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Comment 20 Mar 2017

Fully understand. BUT when does White commit? do you hold out on Thomas to have White commit elsewhere and Thomas says screw you? 

I wouldnt hold out and miss on Thomas. Especially when we already have Snead. White is elite. But Thomas is so underrated. A big back like that dosnt come around often. So id take Thomas and keep Snead. If we land White, great, if we dont, his loss.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Seen over on Bucknuts that the American Heritage Trio are apparently making an unofficial visit to Ohio State for either the day before or the day of the Spring Game. Patrick Surtain Jr, Tyson Campbell and Andrew Chatfield. The dynamic Corner duo of Campbell & Surtain both have offers according to 247, Chatfield dosnt. 

I wouldnt be surprised to see Ohio State land either Campbell or Surtain. They both have continued to mention how Ohio State is one of the schools recruiting them the hardest and in their top groups as well. I know the need at DB isnt as high after landing all the studs in '17, so getting only a few but great, top notch DBs for '18 will be something Meyer really really wants. Surtain & Campbell seem to be 2 main targets at DB as well. 

Comment 09 Mar 2017

 For the past couple weeks, I have been following his 24/7 sports profile and hoping Ohio State was going to pull the trigger on an offer soon.  The dudes a monster and I saw on Twitter the other day where he completely through a player to the ground with one hand at a under armor camp or Nike camp down in Florida.  The dude will be a monster left tackle or a monster or massive defense of tackle disrupting the quarterback on almost every play. Ohio State needs to get this dude on campus and get an offer out ASAP 

Comment 05 Mar 2017

Need to have Emory, Gill, Snead & Woodbey all in Carman's ear at the Spring Game. Grt him to pull the trigger early & start helping build this class (behind closed doors, im sure he is recruiting for OSU). 

Also if Ruckert is attending which I thought I read he was, then Emory needs to be in his ear all day long along with Haselwood & need to get Jashawn Sheffield along with him. 

If they can get Taron Vincent & Matthew Jones to visit for spring game, that would be huge

Comment 02 Mar 2017

I figured their was a reason as to why more OL wernt mentioned. But i felt the same as far as Jones goes. Im really hoping they keep him at DT. I think him and Vincent would a hell of a 1-2 punch at DT along with Hawkins. On the OLine, I think they need to focus more Tackles if Myers and Davis end up on the interior. 

Comment 01 Mar 2017

I thought I shit my pants after he said UCLA. But then I saw the Horseshoe and knew..... OSU. 

BUT did anyone watch the video and see Emory Jones on their commenting along with Morgan Ellison (2017 Indiana signee) and Alex Reigelsperger (2018 Kentucky commit) said he was going to ucla. I was sencing some saltiness from them two guys. Emory said all Buckeyes though

Comment 01 Mar 2017

anyone watch the video and see Emory Jones on their commenting along with Morgan Ellison (2017 Indiana signee) and Alex Reigelsperger (2018 Kentucky commit) said he was going to ucla. I was sencing some saltiness from them two guys. Emory said all Buckeye though! 

Comment 27 Feb 2017

I believe it was Birm that said Gill should transfer to IMG for his senior year like Marcus Williamson did from Westerville South as well

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Lol aint that the truth.....

Seems like their are about 15 players every year that OSU offers that say "Ohio state is my dream school"and maybe 5 will actually sign with Ohio State when all is said and done. They all end up being from Ohio.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

You act like this type of stuff such as "wasting their money and time" arnt things that dont happen.....

There are plenty of players who unofficially visit schools all the time that they have no chance of attending. In this case, these kids are interested in Bama, so they visit. Bama has mutual interest or they are keeping feelers on these guys. Im not saying they arnt interested in these kids......

