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Comment 17 Apr 2014

I know we say this every year but 2016 will be a very good class. I think it may be similar to the 2013 & 2014 classes loaded with talent in every position. I honestly think 2015 wont be like everyone thought but will still be a top 5 class. I say that because even though we are in on alot of top kids, they all seem to be leaning elsewhere & the state of Ohio dosnt really have a wall around it for 2015. But 2016 is loaded with the top ohio kids favoring us. Also we are the favorite to land some top key OOS kids. 

Comment 07 Apr 2014

I think Conner needs offered asap. Kid is a baller & wants to be a buckeye. He has a passion for OSU. Sometimes the kid that is not as highly rated & with the passion of being a Buckeye turns out to be better than that 4/5 star prospect. And Conner actually is 4 star guy. Taking 4 LBs in this class isnt a bad choice. K-Lane, Hilliard, Baker & Conner. I just feel like not offering Conner will bite us in the ass where he will go to a school like MSU and haunt us for several years. Conner is a stud 

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Just because he has offered the top 2 guys in state dosnt really mean he is offering in-state guys. Those are no brainers. I mean u would be dumb not to 

Comment 02 Apr 2014

Id just really really hate to miss out on Gibson and then miss out on Nunez because we were all in on Gibson. Wish we would just recruit both & whoever commits first is in. If they both commit, take both. Gibson said hes not affraid from competition & if they both commit, we got QB1 & QB2 if not, Nunez takes it & Gibson to WR 

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Ive wondered the same thing for quite sometime now...... I dont understand whats going on because the kid seems like a beast

AND all the staff members on here have said before "a players ranking dosnt mean to much, you can tell how good a player is by his offer sheet" WELL, he has an off sheet that is pretty impressive with offers from Auburn, Kentucky, Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Clemson, Georgia, Louisville, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Okl State, Penn State, TCU, Texas, UCLA, Virginia Tech & West Virginia. Damn! 

Comment 17 Mar 2014

time to offer CJ Conrad!!! kids an in-state baller!

Comment 11 Mar 2014

Dowdy, Conner & Conrad. 3 of the Ohio kids I want to see in this class. Im all for a small Ohio class for 2015 as long as it has
Hilliard, Baker, EGW, Conner, Conrad, D. Jones, & Dowdy. only 7 guys. I wish Larry Scott would get his grades up so he could be the #8 Ohio player. I honestly wouldnt mind George Brown Jr either.

Im not high on Shaun Crawford at all and the foreign exchange student isnt counted as an Ohio prospect in my book. Im also not as high on the Dowell brothers

Has anyone heard on Isiah Scott from Hubbard? Is he Larry's brother?

Comment 04 Mar 2014

1. Luke Kuechly (2009) - Plays LB and is a stud. Attended Cincy St. Xavier HS in Ohio & from our backyard. Tress & staff completely overlooked this dude & he is balling out in the NFL as well. I cant even imagine this dude at OSU. He would most likely be right up their with Hawk and Laurinaitis.

2. Stefon Diggs (2012) - Is one hell of a playmaker. Many thought we had a great shot at landing him. chose to stay home. was a 5 star freak. He is doing big things at Maryland, now imagine him at OSU!! This kid could of been that star receiver we lacked this year as we mainly spread the ball around to guys @ WR.
3. Jordan Hicks (2010) - Plays LB & has been a good college player at Texas. Was a 5 star in our own backyard in Lakota West Chester, OH. Most likely would have made our LB group very solid over the past couple of years teaming up with Shazier.
4. Trey Depriest (2011) - Plays LB & has been a good college player at Bama. Was also a 5 star in our own backyard in Springfield, OH. Most likely would have made our LB group very solid over the past couple of years teaming up with Shazier & possibly Hicks (see above).
5. Ethan Pocic (2013) - HUGE, athletic Tackle who we could really use this year opposite of Decker. We led for the kid for quite sometime and plenty thought he would be a Buckeye. chose LSU instead. was a very highly rated tackle.
6. Jaylon Smith (2013) - Athletic freak @ LB. Many thought we were the favorite, but lost a close one to ND. He has been very good at ND in just 1 year. if only he was @ OSU to lead the LB corps this year. Were prolly going to wish we would have landed this guy.

Wild cards: Hunter Bivin (2013) - tackle, same thing as Pocic but was a ND lean.
Dan Fox (2009) - another Ohio LB who was pretty good at ND
Jarrett Grace (2011) - another Ohio LB who has been pretty good at ND
Jake Ryan (2010) - another Ohio LB who has been pretty good at scUM
Joe Bolden (2012) - another Ohio LB who will be the next Jake Ryan
Deshaun Watson (2014) - Even though he was committed to Clemson the whole time we tried, we tried way to much and hard and miss out on other top targets trying to get him and we missed. would be higher but hasn't proven himself yet
Mike Gesicki (2014) - put a lot of work into this guy to miss on him. TE position is thin & with the Baugh crap going on, landing Gesicki would be even more important. kid is an athletic freak as well. would be higher but hasn't proven himself yet
Derek Kief (2014) - 6'5 200 lb WR which we could really use & is from our own backyard. could be higher but hasn't proven himself



Comment 01 Mar 2014

1. Torrance Gibson - QB is a very important position obviously and with having no idea what we have after Braxton is gone, it's very important to get a great game changer/playmaker like Gibson. Kid is #1 on the staff's board and I don't blame them. The kid has his head on his shoulders and can flat out play!

