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Comment 17 hours ago
But you are at risk of running into a contradiction here. On the one hand, you trust the staff to do the talent evals more than the "experts" -and I sure as hell do, too. On the other hand, though, you suggest the staff ought to honor the schollie no matter what. By that logic, we wouldn't know if the staff still considered Clark a high level player or if they were just trying to do the right thing.
Comment 18 hours ago

Jumar, in spirit, I am on your side of the argument here, but then you started building strawmen on this side of the picket. Actually, the "experts" that work for the professional recruiting services/media do a pretty decent job (i.e., much better than no idea) of guessing how different players will do in college, albeit in highly imperfect ways while making more than a few mistaken projections.

Likewise, I don't know any fans, even including the most opinionated armchair recruiting expert among them, that are ready to quit their day jobs and become recruiting experts. Yes, they tend to put too much faith into recruiting rankings and/or their own living room-based scouting abilities. On the other hand, even someone like me - who is constantly preaching about how complex the world is and how resistant it is to computer models and expert predictions - can see that Danny Clark's stats in the weekly boxscores don't look like what you typically see from future college stars. 

The point is to be modest about what we can claim to know; not to disregard all obvious signals.

Comment 18 hours ago

You captured my thoughts exactly, haha . . . from me being baffled about what the current situation actually is, to wondering what the hell Clark will do with that tattoo if he goes to another school.

Comment 20 hours ago

In that case, I will take hold my nose and take one for the team and pick Michigan to win/cover against Wisconsin in my weekly office pool.

So far this season, I have personally jinxed Cincinnati by picking them to cover against Houston (Cincy was up 4 points in the 4Q, with me getting 13.5 points) and jinxed Florida's 13-year or whatever mojo against Tennessee (Gators up 21-3 in the 1H, with me getting 6.5 points; fortunately, I won the pool this week in spite of Florida's collapse). 

I should call up Wisconsin's and Michigan's ADs and tell them, "First one of you that pays me $1,000 . . . I will agree not to pick your team in my weekly office pool."  

Comment 20 hours ago

Here is how the F+ combined rankings have the Big Ten teams:

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Wisconsin
4. Nebraska
5. Michigan State
6. Iowa
7. Penn State
8. Maryland
9. Minnesota
10. Indiana
11. Northwestern
12. Illinois
13. Purdue
14. Rutgers

Comment 20 hours ago

The computers/analytical models like Michigan better than Wisconsin, but I guess that discrepancy will get settled this Saturday. 

Comment 22 hours ago

Congrats to Earle! This is the perfect game for Earle to dot the I, too. If the Ohio State defensive staff gets caught up in Earle nostalgia and decides to play four quarters of prevent defense and Chris Laviano throws for over 400 yards in a 52 to 35 loss, it won't do any real damage to Ohio State's 2016 prospects.  

Comment 22 hours ago

Yucky as it sounds, Les Miles would be a good fit for Penn State. If you draw a 150-mile radius around State College, PA, you'll find a boat load of Les Miles-type old school football players in that area. If he could convince an NFL assistant coach to be his OC, helping Miles to install a higher quality version of his preferred smashmouth pro offense - instead the crappy imitation he ran at LSU - he could do some damage and would be well liked by Rustbelt and upper eastern seaboard high school coaches.  

Comment 22 hours ago

Well, Colorado was a legit opponent . . . until their starting QB went down.

This week, I want to see if Michigan's offense can move the ball against Wisconsin. I will be surprised if Michigan can run the ball for more than a net 75 yards, so it will be up to Wilton Speight to hang in the pocket against Wisconsin's good pass rush and consistently deliver on 2nd and 3rd and longs. 

Then, against MSU, this will be the first time in a few years that Michigan has better talent than Little Brother, which means that MSU will revert to a heavy dose of Dirty Sparty. I am predicting a small-scale brawl will break out.

Comment 25 Sep 2016
Urbz and company will put together a good game plan for Wisconsin. I suspect that some of the Ohio State coaches watched/analyzed the game yesterday and carved out a little bye week time to start putting a "file" together, all the "one game at a time" cliches aside. I would be more worried about the trip to Madtown if Urbz weren't the head coach.
Comment 24 Sep 2016
Haha, i wrote this, and then the ending of the game was epic. Earlier today, i made fun of Tennessee being able to actualky mount a comeback against Florida. The SEC is making me look stupid today.
Comment 24 Sep 2016
ACC is looking good, but no one is going to care until they see it in bowl/playoff season and it's not like the ACC is going to get two playoff teams. The good September showing might help a one loss ACC champ get into the playoff, but that's about it.
Comment 24 Sep 2016
Two Auburn dedenders just flat out speared Etling helmet to helmet, no targeting call, but the PSU play is targeting? What a joke. [Edit: the refs are now reviewing it, so it orobably will get called].
Comment 24 Sep 2016
Tennesse scores to close the gap to 21-17, which is just a cruel thing to do to their pathetic fans. Charlie Brown lining up to kick the football . . .