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Comment 17 Sep 2014
If your being honest and going overall it's Miller - holds most qb records, two undefeated seasons, and most individuals awards I believe. Then the rest would be Smith then very close Pryor and last Krenzel. If you going off what most would say matter it would be: Krenzel - won a national championship for us. Smith - won the heisman but lost the NCG Pryor - won all bowl games I believe but no heisman or NC Miller - 0-2 in bowl games no heisman or NC, that being said if he manages to win one or both of those next year he goes from last to first maybe second on this list as well.
Comment 17 Sep 2014
Can we get some of that black goo that the receiver used in Little Giants for some of our receivers lol. But being serious I think they all will get better and Michael Thomas is going to lead the way with help from Devin.
Comment 16 Sep 2014
I think Downtre's issue is he is trying to see holes and make cuts before they are there. If he just waited for things to develope he might actually be better and could actually get up to speed. With that being said I think Jalin should be the starter or get more touches, I think he could break more big plays at this point. That punt should have been returned I think he just got excited and didn't make the right cut to take it to the house.
Comment 16 Sep 2014
Just like some say it's not fair to compare JT to Braxton, it's not fair to compare where the two are at during that time. JT had the benefit of a red shirt and learning behind both brax and Kenny for a year. Brax was thrown into the fire 3 games into his true freshmen year. Had he got that benefit it's a different story.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
I feel entirely responsible for tonight. First I said I hope we don't do too good so Braxton gets his job back. Then I went and bought a new buckeyes shirt and the TR1's. Then I saw zero jet sweeps and Jalin was nowhere in the field. We didn't hand it off and for rod earning carries I sure didn't see them. The offensive line is not good. Defensive line played it's heard out but LB's are still an issue almost every 3rd down completion was converted in their area. I still love my team just really embarrassed and hope everyone sees what Braxton meant to this team.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
Its just me but I would do 1 back yard play with that set up. Fake the hand off to Curtis to the left and pitch to Jalin to the right he then has the option to keep, pitch to Eze or hit Devin or Dontre down field. Too many people to cover and I'm not sure they could stop it.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
I know it wasn't really effective the Times it was used but I'd like to see the diamond formation pop out. Just think about it. Dontre and Devin outside, Eze in the back field with Jalin and Curtis lined up to each side of JT. That seems like a pretty scary set up considering everyone of them could take it to the house.
Comment 01 Sep 2014
This is the game I'm excited about. For me I look at this more as the first of the season, just due to the offense that navy runs. I do not see this defense giving up that many rushing yards again the whole season and not even close to that. I heard someone on tv saying that Navy would put that many yards up rushing on any team in the country other than maybe Air Force (not sure the reason for that statement) but we'll get a good look at the team as a whole this week. Just sucks having to wait all day to see us play.
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Comment 01 Sep 2014
I have no issues with JT I think he's going to be great. I guess I just have an obsession with what Braxton brings compared to everyone else.
Comment 01 Sep 2014
Thanks Mort and Bo, you got what I was asking and appreciate the comments. But again to everyone else my bad for not clarifying that I was asking about if Braxton can get his job back.I just see it's only fit he finishes out his career.
Comment 01 Sep 2014
The reason didn't put more information, is because this isn't a who is better JT vs Braxton question. I mentioned stats because of what I know about the players. I was merely saying I feel it would be save to assume Braxton would have had more than 50 yards rushing and it's not like he has never thrown for over 200 so that stats not out of the question. My JT vs Braxton question was should I just accept JT as the starting qb from now on or should I still hold on to hope that Braxton will come back and get to finish out his career. So sorry I wasn't more clear but I thought that question was asked at the very end of my post. I was just trying to point out JT didn't come out and do something that Braxton has not already done as of yet. There is still time for him to do something such as 300 yards passing or something like that.
Comment 01 Sep 2014
I'm concerned at the fact that JT was our leading rusher. I will give Navy credit for the great defense they played but we should have had better rushing stats considering how small their line actually is. Better step it up for next week if we want to have the impact we had last year in the running game.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
OMG I completely skipped everything in this article because I have never seen that video and Stone Cold straight opened a can of whip ass and I am pumped. He did like 17 stone cold stunners and I love it.
Comment 22 Aug 2014
I don't think it has any impact on him. Kenny G didn't have a strong arm and they hold the record for the longest play from scrimmage. I think it's more about Devin holding on to the ball when it hits his hands and he will have plenty of opportunities to streak down the field.
Comment 22 Aug 2014
Im have watched the dontre highlights a fees times and feel like he never hit full speed once. I can't wait to see him hit full after burners this year.
Comment 19 Aug 2014
I'm not a professional and unless this injury ends his career for good, there is no way he doesn't use his red shirt if avail. 1. He is a competitor and there is no way he goes out like this. 2. If he was being graded as a late round pick this year, what do you think it will drop too without a year playing? My guess is he would be smart enough to completely heal and come back for 2015. I haven't really seen much of JT and he may be good but I am sure there is no way Braxton can't take his job back next year.