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Comment 15 hours ago

If we needed further proof that "math" can sometimes be stupid, too, check out the last sentence from this article in the Testudo Times: 

Bill Connelly’s advanced metrics give Maryland a 28 percent chance of winning [against Ohio State], which isn’t great.

If Maryland has a 28 percent chance of beating Ohio State this year, then I have a 10 percent chance of hooking up with Salma Hayek. 

Comment 25 Aug 2016

Connely, or anyone else, won't ever get close to dead on. That's no slight on his methodology, just acknowledging that life and sports involve tons of variables and can't be modeled to anywhere close to perfection. Connely's best bet is for his numbers to be less unreliable than most of the alternatives. 

If his numbers were truly consistently dead on, I could quit my day job, move to Vegas and bet Connely's numbers heavily (well, at least until Vegas linesmakers started setting all of their lines based on Connely's numbers).

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Victor seems likely to redshirt.

Also, with Samuel and Wilson expected to rotate some into the backfield, I could see some of the WRs occasionally relieving this workload by plugging into the H-back "slot receiver" role a la Philly Brown 2012/2013. It wouldn't surprise me, either, if the Buckeyes use a few more "10 packages" this season, with Samuel/Wilson as the H-back and flexing between the slot and backfield. Finally, the receivers will hopefully stay as healthy as possible, but there is bound to be some wear and tear through the course of the season.

So, all things considered, it might end up being more like 8 WRs vying for essentially 2.5 positions, instead of 10 vying for 2 positions . . . so, a crowded and competitive WR room, but not as hectic as it could be.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

I was all set to defend the original purpose of CP. About 15-20 years ago, some of the residential neighborhoods around High Street had become very dangerous and there had been a string of high profile murders, with several victims being OSU students. As you can imagine, those trends did not bode well for recruiting talented students and faculty, fund raising, etc. Sometimes a little gentrification is necessary, political correctness aside. 

That said, if CP is managed as poorly as you suggest . . . there is no excuse for bad business decisions and/or university-subsidized real estate myopia, which can kill the vitality of the "university village" just as sure as creeping high crime zones.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

It could be a coincidence, but did you notice that the defensive depth chart has a stronger Ohio flavor than the offensive depth chart?

Reading into things even further . . . we all remember that Tressel's teams tended to be stronger on defense than offense. Some of the better offensive players during that era - M. Jenkins, Santonio Holmes, Krenzel, etc. - did not graduate from Ohio h.s. I didn't know better, I might overinterpret things and decide that Ohio's blue collar football programs tend to produce more high caliber defensive players than offensive players . . .

Comment 22 Aug 2016

BrutusB: you're really cranking out the strawmen this morning. In the other thread, you suggested that some Buckeye fans believe that Noah Brown is the second coming of Randy Moss (I've never heard anyone say that). Here, we somehow think that everyone who works for Meyer is infallible (every human being is profoundly fallible). You're holding your own just fine in these arguments without need of the strawmen . . .

Comment 20 Aug 2016
The coaches have said that Burrow is getting better in the read option game, but that wasn't my point. My point was that they could pound Cardale in a 4th quarter blowout because Cardale would dish out more punishment than he got. This season, with a precarious QB bench, they probably won't run out the clock with Burrow running draw plays and they also maybe won't want to give useless carries to Wilson or Samuel, either. Maybe in blowouts it will be the Antonio Williams Show? Or they can just let Burrow practice his passing and let the opposing coach grumble?
Comment 20 Aug 2016

I have a lot of confidence in Burrow as the backup QB. What I am wondering is how they will use Burrow in blowouts.

Before the three game run to the national championship, Cardale's mop up play mostly consisted of QB runs, which would move the chains, but not embarrass the opposition. And there wasn't much risk of Cardale getting hurt because Cardale was a freakin' tank. 

In contrast, Burrow is not a tank and, to move the chains in mop up time, Burrow will probably have to throw. Moreover, the 2016 Buckeyes are a bit thin/inexperienced at QB and RB, so they'll have extra incentive to have Burrow sling it around during 4th quarter blowouts!

Comment 19 Aug 2016

I don't like Fournette this year. He's back for his junior season only because of the 3-year-rule and has to have the NFL draft forefront in his mind. Then, he went and sprained his ankle. He'll be fine in a couple of weeks, but I see a drop in production this season for him.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Fwiw, in a few video clips from last Saturday's scrimmage, Wilson looked fantastic! I believe that, if he can stay healthy, he will have a big season.

With one final shot to live up to the expectations everyone from Meyer to Braxton Miller set in place for him as a true freshman and to have a prayer at making it at the next level in order to provide for his son, you could say Wilson fully embodies the motto the team put on T-shirts: #HowSheGoneEat.

I'm guessing that Wilson's best shot in the NFL is as a 3rd down RB specialist, not as a slot receiver. If so, Urbz putting him in the H-back role for two seasons has the potential to pay major dividends for Wilson going forward. In Urbz's offense, the RB isn't usually heavily targeted in the passing game, but Wilson's versatile college career might help position him in the NFL draft against the likes of Donnel Pumphrey or Tyler Ervin.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

Yeah, I haven't followed the story closely, but it sounds like a shakedown. Maybe in Brazil it's okay for security guards to extort tourists, but in other places it's essentially seen as a form of theft or extortion no matter how drunk and stupid the victims might have been. 

Comment 17 Aug 2016

It's hard for a receiver to be more polished than Michael Thomas, who runs sharp, precise routes and has pretty damn good hands, himself. 

My impression of why Noah Brown will be such a handful for DBs is that he combines those awesome hands with a powerful, smothering frame. He simply owns the battle space, so to speak. DBs can't get into his body and then brown has the skills and athleticism to go snag the ball.