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Columbus...... if he gets his academics in order. I know OSU has higher guys on the board at receiver. But only one i see is Babb and possibly L. Smith or CJ Moore. I think they should take 3-4 receivers in this class. Most likely I see Babb & Moore. And if L. Smith plays football and grt Scates. Thats a pretty good receiver haul. But thats just me

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I think they have real shots at being legit offers. But i feel like theirs something their trying to force OSU's hand. Even though I think thomas is a take right now for us and Scates would have an offer if his academics were in order (from what ive read/heard). 

Bama could take them right now, but as the year goes on and they fill their class with national guys, its very possible Bama chooses to push them out of the class or offer the gray shirt. 

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I wouldnt. at all. 

reasoning? because Ohio State will most likely always win a battle against Michigan or PSU with Ohio kids. and not necessarily win a battle against Bama for Ohio players IF Bama actually wants them. 

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I believe its a combination of both. The class of 2018 is deeper than the usual years in the state of Ohio. BUT lets be real. Bama can pretty much cherry pick every player they want/need. For heavens sake, they got a high 4 star player from Florida in 2017 to take a gray shirt. which is very very unheard of. the level of recruiting Bama is at is crazy crazy good. Anyway, the fact that Bama can cherry pick the class they want, do you really think they would come up to Ohio and start offering some of the guys they have? I fully understand why they offered guys like Jackson Carman (Saban said best tackle he has evaluated in some time) and L'Christian Smith because they are both national prospects, but the offering guys like Scates, Tyreke Smith, Aeneas Hawkins, Tavion Thomas and Malik Vann all seem to be head scratchers. ONLY because Bama can cherry pick their class, their are better players in the nation than Bama could get. I think Scates, T. Smith, Hawkins and Thomas along with Carman and L. Smith are all possibly OSU caliber, you would just assume most of these guys are "national guys" which Bama goes after. I dont see Vann getting an osu offer, UNLESS he grows into a defensive tackle with a few inches and puts on some weight. 

I just feel like some of these offers are "let's make Ohio State either pull the trigger and make them fill their class, because then we dont have to worry about them with some of the national guys". for example Ohio State's class fills up with ohio guys, then OSU misses on the Shaun Wade's, Baron Browning's, Wyatt Davis' of the world, while Bama scoops them up. smart on Bama's part. 
I say that because on top of offering some players that you would imagine being lower on the Bama recruiting board such as (Vann, Hawkins, possibly Tyreke Smith, Scates and Thomas). 

Like why didnt Bama offer Gill? or Gant? those guys are national guys. but possibly because Bama knows they have a chance at getting better guys at the position or something? In Gill's situation, I think its a matter of they know he has been an OSU lock for multiple years. You would think the same with Carman, but if Saban believes he is that good, then you understand the offer. why not take a chance when you can cherry pick your class? I WOULDNT BE SURPRISED TO SEE SOME MORE BAMA OFFERS TO OHIO KIDS IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. just watch......................

Here's a recap of how I see it:
Carman - legit offer. Saban believes he is the best lineman he has seen in quite awhile
Gill - No Offer due to OSU lock
L. Smith - offered. national guy who can go anywhere w/basketball & football
Gant - no offer
L. Taylor - no offer. could see one coming to force OSU hand to push for commit.
Scates - possibly legit offer I see an OSU offer coming) Bama could have offered to help land Thomas
T. Smith - possible legit offer. Rising prospect. Possibly to force OSU hand with pushing for a commit. 
Henderon/ Gillison / Oats/ Peters/ Dirksen/ no Bama offers yet. 
Vann - not legit offer. trying to force OSU hand to offer. Trying to help persuade Carman.
Hawkins - possible leg it offer. rising prospect. trying to force OSU to push for commit. Bama has plenty of other DT targets down south. 
Tavion Thomas - very underrated prospect. but was most definitely trying to force OSU hand by offering

Comment 25 Feb 2017

Not sure I believe the whole Vincent to FSU talk. They are constantly pretty loaded on the DL. So go to FSU and start in a few years or come to OSU where he has he has his best relationship with Larry Johnson and can play earlier on in his career, if not possibly start. crazy how FSU wasnt much of a factor until he headed to IMG.