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Comment 4 hours ago
I was disappointed when I heard about the move. I wanted him to be the starter and get that Heisman and natty for himself. Being that there is still time before the opener and things could change and that happen. I think that he will get the ball early and often only to help him increase his worth at the new position. I also think he will win the Heisman as well. If he can get 1000 rushing, 500 receiving, 500 passing and 600 to 800 return yards with a few to the house it's his. I'm always wrong but I hope either way things go he goes beast mode.
Comment 24 Jul 2015
I was gonna make a forum topic but there are too many anyways, but I had a few questions and people's thoughts. 1. Since he isn't playing qb how many touches is he realistically going to get a game now. 2. Does he honestly have a shot at the Heisman outside of playing qb for us now.
Comment 14 Jul 2015
Just for reporting purposes I am an Ohioan and now live in Florida and I have never eaten Chipotle!! I also never will.
Comment 09 Jul 2015
This made my day, I already knew it but great to have this chapter closed. What I love though is this Miller said. “As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football. If any competition wants to come my way, I’ve just got to be smart about things and just stay looking forward.” I feel basically he is saying come get it but you won't get it.
Comment 30 Jun 2015
Love a kid from my home town. The only knock I had on him was the same similar with Wilson, I got the feeling they never fully trusted their ability. The second half of the Indiana game is what they should always do. Both were prone to try and juke or spin when they could have used their speed and power to get more. I think he knows that now and 2015 could be better, I just hope Wilson learned that lesson too.
Comment 29 Jun 2015
I was bored at work and started googling crazy world records and decided to google this and that was the first article lol.
Comment 08 Jun 2015
I think if he is 100% healthy Braxton starts and gets spelled my Jones late in games to save his body and as for JT I don't think there will be an issue. 1. He seems like a team player and realize the older guys ahead of him are fighting for the NFL like him. 2. He knows he fits well into this system and will do well and has 2 years left after this. I say he will be fine with learning for another year if Braxton is heathly enough to play. Hell he might not even have to sit and will be the one spelling Miller considering he beat out Dale last year.
Comment 27 May 2015
I wonder what it would really take for Joey to stay for his senior year? I mean other than a complete bust in his senior year (highly unlikely) or an injury (hope it never happens) I don't see much that would hurt his draft stock. He is at the top of the elite player list and I don't see too many people coming out of the blue and making him not a top 5 pick if he stayed. Based on how he trains and things I have read it seems like not only could he make himself better with another year but could help out the underclassmen (Nick included) to become the type of player he is. Here is to hoping he stays for all 4 years.
Comment 07 May 2015
Yeah I did some research on the supporting cast atleast those with major contributions from 2013 and 2014 and the numbers are very different. I believe with just Marshall, Thomas and C. Smith they added almost 1600 yards of offense and and I think like 18 or 19 Td's not counting those that returned in 2014 increased their output by almost 500 yards.
Comment 17 Apr 2015
That is all we have to do at this point but I don't want to think about a time we don't have Urban here. Maybe just maybe we will have a fountain of youth by then!!
Comment 31 Mar 2015
Glad to see that this night turn out well and be the non issue we all hoped for. As for Beacon starting I hope it works out, I have made a ton of comments about it, I am the type that likes surprises and hope that this turns out to be on of the close kept secrets that he is healthy and also a conspiracy that was set up to put him in a better position to win the Heisman and increase his draft stock. but as history shows I'm mostly wrong and don't get what I want.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
Yeah but this has time and date and all my fellow 11wers get to verify it too.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
Other can debate if they choose too, this was sticktly so I had a thread to come back too.
Comment 10 Mar 2015
I don't always agree that he is too injury prone even though he has made some of my Saturdays horrible. I feel it has more to do with just the amount of contact he takes and honestly it will be more at rb or wr. At least at qb most plays he doesn't get hit yet every time he touches the ball in the other positions he will get hit every time. I support whoever they name the starter but based on my eyes and the past neither JT or Jones will beat him out if he is 100%. They didn't do it before so what is really going to change. Besides 63% comp % isn't bad for someone people claim can't throw.
Comment 05 Mar 2015
For having some big name receivers come out of our beloved OSU the career yards aren't that high. Does that have to do with being more run heavy or just players leaving early?