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How different would things be now?

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August 27, 2014 at 6:32pm

So after reading through and seeing who everyone's favorite qb was I started wondering about 2011. I'm sure this might have been asked but I wasn't a member back then. How different would things be right now if Pryor would have gotten to play his Sr year? I'm not saying if the scandal didn't happen but just if he would have gotten say 1 or 2 game suspension or even none for that matter. How would we have finished that year? Assuming things took the same course Braxton would have took a RS that year and his first under center would have been with Urban and Herman. I'll let you take the reins from here because honestly I can't even begin to say how I think they would have been different.

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It's not even worth thinking about. Time to move on

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Is the rest of the tat-5 getting that same 1-2 game suspension?  I think we would've finished with 1 or 2 losses.  Even with a team made up of mostly first year and freshman players we lost 6 of the 7 games by a TD or less, so I would have to imagine those 6 swing games would have swung in our favor.  BCS bowl bound.

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That 2011 UofM team struggled mightily against an OSU freshman QB.  TP as a battle-tested, bowl winning vet would have minced them.  We'd be on 10 game win streak against the Sun and Blue.  

Great question by the OP as we whittle away the hours till kick-off.

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Makes my head hurt.

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Rematch vs LSU in the NCG

Buckeyes would have won by 35 moving the record vs LSU to 2-1-1 the tie was courtesy of the 1987 Ohio State Buckeyes lead by Tom Tupa.

Go Buckeyes Beat Michigan

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Assuming we also had JT at the helm, it would have been a typical 11 or 12 win season with a shot at a national championship.

TP was becoming dominant and the entire team was in full Tressell mode.

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Well..just to state the obvious...

but Tressel would still be here

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