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Comment 19 Dec 2014

It takes patience grasshopper, and you have to read the defense.  If they're bringing pressure you audible to the slant, and if not you have to be patient and let the holes open and play develop before you take off.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Rod Smith, OC/QB's coach at Arizona.  Kind of a latteral move, but an upgrade in a lot of respects.

Scott Frost, but I mean he's got the same job at Oregon, it would just be about a pay day if he came here really.

Brian Johnson, the QB's coach at Mississippi State could be a dark horse.

Lincoln Riley, OC/QB's coach at Eastern Carolina also is a name worth mentioning...

Comment 14 Dec 2014

The best thing I've found about this game is I'm not anxious about it at all.  Ohio State is down to a third QB...  Third...  And we still won the Big Ten, in dominant fashion, and STILL made the playoff.  Had OSU not made the playoff and ended up in the Orange Bowl again, I'd feel pressure for them to win, but down to a third QB, going against the most dominant team of the last 10 years in college football...  How can there be any pressure.  As long as they go out and play a good game I'll be satisfied, and if they win, I'll be over joyed.  GO BUCKS!

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I was there, I can say it was easily a ratio of 25 Ohio State fans to 1 Wisconsin fan.  With 60k plus in attendance we had them burried.  it wasn't even close.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2OT 2OG 1OC 2DE 2DT 3LB 2CB 2S 1K 1P 1KR/PR

QB: Troy Smith

RB:  Eddie George, Carlos Hyde

WR:  Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn

TE:  Jeff Heuerman

OT:  Orlando Pace, Kory Stringer

OG:  Marcus Hall (we all know why), Jim Lachey

C: Nick Mangold

DE:  Mike Vrabel, Joey Bosa

DT:  Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson, Jonathan Hankins

LB:  Chris Spielman, AJ Hawk, James Laurenitis

CB:  Malcolm Jenkins, Shawn Springs

K:  Nooge

P:  Aussie

KR:  Ginn

PR:  Ginn

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I think it really is like you said, what's your region?  Obviously in Florida there is a ton of talent, and FSU still gets big time pick ups from all over the country.  Alabama is the same way with stock piles of talent all along the south, and they recruit Texas very well.  Ohio State, well we've seen what urbz can do.  And I think with Oregon, they just have to be the most creative in how they recruit.  Oregon isn't a state known to be brimming with D-1 talent, so they find guys that fit what they do in every state and sell them on the fact that they can come to Oregon, play in a wide open, foot on the gas type of offense and show off their athleticism.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

They need a school that will bridge the gap between WVU and the rest of the conference, and they really need to expand out west.  If the money is right perhaps they could get one of the Arizona schools?  Geographically it makes sense and there would be a natural rivalry.  Perhaps a UNLV to go along with a higher power school out east?  I think UC is a good pick, but really for any big team in any of the other power conferences they'll have to shell out some major dough.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

The only thing I'm unsure of is that the fact that BYU is a "religious" school with it's student body being made up of Mormons...  Does that have any effect on whether or not a conference would want them?  The Mormon faith is very strict, BYU has kicked a lot of students out of their school for a variety of odd reasons and made some bad headlines for it.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Mark May is so unprofessional in his approach.  I get it, you have a bias against Ohio State because you're a Pitt Panther and you got straight waxed by them.  Fine, but be a professiona when the camera rolls and at least pretend that you're not a middle school girl jealous that you didn't get asked to the dance and Ohio State is on top of the college football world at the moment.  Mark May is the very definition of douche.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Bet he does, and I bet we'll get to find out how it works out for him.  I think we stack up very very well against any team in the final four right now.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

The one thing I heard on local radio here in Dayton, Mark Neal (serial tool) has some guys from Bn on there (also both tools) and the one thing they all three seemed to agree on was that Cager and his family thought that OSU had too many receivers.  Take it FWIW but that was their take on it.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

It all comes down 100% to his judgement, that's it.  He has the physical tools to lead the offense, but he doesn't have the in game experience to rely on.  We have no idea how good he is at reading a defense.  One thing I keep going back too, and I know I shouldn't, is his claim that they're at OSU to play football, not play school.  Is he disciplined?  Will he work as hard as JT?  We don't know the answer to those questions yet.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Honestly, not lowering ourselves and being shitty to people on a team that we're fairly well certain we are going to stomp, is kind of like rubbing their faces in it even worse.  Like your team isn't even worth me getting all worked up over and rubbing your face in it, so there.