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Comment 27 Mar 2017

I hear you, but allow me to draw a poor analogy . . . let's say that John Stockton in his prime wasn't just the best ball distributor in the NBA, but also averaged 19 points a game and was one of the better defensive PGs in the game. Someone says, "he's the best player the Utah Jazz ever had!" But someone counters, "he's not the leading scoring on this team - that's the Mailman - so how can he be the best of all-time?"   

Comment 27 Mar 2017

In my dream scenario, this parallel universe nation-destroying Pulisic would have destroyed Iran overnight. Although I would settle for Paris, France.   

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Yeah, I don't know enough about soccer to add anything to your excellent comment. I will just say that Pulisic is the best American player I've ever seen and it doesn't even feel like anyone else was ever even close to his level. 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Yeah, the article had an agenda, which I can't get into here.

i will just say . . . If we could somehow poll thousands of communities across America, asking if they would like to see similar auto manufacturing plants in their communities, under the same exact conditions they are currently operating under in Alabama, I'd conservatively guess 99 percent would say hell yes!

Comment 17 Mar 2017

Speak of the devil . . . when Crean got fired yesterday, I also had a 2012-13 flashback to when Ohio State beat Indiana in Assembly Hall in early March.

Prior to that game, Ohio State had experienced a mini-swoon in February, losing 3 out of 4 games at one point. But that big win at Indiana seemed to kick start their eventual Big Ten Championship and NCAA Elite 8 runs.

And that was, as you said, the last time this program was flying high. 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Well, it's either that, or he should have been fired. You might not agree that Thad should be replaced, but if/when he is replaced, those are the two likely ways for Thad to leave: resign or get fired. Do you have any other options that don't involve the mafia or UFOs or something?

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Wild card: Demario McCall. The sophomore worked at running back but also caught passes in practice last week. He looks to have an early lead at replacing Curtis Samuel at H-back, though all the snaps he took a year ago came at running back.

H-back: Demario McCall (So); Parris Campbell (rJr); K.J. Hill (rSo) OR Eric Glover-Williams (Jr) OR Dobbins.

The h-back position is loaded and versatile. I am very excited to see how they use these guys in relation to the RB position. Both McCall and Campell could be lethal out of the backfield, whether as h-back or a "change of pace" RB.

And both could be very good as receivers in the slot, but in different ways. McCall has NFL "3rd down back specialist" written all over him, because he has the rare gift of being able to snatch screen passes while running full speed and/or while making a making a move on a defender. On short "flare passes," the ball just seems to suck into McCall's hands; however, McCall hasn't shown, yet anyway, that he can run downfield routes.

In contrast, Campbell has lots of experience running downfield routes, even if he's probably a better fit as an h-back/RB. With Wilson now OC, I can see Campbell getting good run as a Philly Brown-style h-back/slot WR.

Meanwhile, Eric Glover-Williams might be the most dynamic of the three in the open field. If they can figure out seamless ways to get him the ball in space, too, it could be fun to watch.   

Comment 09 Mar 2017

When basketball fans from the northeast read Boeheim's comments, many of them probably pictured Greensboro as being a podunk town. But the "Triad" metro area of Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point has over 650.000 people and it's only a 45 minute drive from the "Triangle" (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) and a 1.5 hour drive from Charlotte.

So, it's roughly like holding the Big Ten Championship in Dayton. Not a big city like NYC, DC, Chicago, Detroit, etc., but not exactly in the middle of nowhere, either. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

The irony is, Meyer keeps calling out the '15 class for being the squishy part of an Oreo, but maybe the problem with the '15 class is just the opposite: squishy at top (not yet many all-conference performers with exception of Baker) and the bottom (lack of depth, especially coming from the '15 crop of OL and LB), yet it's actually pretty strong in the middle (solid performers like Weber, Jones, etc.). 

Comment 28 Feb 2017

I like your sentiments here, but to be fair . . .

The fans who are hoping - and sometimes bellyaching - for an "elite space eater" aren't begging for Ohio State to recruit a small-boned dude who is carrying 120 lbs of blubber. They're talking about a dude with a massive frame, who might also have some extra cushion.

Malik Barrow was listed at 270 lbs in high school and would be hard pressed to bulk up to Jonathan Hankins-territory, although Barrow might turn into a fantastic "three technique." 

Comment 27 Feb 2017

The blue chip ratio is helpful, but there is a certain amount of self-fulfilling prophesy at work. The recruiting services will tend to give higher ratings (more stars) to players being seriously recruited by Alabama (Nick Saban), Ohio State (Urban Meyer), LSU, FSU, etc. So, it's hard to untangle the extent to which this is a "blue chip" rating versus a "blue blood" rating.

In theory, if the recruiting services' methodologies were not overly dependent on piggybacking off Alabama/Ohio State/LSU/etc. talent evals, they would perform just as well in predicting the success of programs that tend to finish, say, 25th-50th in average recruiting ratings as they do at the top end. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. For example, the correlation (for all FBS teams) between 4-year average recruiting ratings (2011-Feb. 2015) and 5-year winning percentage (2011-2015 seasons) is only moderate, not strong. Granted, winning percentage can be misleading, but the anecdotal evidence also always seems to pile up: How come programs like Wisconsin, Northwestern, G Tech, Boise are consistently good, while programs with similar recruiting averages like UVA, Kentucky, Cal, Maryland are consistently bad?

Like most things in life, recruiting rankings/blue chip ratings are useful tools, but with serious limitations.