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Comment 54 minutes ago

At least right now, the committee is busy doing its thing, and watching none of the sports hacks. 

Comment 1 hour ago

A lot of see Washington jumping Clemson. It wouldn't shock me, but Clemson played a better schedule. Hope you're right, though, because a matchup with Washington would be appetizing.

Comment 1 hour ago

Beth . . . the voice of reason. Now, if you could only work on making your announcing voice more pleasant to listen to . . .

Comment 1 hour ago

1. Bama, 2. Ohio State, 3. Clemson, 4. Washington, 5. PSU, 6. Michigan, 7. Oklahoma. 

Comment 1 hour ago

Final ranking: 1. Bama, 2. Ohio St, 3. Clemson, 4. Washington. 

The committee said that PSU and Ohio St weren't close. PSU wining by 7 over another team that it isn't close to Ohio State in the committee's eyes ain't gonna jump PSU past Ohio State.

Comment 17 hours ago

Jim Harbaugh is an outstanding football coach with serious character flaws. We Buckeye fans chide Michigan fans that, if Harbaugh keeps losing to Ohio State and starts going 7-5 instead of 10-2, Michigan fans will start to see Harbaugh's quirks and tantrums in a much less forgiving light. 

That's true, but you could also argue the reverse is also in effect: that, if Harbaugh weren't such an outstanding coach, his character flaws wouldn't get laid so bare. Basically, Harbaugh is just good enough to put his teams into position to win the highest prizes, but that also means that the pressures start to escalate and the need for cool generalship (a quality that escapes Harbaugh) becomes imperative. Harbaugh and his teams meltdown when the sh-- gets most real and then Harbaugh throws tantrums. If he were just a pretty good coach, he'd never be in a position to do the full meltdown in the first place. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

No, they won't airmail on tackles, punt the ball 30 yards, and throw wide open screen passes into the dirt. Colorado is tackling like a high school team.