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Comment 7 hours ago

Malik Harrison is actually listed as LB.

i feel fine at Linebacker. We could use some depth at MLB. But I believe Nick Conner was brought in as a MLB coming out of high school. Hilliard will be back next year along with Baker who I believe will start next year. If Booker and Worley stay (which I believe they will), along with Keandre Jones, Tuf Boreland. 

Comment 11 Sep 2016

That would be awesome! Coming from almost 2 hrs away to get bobbleheads would be so much easier if i knew when they exactly came out and shipped to stores. Could schedule accordingly 

Comment 11 Sep 2016

Wow nice manager. I was down their last week when i was in the area (i live almost 2 hrs away). They had them at multiple stores and none of the managers would go back get me them. Told me to come back down another day. Told them i lived almost 2 hrs away and they didnt give a rats ass

Comment 09 Sep 2016

Thank you! Seems like this weeks are a little behind. They are normally out on monday or tuesday of every week.

was supposed to be out dat after labor day

Comment 03 Sep 2016

Anybody know if the new ones for this week are out yet at any of the giant eagles down in columbus? 

im making a close to 2 hour drive for these things every 2 weeks. And illalready be down their sunday and would like to save a second trip down within a week.

thanks in advance

Comment 31 Aug 2016


heres an image from when osu released the uniform

Comment 31 Aug 2016

I understand that. But their was a few guys on the team who had the speed helmets with those old school helmets I believe. 

Comment 30 Aug 2016


Comment 30 Aug 2016


Comment 30 Aug 2016


here ya go

Comment 26 Aug 2016

He is visiting for the Indiana game so Ohio State and Meyer can give him all their attention and give him the red carpet. Bigger games bring in more/ other highly rated recruits. Cant have a ton of other recruits coming in for Indiana to help land one kid, ya know? 

Getting Wade in for Indiana will give them all their attention while other games wouldnt. Its a smart decision on the staffs part. While they can focus on other recruits during the other games. They want Wade and are willing to do whatever it takes. 

Comment 17 Aug 2016

I think the Glenvile DB duo will shine these next 2-3 years considering both stay till senior years

Comment 17 Aug 2016

Both of them have Baron Browning joining the class. Which I find fantastic! As i figured we were trending away from him. 

Comment 17 Aug 2016

Birm posted his final class predictions today: https://www.landof10.com/ohio-state/the-sensational-six-with-16-commitments-in-the-mix-for-2017-who-is-likely-to-finish-up-ohio-states-top-ranked-class

Andrew posted his final class predictions here: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/2016/08/72972/predicting-where-ohio-states-top-uncommitted-targets-will-land

Comment 14 Aug 2016

LOVE the predictions. As I would love to accept all 7 of the guys. BUT with 16 committed already, not sure i see how 7 more fits.

my question is who currently in the class dosnt sign on signing day with us? My most likely choices from what Ive read or heard (according to staff or rumors), I just dont see Shaun Wade decommitting at all, nor do I see Clark going anywhere else. I see us holding onto Dobbins if we get Akers. I see nobody else going elsewhere.

next question...... Is who on the roster will all be taking medicals, transfers or going pro? I could honestly see close to 10 guys movig on (draft/transfers/medicals).

not the type to guess guys moving on, but from what ive read on here, bucknuts, land of 10 & seen on twitter....... Conley, Lewis, Hubbard, McMillan go pro. Maybe Baugh or Price. Ive read a few OL will leave: Knox or Burell (if they dont start), Taylor, Lisle, Trout, Feder are the most common names ive heard. It was reported somewhere that Lisle (T) & Burrows (DB) wont be back for their senior years. Someone also reported that they wouldnt be surprised if J. Dixon or J. Clark both WR could move on if they dont make an impact this year. Bucknuts reported Joshua Alabi may have serious injuries and Dylan Thompson may have seen his chances slip away with being inelegible. Steph Collier has been a person mentioned on here by people that could be on his way out but I read that Meyer loves him, so who knows. I could see Rashod Berry or Jashon Cornell moving on if they dont have impacts this year. Terry McClaurin & Alex Stump was mentioned on here as someone who may move on as well. Joshua Norwood was a DB i saw mentioned as a possible transfer.

i dont like to speculate. But this is all info that has been posted either on here, Bucknuts or landof10, so i bring it up as most of you have problably already seen most these names.

point is....... They could possible find room for 20-23 because they know whats going on behind closed doors and we dont