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Comment 27 Jul 2015

Im excited about the 2016 DB Class, BUT IM SUPER EXCITED for the 2017 DB Class.

I think the 2017 Class could end up being the most highly rated DB class in the Nation in YEARS.....
CB - S. Wade, L. Wade, M. Williamson, 
S - R. LeCounte, P. Ford

I see Isaiah Pryor growing into a Linebacker. 
I see one or two of Connor Heyward, Tyrell Ajian, or Brendon White some how sneaking into the class as possibly an athlete.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Heard Gavin Cupp had a pretty good showing at FNL. Considering he lost his MSU offer for visiting OSU and trying to get an offer and did pretty good, do we see an OSU offer going out to Cupp? 

I sure hope so! Kid wants to be a Buckeye! And to me he is a very solid OL. 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Cupp is more than a solid player. Dantonio is losing out on this one. Id much rather take a Gavin Cupp over most of the other guys they are trying to fit in their class. I would like to see OSU give Cupp his offer and get him in the class. I feel like Cupp could be our next Jacoby Boren, Pat Elflein type of guy. 

Has a nice head on his shoulders, works hard, wants to be a Buckeye. Thats the type of guy that normally comes into OSU & has a very solid career! 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Cupp was a very good get for them! Kid is very talented and good. Kid would have gotten an OSU offer eventually had we not got Tackle Michael Jordan and took 6 OL last year. 

This was a BIG mistake for Dantonio. Cupp was a great get. I dont understand of all kids to get rid of in his class, its Cupp

Comment 24 Jul 2015

That was surprisingly pretty damn good! I liked listening to that a heck of a lot better than the Bucknuts Morning 5! And thats one thing I do enjoy about Bucknuts. But nothing can beat getting the scoops from Birm! 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Thanks Birm. Thats a bummer! Was hoping he would come and start vibing and clicking some more with the rest of the '17 class

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I see Gavin Cupp has been added to the list! 

Wouldnt be surprised to see Cupp get an offer and commit! I just have a feeling like he will do what he has to do this FNL camp to get an offer. Considering he is committed to MSU, he is coming to the camp for a reason. And thats most likely to earn an offer. 

Comment 18 Jun 2015

Honestly, I know I might take some heat for saying this because Josh King & Auston Robertson were both Defensive Ends, but why didnt OSU bring them, redshirt them, add some weight on them & a year with the team, they could be some big time defensive tackles. Both are already pushing 260-270 lbs. kyree Campbell is also another guy im surprised we arnt going after. Or how about Prince Sammons. I read somewhere awhile back that OSU would of liked to add weight on him considering he is 6'8 he would be a HUGE force in the middle.

I think a defensive line class of Cooper, Barrow, Bosa, Hall, Campbell, King, Robertson & Sammons, would of been crazy. Not landing them all, but I would think take everyone but Barrow and Campbell as back up plans

Comment 01 Jun 2015

Im not an SEC fan at all. But I love what Ole Miss is doing. Root for them any time I can because Im tired of seeing Bama, Auburn, Florida, LSU & Georgia running the SEC. So I pull for Ole Miss & Miss State. I would for Kentucky as well IF they didnt have such a strong recruiting pitch here in Ohio (not saying they get the best guys, but they get alot of Ohio boys). 

That being said, if we cant land this guy, which I feel like scholarships are tight with who we currently have looking to join, then let this guy come to the Big Ten or stay at Ole Miss & help run down the Bamas of the SEC

Comment 08 May 2015

I understand what everyone is saying. And i agree that I only want guys that want to be Buckeyes and know what they want. Guys that want to win National Championships! 

Im just saying according to the rankings, landing them guys would of been nice. I just hate the fact of top Ohio players leaving Ohio. BUT it is what it is and it wont change. Just curious to see how these guys would look in the S&G had they wanted to be apart of the best damn team in the land

Comment 07 May 2015

I read soooooo much about how Ohio State wants to add some big time tackle prospects this year, and Ive read several places how Josh King & Auston Robertson may both out grow the defensive end position and end up at tackle. 

Im confused as to why we have not went after Robertson & King as future tackles??? Robertson & King are more realistic gets than Gary & the kid from Georgia. 

A defensive line class of Hall, Cooper, Bosa, Robertson & King would be crazy ridiculous!!!! And I even read how Hall could grow into a defensive tackle. Should of just went after them 5, gives you the greatest defensive line class ever & gives you versitility for each guy to get big & move inside if need to be. I dont see any big time tackles above Robertson & King that really want in the class. Just never understood that part

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I understand we have a few higher targets in the 2016 class & we have a great stand with a bunch of 2017 WRs but as far as Im concerned, you take Layne for 2016 & go full court press on Mack & Corley hoping to land one. If we land both, then great! Neither are guys you want to say no too! Find room for them just like any other stud that wants in. BUT just remember Mack or Corley are a for sure thing. Nobody ever really is & as far as 2017 goes, what if something happened & we completely whiffed on most of our high targets??? I just dont see how you dont go after Layne, recruit for the moment & worry about the other receiver targets as they announce & their recruitments play out.

I think Layne & Mack/Corley to go along with Hawkins, Hill & McCall would be an amazing WR haul! 

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Its just hard to believe we really passed on Layne. Not saying we didnt pass on him, but its just hard to believe. He is everything we have been wanting the last how many recruiting cyles due to his height, ability & potential to be a top redzone receiver. Especially from the state of Ohio. I just dont understand.