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A positive look at the Miller Medical Redshirt

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August 30, 2014 at 6:20pm

Miller's injury isnt a good thing obviously but you gota take a positive look at the outcome of Miller sitting out this year. gives everyone a year to mature & gain experience for a national title run next season. 


at the beginning of the season ALOT of people went on to say that Ohio State didnt have high expectations this season due to losing 4/5 of our Offensive Line, lost Philly Brown one of our main targets on offense, lost Hyde one of the top RB's in college football last year, Shazier, Roby & our 2 starting safeties. We lost alot of key players in key positions but still returned alot of talent & Miller, a Heisman candidate would be back. Alot of people said we have playmakers, but they were un-proven at WR, didnt have a RB that could separate himself from the pack, had no proven backup QB in case Miller would go down with injury, had weak linebacker play & lost 3/4 of our DBs. I read many of these different opinions through out different sites, social media sites, and talking to people I know, and hey they might of been right. 

Im always wanting OSU to win the national title every year, but do I think we will this year, no. I think we can still win the BIG Ten this year, but im not high on us being a national title contender this season. 

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I thought we would be really, really good next year before Miller's injury.  However, I'm not ready to write off this year yet.

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Yes I agree. Im not writing off this season yet either of course, but the whole Miller redshirt can give us a better roster next season in my opinion. 


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Call me a homer but I believe EVERY Buckeye team can win it all until they prove otherwise on the field.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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I am the same way though. 


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I understand Miller will be out for awhile with surgery, recovering from surgery and what not. BUT this gives Miller another year to build chemistry with his offensive weapons, learn the playbook even more, work on his passing & watch more film & etc. 

Another year of experience for this team would be HUGE. After this season we lose guys like RT Darryl Baldwin, RB Rod Smith, WR Devin Smith, WR Evan Spencer, TE Jeff Heuerman, TE JT Moore, OL Chad Lindsay, OL Joel Hale, DE Steve Miller, DT Michael Bennett, CB Doran Grant, LB Curtis Grant but I think we are very very deep at most of these positions or we are good enough with talent on the roster or incoming players to help. 

For me Baldwin, Lindsay & Hale will all be very replaceable on the OL. Smith is a nice deep threat & Spencer is a great blocker, but both WR's wont be missed too much with the talent we have at WR coming up & currently on the roster. TE is a sketchy position, BUT I think Vannett is very underated & Baugh should be a beast as well as Hubbard, & JT Moore hasnt had much of a role at OSU. Rod Smith has had a sketchy career but we have plenty of talent at RB to replace him if you would say. Steve Miller is very solid & Michael Bennett is a beast at DT, but our Defensive Line is so loaded with amazing talent & every year it reloads! Curtis Grant almost had his LB spot taken this year by a true frosh, so I would say hes very replaceable as well. Doran Grant is a good corner, but the future at CB just looks amazing. I will miss this senior class but the talent & experience of our Buckeyes in the 2015 season should be incredible & like last years team all over again if not better. 

Offensive Outlook:
QB - Miller gets another year like I mentioned above & JT might just be a good backup with this season going under his belt, which is key for a backup QB.
HB- another year under Elliott, gives Samuel another year to bulk up & same goes for Wilson. 
WR- another year of experience for guys like Michael Thomas, Jeff Greene, Corey Smith, & get guys like Noah Brown, James Clark, Jalin Marshall & Johnnie Dixon a year on the field. also Terry McLaurin & Parris Campbell get a year in the program under the redshirt 
TE- Vannett becomes the top TE, Baugh gets a year under on the field & matures, also gives Hubbard a chance to do the same
OL- Hopefully Decker stays to come back & win a title & be a very important leader among the OL. Elflein, Boren & Price all get a year of starting under their belt & gain some key experience while guys like Lisle, Dodson, Farris & Underwood get some reps this season. Guys like Jamarco Jones, M. Jones, Knox, Taylor & Trout get that redshirt & gain muscle & bulk up

Overall the offense should be ALOT better in 2015 than 2014. The OL gets alot of experience & reps while the offensive weapons get stronger, faster & better giving Miller a better line than 2014 & IMO better weapons. 

Defensive Outlook:
DL- I think Spence & Washington will stay for their Senior year's hopefully, they know that the defense in 2015 should be a top 5 in the country. but throw in the guys like Bosa, Schutt, Carter, Hill, Munger, Lewis, Sprinkle as key guys that can fill in for Bennett & then the incoming frosh like Holmes, Slade, Thompson bulk up & learn the defense
LB- the whole unit should be alot better in 2015 as well with only losing Grant as I believe Perry will also return. Hopefully giving a LB unit of Perry, McMIllan, & Lee which should be a very talented LB trio. Also guys like Worley, Booker, Trey Johnson, Bogard, Williams returning & incoming frosh like Burger sitting out a year. 
DB- should be very young & talented though! starting CBs would be Conley & Apple (both RSo in 2015) with guys like Webb, Lattimore, Reeves & safeties consisting of Bell, Burrows, Powell, Tanner, Erick Smith, Malik Hooker

Overall the whole defense should be returning & gaining ALOT of experience & more talent. The defense rebuilds every year & losing guys like D Grant, C Grant, Michael Bennett will sting, but not hurt alot with key guys returning to fill in the spots.

I want to see some other thoughts on this. This isnt me looking forward for 2015 season already, but just a positive outlook on how the Miller medical redshirt can be looked at from a positive perspective (not his injury). The future is bright for OSU football as Meyer is getting more & more of his own players on the field & 2015 looks like a loaded team with Miller coming back. Hopefully a National Championship year


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I just can't see how JT having a decent/good year and then sitting out next year. I know its an IF at this point but with the schedule we should still win 9 games minimum, if not more and JT will grow with every game hopefully.   After a year of experience He is just going to go from starter to Backup?  I just Dont see it.  It would be one thing if this was another position  but there can only be 1 QB.  Look at Kenny G  if we found a way to play 2 qbs last year would have shown it.  

I personally think Braxton will see this and Go to the NFL.  I would love to have him back but JT has already used his redshirt and I cant see him staying with the team if they take away his starting spot.  

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Not to be a weirdo but JT has more touch than Braxton does. Now Braxton is an amazing athlete and can create amazing plays but JT doesn't try to throw the football through a brick wall every pass. FWIW.

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I thought we had already worked through these emotions before the game :)