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Rain for VT?

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September 2, 2014 at 10:01am

I know it's a long way away, but how is a game at the Shoe in the rain? I can't imagine the humidity would be much fun.

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Yeah I was looking at that too this morning. Hopefully we build up some good karma. Last game I went to was the IU snow bowl.... So I am praying for clear skies.  

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I made it through the first quarter of that IU game. Hit up every bar on High Street on my way back down to Victorian Village (or so my credit card says)...

Blacked out, left my wallet, keys, and phone in the cab (who was nice enough to bring them to my wife in the morning).

Oddly enough, I don't remember the snow that much....

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Hell yes! (in my drunken hobo guy from Big Daddy voice)

Michigan sucks.

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We lasted until the end of the 3rd.  We were in the closed end pretty high up and shielded from wind.  But it was pretty freaking cold.

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The only time I miss sitting in B-deck. :(

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The one time i actually bought B deck tickets hooray for me

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That far away, the forecast means nothing. The temperature may not even be correct. By Thursday the picture will be clearer, but Friday is the day to get the forecast. Hope no one has a meteorologist in the family but they are wrong often.

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We need 11W User Baroclinicity to weigh in on this ...

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I'll look at this overnight at work. Looks like call front late Friday. Just how cool the next day is the question along with a lingering shower possibility. Check back!

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By the way, I have a vested interest as I will be attending.

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awesome thanks man!

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Tailgating could be on the soggy side early in the day.  Definitely looking at a cold front pushing through, likely with showers and storms.  Timing still is iffy.  We could luck out with it going through before noon, so we'll see.  In the end, I think we are already clearing out before game time.

It may get a bit cool during the game, however.  Hard to tell how fast it will cool off, but it could end up in the 60s with a north wind.  May need the long sleeve shirt.

I'll update this with changes as needed.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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11W's weatherman! I like it!

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Perfect that the first game at the Shoe will be the first fall feeling day of the year. 

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Hey, it looks like you're right...just based of NOAA's website. Rain most likely before 9AM then mostly cloudy the rest of the day. Hopefully that stays true

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Sometimes these fronts can slow down at night, so maybe it lags a bit through the morning. One other thing I want to look at is clouds. If low clouds hang in, we might have to deal with drizzly/sprinkle annoying stuff off and on. I'll know more about that tonight.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I sure hope it doesn't rain. Bad weather levels the difference in team speed and we need Devin and Dontre blowing by people. 

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But it emphasizes the power running game in which I'll take EZE over whoever VT has. 

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Whats the update on this? Thnx

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As far as I've heard (I live in central Ohio), it's going to be a cooler day (under 80), about 60 after the game. Rain still possible early, but will probably be moved out by game time.

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Hearing rain throught NW ohio by 8am Cbus by noonish


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Just another way to pour it on VT

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