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Comment 21 Oct 2016

Two responses:

  1. PSU's defense can scheme all they want to contain Samuel, but unlike Wisconsin they simply don't have the personnel to do so effectively.
  2. Why does Andrew Callahan assume that PSU's offense will get many opportunities to be "on the outskirts of the red zone"? He's better off suggesting ingenious ideas for how PSU's offense might be able to cross into Ohio State's side of the 50-yard line.  
Comment 21 Oct 2016

I'm thinking that Ohio State rushes for 300+ yards against PSU, while PSU struggles to gain more than 100 yards on the ground. Hence, the windy, cool conditions will not help PSU. 

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Well, fwiw, Ohio State has not lost in Happy Valley since 2005. And, in those four games (2007, 2009, 2012, 2014) since 2005, the Buckeyes have won by an average score of 31.7 to 17.9. Actually, prior to the last two Buckeye beatdowns of PSU in the 'Shoe (2015 and 2013), Ohio State had struggled against PSU at home, losing two of three games.    

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Penn State's defense is probably better than their raw stats suggest, because they've played a medium-tough schedule so far (36th toughest according to sagarin). Overall, S&P ranks PSU's defense 17th in the country. Interestingly, though, S&P ranks PSU 33rd in rushing defense and 40th against the pass. 

As Eric notes here, though, PSU's defense has been hit hard by injuries. Basically, they've been able to scrap together a pretty good starting 11, but have serious depth issues.

In addition, if PSU's veteran LBs, Cabinda and Bell do play a lot in this game, they are big bodied dudes who probably aren't especially nimble in pass coverage. 

For these reasons, I expect Ohio State to run lots of high tempo this Saturday: get that initial first down and then make PSU line up and go, go, go. They'll also force PSU's defenders to run sideline to sideline and vertically down the field. In particular, they'll use Samuel, Wilson, and Baugh to pick on PSU's LBs in the pass game.

For those of us who are waiting for Zone 6 to have a coming out party in the intermediate and deep passing game, this probably won't be the week. Instead, the Buckeyes roll up another 300+ yards rushing and kill PSU with their h-backs. 

Ohio State 45, PSU 17.    

Comment 20 Oct 2016

The problem is Title IX and the math.

. . . 

I would love to see a way they could make this happen, but with Title IX potentially enforcing having to pay the pistol or womens rowing team the same as the football players and with paying them putting between 20-30% of FBS at risk of having to drop football due to the increased cost I am not sure how they would do it.

Exactly, there is no way to both satisfy Title IX and pay college football players "fair market value." Not surprisingly, some of the people who push for cfb to get paid don't actually like cfb and would like to see it brought down. Along those lines, some of the people who preach the loudest on this issue also preach that Title IX is sacrosanct.  

Comment 20 Oct 2016

That's a great point. However, wouldn't we expect almost every kicker these days to have played at least some soccer? And then maybe the question would be, How much soccer did they play? Durbin played all the way through, what, two years of high-level college ball, which obviously would be a very rare background for a college football kicker. 

And then I might wonder . . . what causes elite international soccer players, in events like the World Cup, to occasionally "air mail" wide open mid- to long-range shots like 10 feet over the bar? Is that poor foot placement, too? If it is, isn't the poor foot placement probably caused by them getting overly excited about the golden opportunity to blast a highlight reel goal? And, if so, doesn't that take us back to the psychological aspects that cannot be fully overcome by repetition/technique?

Comment 20 Oct 2016

All the recent accolades for Tyler Durbin make me nervous.

On the one hand, the accolades are totally deserving. On the other hand, my best guess for why the kid seemingly has ice water in his veins is that he simply has no idea that what he's doing involves great deals of stress and  cultural gravity: lining up to kick in massive, raucous stadiums, with the hopes of millions of people riding on how accurately he kicks an oblong ball. 

Please let's not wake up Durbin from whatever trance he's in . . . 

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Conversely, has Michigan peaked? In 2015 - Harbaugh's first year at Michigan - the Wolverines peaked in October.

That doesn't mean it will happen again this season, but Michigan seems to be playing as well as it can right now given its good, not elite, overall talent level. The veteran Michigan defense also seemingly began using every Don Brown blitz from the outset of the season against offenses that were still in early-season developmental phase  .

A good benchmark for Michigan will be their early November game at Iowa. 

Comment 19 Oct 2016

"Cowpath" is a widely used slang term for these types of "organically"-created footpaths. 

Apparently, there is a whole body of literature on whether we should pave the cowpaths (i.e., put sidewalks and other infrastructure where people naturally go, not where the grid says they should go) or not pave the cow paths. In business/economics literature, "cow path" is often used as a metaphor for established business models.

So, while I agree with Samy Hassan that shortcuts/cowpaths rule, no one is trying to demean that precious little snowflake. 

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Maybe the father of the Union/Confederate soldier pictured in Fatpants' icon killed Smithson's great, great, great, great grandfather in the 1835-6 Toledo War. Smithson's kin fought for the Michigan militia.