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My wife and I are retired and run a small morning café but our passion is taking care of rescue animals.


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Comment 13 hours ago

Rex Kern goy shafted here. He is in the college football hall of fame and was 27-2 with an NC. He was such an athlete he played DB in the pros for 3 years that ended in injury. Part of me hate these things because I have to argue against other beloved buckeyes. Randy Gradishar, two time first team all-American. Jack Tatum and Tom Cousineau should have made it to the second round at least.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

I'm to the point that I wish the big would expand and form it's own league. Maybe with the Big 12 and PAC 12 and try to pull Syracuse, a Virginia team and a team out of Florida to strengthen the viewing area. Maybe narrow it down to 32 like the NFL and do a TV deal that is not ESPN.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Michigan always has issues. The bottom line is what I have been saying all along that there was nothing on the field against us last year that we can't handle this year. Jim relies on the play action and for that to work then they need to run effectively and they still will struggle against better teams. The will have a good defense but they supposedly did last year. We tend to give them more credit and thought than they deserve.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

My sister would go into her bedroom and close the door at the start of each 4th qtr. she told me that she just couldn't take it game after game and that it was hurting her heart. She would wait until she could hear her husband and son scream with joy before coming out.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

I've struggled with this issue since Sibley. I realize that there are probably hundreds of kids that dream of playing for OSU that never get a serious look and at least being able to greyshirt is more than most get but why extend an offer in the first place without conditions. This looks like they realized they could get someone they think is better and now they don't want to honor their commitment as it stood. Doing so comes at a price no matter what anyone thinks. Word gets around in your home state and our BIG buddies are there to pick up the pieces and get in good with these high schools and their coaches who have a great deal of influence of players down the road. On the other hand a greyshirt is only entering school three months later to a kid that would have probably red-shirted anyway. Everyone has their own opinion and mine is stick with your commitment because little things can make a difference in recruiting down the road.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Beck didn't under throw deep wide open deep plays. That was Cardale. Urban was screaming at Cardale to throw it father the whole time. People love to say play calling but the amount of missed assignments by players makes play calling look bad. In the MSU game the defensive line was plain beating our Oline.

Comment 21 Apr 2016

It's all opinion at this point on who could leave since circumstance plays a big role such as injury, success of the individual as well as team and personal situations. I only see one or two making the jump but it's opinion. I think if things go well this will be Conley's last year. Now the next year things could get dicey.

Comment 20 Apr 2016

He should have added that they still live at home. One of the questions should have been 3 for a coach should be fired every time we lose or don't win by 21. I got 10. I struggled with the celebration because how much are we talking about. Dropping the ball before they cross the goal line so they can juice up the fans is too much for me.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I agree especially when I went back and watched it. Williams made more with less to work with. They ask for an opinion and people DV you. Brilliant.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

McLaurin stood out the most by far but the coaches are the high on Mack. It was a definite advantage to play for gray as a receiver on the long balls.