2. Justin Hilliard - OLB is not as much of a need like it was for 2014, BUT even though we have brought in all these great linebackers, were unsure of what they will do at OSU. We still need to land atleast 2 LBs for 2015 & Hilliard has to be the staffs top target. You cant let the #1 player in Ohio leave the state. We need to lock up the states top several guys since we arnt taking many Ohio kids this year. Must Get!

3. Jerome Baker - An ATH who can play RB or LB in college. We really need atleast 1 RB for 2015 & even if he switches to LB, he's a must get, especially being a top 2-3 guy in Ohio. Like I mentioned above for Hilliard, need to keep the several top kids in state. kid can flat out play as well. another must get.

4. Drew Richmond -Even though we landed 5 OL last year, only 2 may end up being tackles. Need another big tackle or 2 in 2015 & Richmond has to be towards the top of the staff's board. Kid really loves OSU also, which is only a bonus. Kid is a stud & is a must get as well.

5. Devante Peete - WR isn't as much of a need in 2015 as we hit a homerun with the position in 2014, but we still need to out and get a Big WR. Peete fits pretty well and the Bucks have a solid shot. Comes from the state of Florida which is always good. Kid is a HUGE playmaker.

Wild cards: Tim Settle, Steven Gonzalez, Sh'mar Kilby Lane, Minkah Fitzpatrick & Damien Harris

Comment 27 Feb 2014

Where and when does this take place? Ive never seen this before.

Comment 23 Feb 2014

Rob Dowdy is a beast on the OL. I know Meyer tries to go national, but Dowdy is a monster & he's one of those area guys that has grown up a Huge Buckeye fan. If he's offered, I don't see him turning it down, unless we wait to long in his recruitment.

And you have to imagine the staff will most likely plan on taking another solid amount of OL like 4? atleast 3 for sure. Other than James Daniels who is an interior OL from Ohio, what other OL we possibly lead for? Maybe Drew Richmond from TN & Steven Gonzalez from NJ that's about it. And plenty are thinking Richmond may stay in state. Another top target is Sterling Jenkins from PA who we may have a solid shot at, but Rob Dowdy & a guy like George Brown Jr are two huge in state OL who would be nice to get.

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Under 10. I think this class will be another class between 20-23. Ohio is loaded year in and year out, BUT 2015 lacks all them national guys. Only true national guys we have in Ohio are Hillard, EGW, Baker, Brown Jr, & maybe Crawford & Scott. Not including Froholdt who lives back in Europe.

already have EGW. he's gota stay clean or he could lose his scholly.
Hillard is being pursued all of america pretty dang hard. I see him staying in the Midwest either way. Without being a homer, I honestly think Meyer will pull all stops to keep him in Ohio. Same goes for Baker with PSU. I think Meyer does everything possible to keep Baker in Ohio along with Hillard. Crawford will most likely stay at scUM & he seems to small for the type's of corners OSU wants even though we have offered. Brown Jr is getting offers from everyone! I know OSU has higher priorities on the OL for 2015, but man Brown has a better offer list than most the OL targets we have offered and he's in our own back yard. I wish we would offer Brown and go after him, but I have a feeling we wont. Scott most likely wont get an offer due to grades AND the staff pushing hard for some RB studs out of state.

I'm pretty positive Nick Conner (LB) ends up in this class along with the new LS we offered from Kilbourne. Include Daniels on the interior OL. Apparently Rashod Berry will get an offer if he gets his grades in line & should be in this class IF offered. Conrad is another guy I could see getting offered & being in this class. I want Draper to get offered to keep the Glenville pipeline going but I dont see him getting offered. Id also like to see Rod Dowdy get offered as I think he is a stud who can hold his own but I dont think OSU will offer.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Defiantly a fan of this kid. Easily looks like Shazier 2.0 but also reminds me of Dante Booker Jr playing style. Kid looks like a straight beast. Hopefully Meyer stays on him and we lock him up soon! Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Feb 2014

But since I've actually looked at the list now.........

My top guys I wana keep in state (In Order): Already have EGW
1. Justin Hilliard - LB
2. Jerome Baker - ATH
3. Nick Connor - LB
4. George Brown Jr - OL/DL
5. CJ Conrad - TE
6. Rob Dowdy - OT
7. James Daniels - C
8. Rashod Berry - DE

This is a great year for teams in the Big Ten to come into Ohio and load up on kids OSU cant/wont take due to having a more National Class for 2015. As we are invading Florida & will most likely land a ton of Out Of State kids. Alot of people believe we will have a small class of guys from Ohio.



Comment 11 Feb 2014

Like I stated on a thread from the old site about a week ago tht didnt get trasnferred over.... OSU is in on more Florida players than us fans think. OSU WILL have an amazing hall from Florida. OSU has 2 commits from Florida already. Seems like we have good chances with guys like J Patrick, T Gibson, T McFadden, Kilby-Lane, Peete, T. Martin, & Patchan.  and Meyer could pull in a few of the guys that are interested in us, but arnt as high at the moment like Tolliver, M Ivey, D James, Holland, T. Cole, G. Williams, TJ Simmons, Campbell, McCloud, K. McFadden & D. Cain. Its unbelievable how many Florida kids we are in on right now & its early in the process. Which could mean we get in on some more guys OR we lose some targets. BUT either way, I wouldnt be surprised if we land 5-8 kids from Florida.