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Comment 28 Jan 2015

I respectfully disagree. Birm has said on a couple of occasions that TOSU would love to hold onto Davis but that the ship has sailed barring something miraculous. That tells me it's all on Davis and his family as to the sudden change of heart. Just awfully bizarre that it came this late in the game. 

Comment 23 Jan 2015
Just have no clue as to why a kid thats been committed this long and has gone on the record to discount others that have been questioning his loyalty would wait til this close to signing day to take another visit and risk pissing off the defending national champion Buckeyes... Recruiting is so frustrating... Course, to be fair, we got Boulware visiting us this weekend. Guess all's fair in recruiting... lol
Comment 20 Jan 2015

I heard that Ole Miss was a possibility as well....Amazing that TOSU isn't more of a player here when he seemed to be so high on us before.  If he was looking strictly at Pro Style offenses, I could understand, but Oklahoma???  Weird...

Comment 03 Jan 2015

I respectfully disagree.  "Turning his back on his teammates..."  There's never been a single word spoken that I have heard from ANYBODY around the program that insinuates that Braxton is doing anything other than supporting his team, to the fullest, while he is recovering from a serious injury.  Sure, they could be keeping it quiet I guess and maybe we will hear all kinds of stories after the season is over but until something definitive comes out, I will continue to support him as I would any other Buckeye player.  Anything else, IMO, is counterproductive.  I am pretty sure that 99.5% of the people in this site, to include myself, don't know anybody personally on the team or within the Buckeye program so that leaves speculation and innuendo as the basis for commentary such as this.  That's a pretty aggressive charge you are making against a kid who has done nothing but give his all and who seemingly still has the respect of his peers and that is proof enough for me for now.  Don't forget, EZE just said 2 days ago "that everybody knows when Braxton comes back next year, that he will be the starter."  Doesn't sound as if he feels like Braxton has acted inappropriately.   

Comment 25 Dec 2014
Bosa's a "man child" on the grid iron... doesnt always use his head on his Twitter account. Im sure it will be addressed sooner rather than later (If it hasnt already). Kid just needs to continue to be in beast mode on the field and keep his opinions too himself off the field... He's young, he will learn. I LOVE his spunk tho dude... Im guessin its part of what makes him a monster between the white lines... GO BUCKS!!
Comment 24 Dec 2014
Its the same reason as the rest of them. "You cant give Nick Saban 20+ days to prepare for a team and expect them to lose!" Except there was Oklahoma last year... "But that wasnt for a Natty".... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...... The rhetoric will NEVER change until we get a big win like what we've got coming up. It's our shot... Hope we're ready and take full advantage!
Comment 19 Dec 2014

Sorry about the bolt type...That was inadvertent on my part... My apologies to the forum... 

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Not a lot of substance in the ass clown's act.  He proved he can use the "F" word and that's about it.  What's funny is it is clear to me that he didn't watch the OSU/Wisky game much...In many cases we had 4 down linemen and 3 backers (Translation for this dude = 7 in the box) and still curb stomped Melvin "The Buckeyes ruined my Heisman campaign so I think Alabama will beat Ohio State" Gordon into oblivion.  If we can compete with Bama's run game like we did against Wisky, we have MORE than a legitimate shot at takin these self-righteous Bammers down...I have been saying, and will continue to say, that I LOVE my head coach in the underdog role.  Everyone talks about "Saban this and Saban that and give him 30 days to prepare for a team and he can't be beat"... They forget we have a pretty damned good X's and O's guy ourselves and is what, 11-2 as an underdog now? 

Jan 1 Can't get here soon enough boys....

Comment 18 Dec 2014
I must admit, i have changed my view on this and I totally agree. During bowl season, we should be supporting the conference. As much as it pains me to admit it, the SEC has this one right. There is "strength in numbers".....
Comment 12 Dec 2014

I'd say the chances are not good for Harbaugh to scum.  I heard today that they hired a "search firm" to aid in the placement of a new head coach. Coincidentally, it is the same one that helped find Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke. (I Know, cackle at will)  In any case, I wouldn't see why they would need to hire a search firm if Harbaugh was a sure thing.  I think the cost of such practices is anywhere between $100-250K!!  Anything can happen I guess but it doesn't look promising if you are a scum fan...

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Welcome... We need a win here.  Simple as that and it would be nice to do it against the #1 team in America, and from the SEC West to boot. 

Comment 12 Dec 2014

This topic is in extremely poor taste.  These guys are kids that give their blood, sweat, and tears day in and day out for nothing more than the love of the game and to make Buckeye Nation proud.  How would you feel if you were the father of an individual that was designated within this forum as the most "frustrating player" on the Buckeye team?  C'mon man... Buckeye Nation is better than that!  Instead of "firing shots", lift em' up bro.  These guys could very well be playing for a National Championship THIS YEAR; something that hasn't been accomplished since 2002. How many other schools can claim that???