were forced to play in that climate, a much more physical game, but that the en vogue thing was NOT to join up with another player on another team to form a "big 3."

Now I know people always claim Jordan had a stacked team around him, but keep in mind, the Bulls got Pippen through the draft (yes it was a trade, but it was still done through the draft), but guys like Horace Grant, BJ Armstrong, Toni Kukoc, and others were drafted by the bulls.  A lot of the other guys they picked up along the way like Ron Harper, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley and others were kind of just NBA journeymen that were solid fits with the Bulls roster.  So I think the idea that Jordan needed this, or that to win, while true, also carries a little less weight because the Bulls did a lot of that building through the draft.

So if Lebron tried to play as he is (an athletic freak, the likes of which the NBA wouldn't recognize in 1990), in the 1990 NBA, he'd have to do what so many did back then, go to a team and be the center piece and not be able to ask for this player, or that player.  The greats of that era just played the game, and didn't demand their front office made particular moves.

So you'd have Jordan in an NBA league that has a level of athleticism across the board that the 1990 NBA couldn't touch.

You'd have Lebron as the athletic monster he is in an NBA climate where he would have to be the #1 superstar on his roster (no big 3), but the style of play would be much more physical. 

I'd have to probably say it's advantage Jordan, but I don't think he'd have the 60+ scoring nights like he had back in the day.  Although Jordan would thrive in a playing environment that is less physical, less hard fouls etc, the guys he would be playing against would be closer to his level athletically, and would have a better shot at defending him consistently.

Lebron would have dominated 1990's NBA against the teams that didn't feature a big, mean, dominant front court, but as soon as he got in the trenches with the combos of Ewing/Oakley, Laimbeer/Rodman, etc, he'd find himself getting knocked silly every time he drove to the basket.  Lebron would have done really well in the NBA in 1990 by the advantage of his athleticism alone, but his career, arguably, would be much shorter without having the new-age methods of recovery, and having to play a much more physical style.  Also in 1990 superstars didn't take nights off, so his breaks from road games wouldn't exist either.

Advantage Jordan, I have to say Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time, but the margin between the two is honestly razor thin.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Exactly, and as good as Cooper looked in the camp circuit (gym-short Olympics), he still came in far undersized (around 220) when he got here.  If anyone in that recruiting class needed Coach Mick and the S/C staff it was him.  Cooper's ceiling was always what made him such a heralded recruit, not his ability to step into the starting line-up his first day on campus.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Is this where we are now?  A kid comes in as a true freshman, actually does see the field, albeit in garbage time, records meaningful stats, and people wonder "what happened to him?"  He's a freshman stuck in a rotation of a positional group of considerable depth.  Next we're going to get posts about what happened to Chase Young... Well, he hasn't graduated high school yet...

Let's just be patient and let these players develop before we start wondering what happened to them...

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Saw it 6 times in the theater.  Easily my favorite comedy of all time.  Also if you have a chance, Lemme and Heffernan (Mac and Farva) have a stand-up comedy show that's really funny.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Never thought I'd see the day that Mark Neal gets highlighted in a skully... Tis indeed a dark day.  That guy, not sure how he gets any measure of decent guests on his show, because he's the biggest knob in sports talk radio.  His opinions are not unlike my flatulents, especially after a night at Elsa's throwing back bad juan's and burritos.   

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Two schools in the Dayton are I can think of that I'm hoping the staff is sticking too like glue would be Huber Heights Wayne, and Trotwood-Madison.

Both schools are routinely making deep runs to the playoffs, and seem to be turning out D1 talent.  The staff just has to keep their eyes peeled as they aren't always touting a Cam Burrows or Braxton Miller, but the attention to detail is how you land a Robert Landers...

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Personally I don't like your tone, and I think getting the locals all riled up for no reason is a bad look.  You need to go back to military school...  Or something... Or recruiting, yadda yadda, I hope you're right.  Well done.  And stuff.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I think when you put it under a microscope, for sure where you end up ranked as far as recruiting is concerned is important.  But what comes first?  The winning?  Or the recruits?  Do you have to be a program on the map to attract big names?  Or do the big names come, and then you get on the map?

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I think Myers is going to need some polishing, but once the tread meats the road, he's going to be a monster.  His run blocking is as impressive as I've seen for an incoming freshman.

Davis, to me, is as complete as a player can be for that position, at that age.  I mean, he just has no flaws in his game up to this point.  He's athletic, he's got a mean streak a mile long...  He's impressive.  I don't know if he's got that Michael Jordan "thing" about him that will make him a year 1 starter, but of the two, he'd be my bet.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I think it really comes down to a nice balance of the "superstar" players that appear to be able to come right in and step in and make a difference, and recruiting kids that are maybe a little less heralded but are incredibly coachable.

The perfect storm is a guy like Michael Jordan who was a highly recruited player, but is also insanely coachable and did everything he was told to do to get himself in the position he was in.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Proximity to home, availability of playing time, who is ahead of him on the DC/who is behind, positional coaches, what's most important to him vs. what the school/coaches can offer (not referring to impermissible benefits, more like culture, atmosphere etc).

Hell he may just like maroon and gold color combos more than scarlet and grey... If you try and climb in the mind of an 18 year old kid, you can get lost awfully quick.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

He has that "athlete" tag... He was basically a super tall safety, and lacrosse kid before he came to OSU and shuffled between the TEs and the DL...  It's really not a knock on him, but he doesn't have that big, nasty, ugly, caveman gene in him that most DEs have that makes them savages.  It's hard to be a DE and purely use athleticism, but a lot of times when I watch him I feel like we're watching a guy try to make finesse play after finesse lay on the DL and it just doesn't work like that for an every down guy.

Again, like the kid, like his effort, and his dedication to getting into shape to be a DE at OSU can't be understated...  But I feel like we have pieces on the DL that are more suited for what he does.