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Comment 20 minutes ago

I agree. Kid wanted to a Buckeye at the beginning of the year. I think hes better than cage and will have a better college career than Cage. But i like both. Hope Meyer pushes hard after this kid and we get him. Could use another big bodied defensive tackle

Comment 37 minutes ago

Listed as DE. But hes listed on espn, scout, rivals and 247 as either 280 lbs or 290 lbs. but the ohio state was looking at him for a Defensive Tackle at the beginning of the 2017 cycle I believe. 

Either way, if OSU took a look at him, he would come in as a defensive tackle. I believe their only as many guys on the roster on one hand that weigh more at DT. 

Comment 39 minutes ago

I was just wondering the same thing. Hudson was being looked at the beginning of the 2017 cycle for defensive tackle by the staff. And they passed due to higher guys on the board like Tufele and Wilson. We will most likely miss out on both guys. 

Wonder if they take a second look at him? 

Comment 54 minutes ago

I know the staff is looking for Defensive Tackles. And I saw today that James Hudson from Toledo Central Catholic got a bump on 247 sports today to 95 ranking, up to 109 in nation, 2 in ohio and 4 SDE poition rating. I know the staff was looking at him and his buddy Warren (RB fr TCC) their for awhile & Hudson was pretty close to an offer but had higher defensive tackles on the board. I remember reading that the staff liked him at defensive tackle.

ive always liked this kid, and I think he is a good fall back option if we miss on Tufele & Wilson. Which im reading and hearing odds are we miss on both. 

Espn, rivals & scout also all have him as a 4 star, 10 top ohio kid (other than espn, 14) and hes a top 300 national player. I liked 247 sports evaluations the best. 

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Would love to see them go after Munford, Ellison and Mullins for them Ohio boys. Believe all 3 are underrated and good replacements for missing on other key targets. Also fill positions of need. 

Ellison for Akers, Munford for Trey Smith & Moretti, Mullins for Tufele & Wilson. 

Comment 15 Jan 2017

IF we miss on guys like Tufele & Wilson.

i say we go after Munford, Ellison & Mullins.

Mullins is another guy they said through out the year that any other season with full scholarships, they would take, well you missed on the top 2 DT targets, so go get that big cog in the middle from desales! 

Munford on that OLine brings some size in this Oline class for '17. I believe Ellison is a beast. If not for them injuries, he would already be offered. 

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Nothing wrong with bringing in some tight flight athletes who can play some offense and defense! 

Comment 02 Jan 2017

I just dont recall him playing much this year and i feel like with the DB class coming in, we will see him get passed up on the depth chart. I could just see him being a guy transferring closer to home

Comment 02 Jan 2017

Does Grant Schmidt trasnferring to cincy before the season count as a free schollie for this seasons count or upcoming seasons count

Comment 02 Jan 2017

I dont like to be the guy to speculate guys leaving the team, but Ive also thought, wondered and tried to figure out how Meyer will find room for all members of the 2017 class on the 2017 roster. Im glad its Meyers job and not mine, but Im willing to take a shot at what I believe will happen! 

Guys I see who could transfer/medical redshirt for various reasons: 

4 years in program already: Cam Burrows, Evan Lisle, Stephen Collier, James Clark.

Guys going into 4th year: Erick Smith, Darius Slade, Dylan Thompson, Kyle Trout, Demetrius Knox, Brady Taylor, Johnnie Dixon, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin

Guys that could get passed up by invoming freshman: Jahsen wint, Joshua norwood, Wayne Davis, Rodjay Burns, Rashod Berry, Jashon Cornell, Joshua Alabi, Matthew Burell, Kevin feder, AJ Alexander, Alex Stump. 

Im not saying all these guys will leave. BUT im saying the guys that do leave the program, I see coming from this list. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Read somewhere about a couple weeks ago that if he chose basketball, MSU was the front runner, if he chose football, he is all Buckeye! 

Have to love this! 

Comment 26 Dec 2016

Here is bill kurelics final class predictions according to his vip post, if anyone would like to share what his final predictions are.



Comment 19 Dec 2016

Because Dantonio is good atturning nobodiesinto somebodies. He dosnt need to get top notch guys. Would help get them up a notch if they would develop top recruits, but hey it is in michigan, nobody wants to go their!