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Comment 21 May 2017
We should go really, really punk rock and play the original version of Scruggs and Flat, Foggy Mountain Breakdown. But if that song is too hard, can't go wrong with the Stooges, Search and Destroy.
Comment 12 May 2017

I have no freakin' clue which team will win the Big Ten West next season. Normally, you can identify 2-3 leading contenders and then pick whichever team has the most favorable inter-divisional schedule. The Big Ten West team with the best the schedule this season, though, is Purdue, haha.

If Wisconsin's OL comes together, they should be the favorite, but as Eric notes . . . they will need to score a lot more points this season compared to the last few seasons.

Comment 06 May 2017
The current alignment of defensive coaches could work out really well . . . Because the coaching resources will be distributed where most needed. The DBs are young and so need to be coaches up, while Schiano is taking on more of a coordinator role; on the other hand, the backfield is the only layer of the defense with TWO coaches and, beside, Coombs is a madman. The LB unit is deep and young and so probably needs the most exclusive TLC . . And Davis will be able to focus exclusively on developing their skill sets. The DL room is crowded with talent, but also has lots of experience, so it has average neediness. Johnson can focus on his TWO roles of DL sensei and team mentor figure without getting bogged down with other roles. The two guys most likely to get overwhelmed, then, are Coombs and Schiano, but because there is two of them and they're both such tireless workers, task masters, and pros, they should be able to manage just fine. Contrast with Withers co-DC and safety coach in 2012-13 and Warinner co-OC and OL coach in 2015.
Comment 03 May 2017
I won't defend the Browns clown show, but - based on the reporting - I don't know if Jackson "spilled the beans." Rather, it sounds like the reporter was given "embed" access to the war room. If the reporter had embedded in any other team's war room, he probably would have heard similar internal arguments. Once the draft is over, though, they roll out a single message for PR.
Comment 30 Apr 2017

This is the right answer. The NFL draft statistic Andrew cites is very interesting and I, too, would urge kids to play multiple sports, but let's be careful not to jump to conclusions and/or confuse cause and effect. 

The freak athletes that get drafted can oftentimes excel at other sports without even putting much work into them. Because they are often the best players in their towns at their secondary/tertiary sports, they get lots of peer, community, and sometimes parental pressure to help out these teams that would otherwise lose in their absences.  

Urban is right to recruit multi-sport athletes, but not necessarily because playing multiple sports helps these kids develop - although, personally, my hunch is that it does help. 

Comment 29 Apr 2017
So, it sounds like draft-worthy players on teams that have three losses by mid October should also stop playing in the remaining meaningless regular season games, right?
Comment 26 Apr 2017

You criticize us "Fire Thad" contingent for supposedly creating false expectations, but then you turn around and build a few strawmen of your own. 

No one claims that Ohio State is, or ever has been, a blue blood program. But it was recently ranked by A.P. as the 12th best cbb program of all-time, just behind Cincinnati at #10, and well ahead of Xavier (53), Dayton (76), and other Ohio schools. By those rankings, Ohio State is second all-time among Big Ten schools, behind Indiana (6), but just edging out MSU (13), Michigan (14), and Maryland (17). 

We don't expect the program to be as awesome as it was during Thad's first nine seasons at Ohio State, but we also won't tolerate the garbage pile that it's become in the last three seasons of Thad's tenure. Just because Ohio State is not Kansas or UNC does not mean that we should be content with the program being like Clemson or Auburn, either.  

Comment 25 Apr 2017

This game would be really fun . . . if only I could remember past players' jersey numbers. Going through the SI article, I did immediately notice two oversights: 

1. I'm actually a Tebow fan (post-Florida, of course), but #15 must be Tommie Frazier.

2. Can't remember who SI listed for #88, but Randy Moss has to be one of the 20 best college football players of all time, period. 

Also, how dare they put that bum Mike Rozier in for jersey #30 over the G.O.A.T.?

Comment 21 Apr 2017
I don't t know how many fifth year seniors made it in the NBA, but we would expect their batting average to be very low without that telling us much about any given senior. After all, the vast majority of college players are not good enough for the NBA and their mediocrity makes it more likely they will play four years.