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Comment 21 hours ago

I've been saying it for years, herbie sucks, he's become a watered down version of an OSU alum, and he sucks the teet of the national syndicate.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I feel no comoradarie towards any team in the big ten whatsoever.  I don't route for them when they play other teams, and I route for them to get their legs broken when they play Ohio State.  The scarlet and grey is all I care about on game day, and I wish that was the universal feeling.  I can't fault anyone for having pride in the conference, but let's face it, over the last decade or so, the rest of the conference really hasn't held up it's share of the weight.  Ohio State was the face of the Big Ten for so many years and thusly was taking all the bullets from all the media who said the Big Ten sucked.  So I say to hell with the rest of the conference, it's about time they got their act together and stopped screwing around and started putting together winning rosters.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

He's for sure in the "full go" category, but the staff knows what they have in him and are trying not to rush him back.  There is a reason he saw playing time last year, even if it was garbage time.  This kid has it, and the coaching staff want to ease him back in after such a brutal injury.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I think "upside" is a very relative term for these two.  As far as who is more likely to become a polished pocket passer?  That's Wimbush hands down, but who is more likely to get 500 APY in a game between passing and rushing?  That's Gibson.  I mean I know they play the same position, but they're really two totally different athletes.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

TG isn't by any means a "must get" from the stand point that we will suffer at the QB position without him.  First off, he's not at all a polished QB, secondly the only way I'd say he is a "must get" is just by the amount of time that the staff has put into recruiting him.  He's a fine player, but no one player makes up a recruiting class.  If they miss on him there are plenty of other guys out there.  If you want to talk about a "must get" I'd go Justin Hilliard.  How often is an in state guy a consense 5* and top ten player on just about every recruiting source?  He's a must get if there ever was one in my book.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

It's so easy to get yourself in the dog house though.  Especially on a team that has so much expectation.  It doesn't take much to turn the coaches off of you and just kind make yourself another body out there.  Look at Eli Apple and see how long it has taken him to get back on the scene.  Could be an uphill battle for Trey Johnson.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Man that was horrifyingly bad tackling.  This could be another long year if they don't get that in check.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

There was one, and only one that I remember, spring practice update where Meyer was quoted as saying that Trey Johnson is getting himself lost in the shuffle.  If I remember right there were some concerns with the amount of work he put in on his own in the off season, there were concerns with grades I believe, and I just don't think he impressed the coaches with his work ethic and self-motivation.  He's a kid with a ton of talent, he made the two deep last year for a reason, but he's a ghost right now.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Few thoughts:  Bray Wyatt is going to be a star like we have never seen before.  He's huge, he's fast, he can talk, he's athletic, he's just like nothing we have ever seen before.  Very excited about his future.

That said, Cena winning was the right move.  Sometimes the good guy just has to win.  That's all there is too it.

Undertaker losing was great to me.  The streak was an enigma, Lesnar is a legit badass, it worked for me and I was OK with it.

Daniel Bryan..... YES!



Comment 04 Apr 2014

You can always tell the really stupid, horrible, useless forum topics because they're the ones no one on the staff responds too.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

The Seattle Seahawks should take him.  Hear me out.  At 32 they have no seriously glaring needs, say for maybe wide receiver but even then they have suitable players that can keep them afloat at the position plus they have Russel Wilson.  They have a great O-line, and the 1-2 punch of Hyde and Lynch would destroy all opposing defenses.  In a few years when Lynch is done, Hyde can take over as the permanent starter, and the production shouldn't weign in their running game.  I should be an NFL GM.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

If Gibson gets away the staff has already offered kids that are better QB's to begin with.  Gibson is a superb athlete, probably a better athlete than any of the other QBs offered, but he is lacking in several key areas that it takes to be a successful QB.  He's even getting himself lined up at WO at some camps.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

Nice work Gene.  You are the man.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Not at all surprised about Elliot.  I posted a few months back (and got pelted with down votes) that I spoke with Maurice clarrett who had been in for a lot of the off season stuff.  I met him at a signing and asked him who the starter would be this year and if Elliot was ready and he said no way.  He said zeke was not ready and that Dunn or smith should run away with the starting job with ball behind them and Elliott last on the depth chart because according to moe, he just isn't ready yet.  Moe said he's a good player with a ton of potential but he just isn't there yet.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Real talk tho: Congrats to Dayton on beating the worst Thad Matta-coached team in recent memory


Kind of a crappy slight handed semi compliment but mostly bitter thing to say about a smaller in state school that plain and simple just brought game and played harder.  UD deserves more due than that, it's not like OSU lost to Michigan.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

I watched VCU against SJ yesterday, Joe's is a good team, they're fundamentally sound, and I saw what I felt was VCU playing in preservation mode as to say they knew they were in and didn't want to blow themselves up to win the A-10.  Smart knows what he is doing, I have them getting out of the first.  Don't sleep on Oklahoma either they're a good ball club, they've beat some teams...


My first round upsets:  Stanfod over New Mexico, St. Joes over UConn, AZ state over Texas, Nebraska over Baylor, and please folks, don't go over the wall on the downvotes but I do have the Flyers of UD over Ohio State.  UD is just a nightmare matchup for OSU, I love the buckeyes, but am not a huge Basketball fan, I love them for football, basketball I admit fully I am a casual fan.  UD is my hometown team, and I have to take the flyers.  But may the best team win!

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Air Force Museum, Dayton Dragons baseball, Good food all over, An hour away from Ohio Stadium... need I say more?