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Rashad Frazier

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September 1, 2014 at 4:32pm

Did anyone happen to notice how many plays/series Rashad Frazier played against Navy? I was just rewatching the "close out" defensive series that immediately followed EzE's TD run that put the Buckeyes up 27-17 with about 8:50 left in the game. If Navy had any hope for a comeback, they had to get a TD or FG drive on that series, but the defense had perhaps its best series to effectively close the door.

Well, Frazier looked great on this series. On 2nd and 7 on the 22 yard line, Frazier crashed in from his right DE spot to upend the FB dive for about a 2.5 yard gain - great instincts on that play. On third down, Navy tried to run an option play to his side. Frazier, face-planted the FB who tried to cut block him and then kept inside contain against Reynolds. Fortunately, Worley, Bell, and C. Grant were all over the pitchman and outside QB lane, forcing Reynolds back into Frazier, who had pinched in maybe a hair too much (Reynolds is a slippery dude). Never mind, though, as Frazier lassoed Reynolds anyway, with help from Curtis Grant.

Frazier was credited with 4 total tackles in the game, but I wasn't paying enough attention to his earlier series. Can anyone fill me in on his overall performance? 

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He played well.

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I don't know his particular stats but I can recall saying "man 17 sure is playing well" numerous times......wearing 17 caught me off guard a little

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I thought the DE's in the 1st half looked confused and lost.  Bosa/Miller/Frazier looked much better in the 2nd half.

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I wouldn't say they were confused I'd say they were getting use to constant chop blocks. I'd like to see a pick of Boss's shins today. It seemed like every play he was taking a helmet or shoulder pad to the knees or shins.

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I was at the game, and I didn't count the # of plays, but he was out there an awful lot.  Him, Bosa, and Miller were the main rotation at DE.

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Was it just me, or did he look particularly larger than everybody else around him? Straight up man child. 

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It did appear that way

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I like that he's wearing number 17. He's from Middletown along with Jalin Marshall, who also wears number 17. 

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haha, nice observation. No coincidences!

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Frazier looked better than Miller, In my opinion. 

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Really like Frazier.  Correct me if I am wrong but didn't he leave a scholarship at Purdue to walk on at Ohio State?  Really nice to see him getting in the mix and playing well.  Congrats to the young man. 

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You are correct. And if you recall, he was a monster in the Spring Game too. 
2 min mark of video is his strip-sack and recovery for a TD

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Originally went to Purdue but transferred here. I'd say I'm glad he did. 

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Frazier and Miller could probably both start at DE for a lot of other teams, so the Buckeyes are in great shape at that position. I noticed No. 17 a number of times during the game as well.  But I also saw Steve Miller join in the chase on one of the plays that Navy broke for a long run, the dude can move!

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