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August 30, 2014 at 3:34pm

Unbelievable amount of pride and respect that I am feeling right now for Navy after watching them stand there and allow our team on their field to sing Carmen Ohio.  I am an Air Force vet and to see that literally brought tears to my eyes.  Helluva group of young men right there fellas and they can play a little ball too.  US NAVY and BUCKEYES PROUD.  Makes me appreciate being an American....

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Amen to everything you said Katzfan. I loved to see the respect and class shown today, both on and off the field, by both teams.

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Yeah, I'll definitely be rooting for Navy to win the rest of their games this year.  They're pure class and really fun to watch.  and that's just as a football team, not even mentioning the respect they deserve for their service to our country.

also, those uniforms they had were fantastic.  they should wear those every game.

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Dont forget the show of respect by our boys to stand with Navy during their alma mater. Hard fought game, and class across the board. A whole to be proud of today, not just as a Buckeye, but as an American citizen as well. Much respect to all our Armed Forces...at home and abroad. And to those of you here who served, thank you as always.

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UV for everyone in this thread (not to mention i just reached 100 helmet stickers and don't know how to act!).

Edit: Applies to you too, Katz, even though I can't UV you.

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Thanks BrowardBuckeye... It just really "gets" me to see 2 teams slug it out and then somehow realize that its just a game when its over and show the kind of respect for one another as these 2 teams did yesterday. This is EXACTLY what I love about organized sports and why I believe kids should be exposed to them. It teaches you to have an unrelenting competitive spirit yet undeniable respect for your opponent along with a multitude of other characteristics that kids can apply to everyday life. Love it!! BUCKEYES BABY!!!

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The UV you deserve, sir.

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Awesome, proud of our men and women in uniform, and proud to be a Buckeye.

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Being a career Navy guy (28 years thus far), it is always heartwarming to watch the Navy team play and play with so much respect for their opponents.  Loved the fact that both teams went to the other team's end zone; a great sign of respect and sportsmanship. 

* would have liked to have seen a lot less hits below the knee pads...

Living the life!  Go Buckeyes!


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It's a shame that whole scenario was on CBS Sports. America would've been proud to see that. 

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Really, lets hope it makes it on a few of the other networks highlights.

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How awesome would it be if they would had thrown up an O H O at the end 

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I became a Navy football fan today, they fought hard and showed a lot of talent.  

The OP reminds me of the Cal game last year when TBDBITL did some performances with the Cal band including one after the game ended.  We had a great time at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley and will go there again any time the Buckeyes play there.  Classy program and fans.

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Pure class and pure respect by both teams. The only call of the game that Verne and Gary got right: this is the way college football should be. Also love the fact that Tressel started that handshake in 2009. We are blessed to not only have great coaches, but great men who really have their priorities straight.

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That gave me chills it was awesome to see the respect between the two teams after they beat each other up for 3 hours. I enjoyed seeing that. That is why I watch college football over the NFL. There is respect between teams and they play like men.

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Great game and competition overall!!

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