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My wife and I are retired and run a small morning café but our passion is taking care of rescue animals.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning the national championship 1968, 2002 and 2014.
  • NFL TEAM: Used to be the Browns. Teams with OSU players.
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Womens olympic team

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Comment 14 hours ago

I have to agree with Andrew on White. What his mother said about sticking with his decision was more like a warning that if he goes far away that he made his own bed. He won't make it hard on her to see him and she made known that the trip is difficult. It wouldn't surprise me if she told him she hates flying. If she wants him at Georgia then it will be Georgia.

Comment 25 May 2017

Probably back to PSU. His best friend who he has played football with since they were little(Shaquon Anderson-Butts) is visiting with him at PSU shortly. Even though they will visit other places together, it APPEARS who is wiling to take the 4* WR rated .888+ goes a long way to getting the other. I think PSU sweetens the pot first. He is not on our offer list.

Comment 24 May 2017

There seems to be a civil war in their fan base. One side is the joebots that push everything Paterno and the other side ashamed of what happened. The coaching staff and student athletes are not to blame. If they put that statue back I think the BIG should give them their walking papers.

Comment 24 May 2017

This should be a very good competitive game. Makes me hungry for some football now.

Comment 23 May 2017

I milked Holstein for over seven years and they are monsters milk producers. They are not the greatest of mothers as they would leave their calves for the food trough. The usually don't care that much that the calves is gone. Calves are not as hearty as other breeds either. I mixed fist time heifers with angus and they were very thriving. It may be the picture but this cow eyes look to be sunken some which could mean dehydration. The other thing is the bottle should never be higher than the calves shoulder when feeding. In the real world the calve has to dip the neck down and bend up upwards so as not to risk milk in the lungs. Even with the risk of the calf bumping(instinct to release milk) I would straddle the neck to forcing down to simulate their mothers.

Comment 19 May 2017

Less money by far was bid for auto-bids and since the conferences were dead set against it(like no home games), it doesn't appear likely.

Comment 19 May 2017

I Iike it. I would add that instead of just one championship game, all teams play the opposing finisher in the other division. Nine game division slate and two non conference games and then all participate for a final placement. Even the game at the bottom could blown up the adds like whose going to finish in the hole. Both teams would fight like hell not to finish last. It would be a busy Saturday or even starting Thursday night.

Comment 17 May 2017

And just where has he failed to live up to doing his job. I seen an lot of bad passes thrown at wide receivers lately and he is excellent on the recruiting road. Urban requires block first and they have done a good job at it and when the ball did arrive where it should be they caught it. Regardless of your expert analysis Z did coach those you referred to and several did go pro and those exception are rare but do happen.