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Did anybody else cringe a little

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September 1, 2014 at 7:48am

Did anybody else cringe a little on the first drive when it was third and long and JT ran it and was his on his left leg instead of running out of bounce. My first thought was ACL.

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I remember feeling the same way but I couldn't remember which of his knees it was and then he got right up so I didn't worry about. From a guy who has torn his ACL also, I'm more prone to cringing on any of those plays haha. I'm sure his ACL is stronger than it was when he tore it though so no worries.

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In the second half he ran off left tackle and twisted to get extra yardage because that's what competitors do but it will taking a little getting used to considering what an injury would mean to us.

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I think he's still got plenty of bounce left in him

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I think he should've bounced right out of bounds!

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On other plays I did notice him going down before a hit, trying to preserve himself... Anyone else see that or was I just imagining things?

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he definitely needs to learn to slide or get out of bounds. He wont run often so that should mean less contact, as long as he learns to protect himself. I hate with QBs try and break tackles. Stiff arming is one thing but lowering your shoulder or exposing your legs to hits makes little sense to me. 

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Oh yeah, definitely! I remember screaming "Oh no!" But then he got up so it was all good.

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I did when I think it was Thomas who caught that pass running across the field and got up ended almost immediately.  That one could've been bad on the knees.

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Yes... That one.. I was like holy hell! But let's go for the knees and not the upper half.. It is a non win situation 

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Every time he ran i cringed.

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Yeah I cringed on that play. There was also a play where Mike Thomas caught a ball over the middle and was immediately hit low, I cringed on that play. Glad everyones ok.