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Comment 08 May 2015

I understand what everyone is saying. And i agree that I only want guys that want to be Buckeyes and know what they want. Guys that want to win National Championships! 

Im just saying according to the rankings, landing them guys would of been nice. I just hate the fact of top Ohio players leaving Ohio. BUT it is what it is and it wont change. Just curious to see how these guys would look in the S&G had they wanted to be apart of the best damn team in the land

Comment 07 May 2015

I read soooooo much about how Ohio State wants to add some big time tackle prospects this year, and Ive read several places how Josh King & Auston Robertson may both out grow the defensive end position and end up at tackle. 

Im confused as to why we have not went after Robertson & King as future tackles??? Robertson & King are more realistic gets than Gary & the kid from Georgia. 

A defensive line class of Hall, Cooper, Bosa, Robertson & King would be crazy ridiculous!!!! And I even read how Hall could grow into a defensive tackle. Should of just went after them 5, gives you the greatest defensive line class ever & gives you versitility for each guy to get big & move inside if need to be. I dont see any big time tackles above Robertson & King that really want in the class. Just never understood that part

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I understand we have a few higher targets in the 2016 class & we have a great stand with a bunch of 2017 WRs but as far as Im concerned, you take Layne for 2016 & go full court press on Mack & Corley hoping to land one. If we land both, then great! Neither are guys you want to say no too! Find room for them just like any other stud that wants in. BUT just remember Mack or Corley are a for sure thing. Nobody ever really is & as far as 2017 goes, what if something happened & we completely whiffed on most of our high targets??? I just dont see how you dont go after Layne, recruit for the moment & worry about the other receiver targets as they announce & their recruitments play out.

I think Layne & Mack/Corley to go along with Hawkins, Hill & McCall would be an amazing WR haul! 

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Its just hard to believe we really passed on Layne. Not saying we didnt pass on him, but its just hard to believe. He is everything we have been wanting the last how many recruiting cyles due to his height, ability & potential to be a top redzone receiver. Especially from the state of Ohio. I just dont understand. 

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Ive seen an article or two on each Ohio State site I know. Go to his 247 profile, im sure there are stories on his profile to read as well. 

Comment 22 Feb 2015

I see Terrell Hall in this class after reading up on him more & checking out his film. Kids a beast. Him opposite of Bosa would be crazy!!!

Comment 20 Feb 2015

I think we will see a 2016 DLine class similar to this:

Bosa, King, Robertson, Cooper, Onwenu, Campbell, & Hall. 

I see Sammons moving over to Offensive Tackle. King, Onwenu & Campbell being the Tackles & Bosa, Cooper, Robertson & Hall being the Ends 

and in al honesty, I think we miss on Gary

Comment 09 Feb 2015

I wish I could up vote the OP. i liked that video more than most I have seen for the 2016 playoff predictions.

Id say my predictions is: OSU, TCU, MSU & LSU. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

With the 2015 class finished up. Lets hear some more opinions of those people who said they would wait 

Comment 03 Feb 2015

I understand what you are saying and appreciate the input. BUT were doing this for fun and to start discussion up for the 2016 class as the 2015 class is just about done with. Its always fun to try and predict the class. but I also posted in OP that I would like to read people's thoughts on the needs for the class and people's wish lists. I understand what you are trying to say, but that's not going to stop me and some other from wanting to have a little bit of fun and predict the next class along with discuss the needs and what not. 

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Atleast somebody here knows the rules of recruiting and knows what they are talking about! stupid Buckeye fans....... them Vol fans know everything!!!!

Comment 02 Feb 2015

Ive read everywhere that the OSU staff is trying to land 2 TE's in the 2016 class. Hausmann was priority #1 & Luke Farrell is priority #2 & current commit Kierre Hawkins who is 6'4 220 could also play TE. 

Comment 02 Feb 2015

my last comment from the OP is the top 10 most needed guys but I took it down to 6 & Im going to explain why I picked each guy.

Nick Bosa - His talent speaks for itself and the thought of what Joey has accomplished and apparently Nick is even better is just astonishing!!! its crazy! ive read how Nick is apparently farther along and much better than Joey was at Nicks age. Joey is a BEAST, so I cant wait to see lil Nick!
Liam Eichenberg - the fact that he is a 5 star tackle from Ohio speaks for itself. but the fact that he goes to a big time catholic school and the need on the OL (before the 2015 class decided to take 5-6 guys). Also throw in the fact that OSU hasnt been able to land ELITE tackles in the past few years (yes we have gotten good/great OL, but not ELITE). helps with the in roads to Cle St. Iggy for the future
Tommy Kraemer - same thing as Eihenberg! BUT hes from Cincinnati where OSU hasnt had the greatest success. So a Kraemer flip could be HUGE for the recruiting of Cincy in the future & a steal from Notre Lame
Jake Husmann - Hes already committed but keeping his commitment will be huge. another Cincy kid that will help with future recruiting in that area of Ohio. but most of all, the lack of being able to land ELITE TE's has been crappy (other than if you count Hubbard as a TE). The need at TE is HUGE as well.
Josh King - BIG Midwest guy who could add weight and be that ELITE big time Defensive Tackle we havnt been able to land the past few recruiting classes. In the process keeping him away from Michigan State & Notre Lame. 
Prince Sammons - Like I said about the Cincy boys above, getting an ELITE prospect from the area of Cincy would be HUGE. He can play anywhere along the DL along with being able to play Offensive Tackle. BIG TIME prospect who is very raw & has a high ceiling & cant wait to see what Pantoni & Mariotti would do with him in the S&C program 

Comment 02 Feb 2015

I agree. but its so hard to cut off someone in the OL class for 2016. You cant tell Eichenberg no obviously, being 5 star from Ohio. I really think eventually we flip Kraemer. something keeps telling me he will be in this class, my gut and you cant tell him no. We already got Gerald. Everything Ive read on Onwenu & Jordan is that the staff really likes them and wants them. Onwenu could move to the DL. I thought bout J Williams from DC in the class, but I see a guy like Jordan committing first and Williams staying close & going to Maryland. 

Comment 02 Feb 2015

10 guys I would LOVE to have in this class
1. Nick Bosa/ DE
2. Liam Eichenberg/ T
3. Tommy Kraemer/ T
4. Prince Sammons/ DL/OL
5. Jake Hausmann/ TE
6. Demario McCall/ HB/WR
7. Josh King/ DL
8. Brendan Ferns/ LB
9. Trayvon Mullen/ CB
10. Saivion Smith/ CB

Comment 02 Feb 2015

My 2016 Class Predictions (25 Members):
QB - Jarrett Guarantano OR Dwayne Haskins
RB - Kareem Walker, Robert Washington
HB - Damario McCall, George Hill
WR - Austin Mack, Kierre Hawkins, Justin Layne, Donnie Corley
TE - Jake Hausmann, Luke Farrell
OL - Tommy Kraemer, Liam Eichenberg, Tyler Gerald, Michael Onwenu, Michael Jordan
DL - Prince Sammons, Jonathan Cooper, Josh King, Nick Bosa, Auston Robertson, Kyree Campbell
LB - Brendan Ferns 
DB - Jared Mayden

Its going to be another Offensive & Defensive Line heavy class. Championships are won in the trenches! 

Comment 01 Feb 2015

Im relaxed. I was sort-of kidding as well. I apologize for the use of the word, swag. but hopefully you contribute. I would really like to read what you have to say on the topic as I know you bring alot to the site and like what you normally have to say

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I understand and so am I. but while we wait for these last couple recruits thought Id bring up some discussion