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Comment 16 hours ago
Let's just see if we get the same treatment. Alabama moves 3 spots beating a Shitty A&M team that was 21. When we destroy Penn State and Minnesota we should crack the top 10
Comment 15 Oct 2014
So if this situation drags out and by chance they happen to win another championship and then found in violation, the money still stays right? My feeling is the money they make winning over rules the possibility of having wins vacated. I could be wrong but get the feeling they are going to keep playing him and then shit will come out after the season when he declares and then faces no punishment.
Comment 09 Oct 2014
I think it will I trust the closer and I wasn't complaining about not getting them. I'm pretty sure the question was clearly stated. Meaning we are still playing well, lots of young guys getting on the field, which should be a plus. What would make people think we still won't get them.
Comment 09 Oct 2014
I think it's patients which makes it seem like it's his vision. He has elite speed and always rushing. Instead of letting his blocks develope and finding the cut back lane, he seems to go full steam ahead and then ends up having to hit the brakes and get caught from behind or runs into his own blockers.
Comment 08 Oct 2014
Glad it went well and hope for a speedy recovery.
Comment 07 Oct 2014
No one knows what would have happend with Braxton this year or how much he improved. Based on the past, and we all know history repeats itself, Braxton would have been better this year. I personally feel his stats would be on par with what JT has right now but would probably be better. The reason I say that is stricktly from his running ablilty. I would almost bet a years pay VT doesn't run that def. with Braxton in there. Heisman or no heisman, B1G FOY or not if Braxton does as he says and comes back and he's healthy he will get the chance to claim his spot. Plain and simple the best QB will win in practice.