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Comment 12 hours ago

I dont think thats pushing them out.

Meyer is just saying if you want to play football in college, go somewhere else or stay around and not play. Thats called be honest.

Saban pulls bullshit moves to push people out. Such as telling people they know longer have a scholarship or kicking kids off the team for "minor violations" or saying guys are done because of medical reasons. Saban pulls a bunch of shit from what I have read before. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Exactly. BUT you cant exactly "push them out". That is SEC type of bullshit. I just think Meyer needs to sit down with some kids and say "look, you wont be playing here. If you are wanting to play college football, this isnt the place for that dream of yours." 

Comment 17 hours ago

2018 Defensive Tackle recruits Taron Vincent with Matt Jones would be a crazy haul. 2 MASSIVE five stars!!!!

Comment 20 Jun 2016

One thing I am very excited about is the fact that everything Ive seen and read is that we lead for (2) 5 star Defensive Tackles in Taron Vincent from IMG who is listed at 6'2 285 and Matthew Jones from Erasmus Hall in NY who is listed at 6'4 305. 

Then I think we flip Leonard Taylor from Springfield who is listed at 6'6 260

Comment 01 Jun 2016

If only we could be like Tennesse and take a 35 man class this year (without pushing kids out the door)

this class would be like playing NCAA football getting every top prospect

Comment 17 May 2016

Love that video! Has to be an alltime favorite for sure

Comment 14 May 2016

Schmidt prolly saw the writing on the wall, even though I dont think he was ever going to start here because of too much young talent on the OLine.

as for Felder, not having your academics in line is a big letdown, but seeing how we have alot of '17 commits who could play Defensive Back (S.Wade, Williamson, White & Pryor) and we lead for more guys like Okudah, Wade, Riep, maybe Felder moving on to somewhere else might be a smart idea. 

Comment 13 May 2016

Why isnt he? Everything I read and have heard is Harris is all Buckeye but just hasnt committed yet. Birm has said plenty of times that Harris is a when, not an if about him commiting

Comment 12 May 2016

If/when Grimes commits, you think the staff goes all in for DPJ. Harris seems to be all Buckeye and as close as possible to being a commit already. Ship seems to be sailing for Tyjon as he seems like a package deal with Martell and Martell is fading away from everything Ive read and seen on interviews. Birm said he thinks parties are closer than ever, but seems to be trending away. 

A combo of Harris, DPJ & Grimes is WOOOOOOOW!!!

Comment 23 Apr 2016

305 posted the other day about Kentucky coming into Ohio and stealing the guys the rest of the Big Ten should be drooling over to get because OSU cant tske them all. 

In that post, I commented on it posting that Sibley would be there. And guys like Mullins, Sichterman, Bridges, and others would jump on a MSU offer if it was to happen. I still think MSU will land Danny Davis, Joel Honigford, and a few other top ohio guys like Javonte Richardson once they offer him. 

Comment 22 Apr 2016

Michigan state will end up with a good amount of Ohio guys.

I think Danny Clark goes to MSU if he leaves osu. Sinlry just had a crystal ball for msu. Lynn Bowden just had a crystal ball for msu and so did Matt Dotson. 

Also feel as if msu offers guys like Derrius Mullins, Javonte Richardson, Lynn Bowden, Matt Sichterman, Michael Warren, and a few others, they could get 75% of them. Mullins is very high on msu without an offer. Richardson was the same before he committed to Kentucky. They offer, Mullins and Richardson are in if osu dosnt offer them. They lead for Dotson, Danny Davis, Joel Honigford and a few others. Also James Hudson has interest in msu and tennessee even though he is committed to kentucky as far as 247 profile says. MSU will get osu scraps once again. But so will kentucky.