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Comment 14 Dec 2014
Doesn't matter what they say. If you look at the play from the beginning, they could have called holding, PI or face mask. The result would have been the same. First down good guys.
Comment 11 Dec 2014
I don't think he should have won it. His ass didn't even play most of the championship game.
Comment 05 Dec 2014
Joey Bosa once taught a German shepherd to speak Spanish in French.
Comment 05 Dec 2014
I'm not saying that being on the field makes for a better coach, I was just asking cause there was a shot of him in the huddle during the time out. I did clarify as say I don't pay attention and just wondered if it was a home game thing or not.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
I made it through 34 seconds of that. If anyone listened to that all the way through would kill themselves.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
I'm gonna go with OSU 38 WIS 17 and as for the first score we come out with some short confidence building passes and Eze score on a 25 yard run or Marshall gets a jet sweep and scores from 17 yards out. What I would like to see as the first score is Jones drives us down field and then we run a wildcat play for a few yards then come right back to it and Jalin passes a 34 yard TD to MT.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
I've never been a believer in destiny or fate but something just seems different now. How the whole situation in C-Bus has played out. I don't think it's a coincidence either. Despite how each person has played, there were so many people who said I'm going to miss Braxton, I wish we would have him for one more year. Yes, JT has been a monster of a QB this year but no matter what you feel Braxton is the best athlete on the team and would have rewritten his own records this year as well as breaking the others also. Braxton needed JT to play how he has to get him to the next level and JT needed Braxton to get hurt so that he could get experience. Everyone says that benching JT next year will kill his development. I got news for you, 2 years of not playing didn't so spelling Miller next year sure as hell isn't. I have this strong feeling that we are going to see a Braxton Miller none of us even imagined next year and as for JT he is going to be just fine knowing he is the reason a teammate reached the next level.
Comment 03 Dec 2014
We need to be like a virgin the first time having sex and "just get penetration" if the line can do that with a 4 or 5 man rush we have the best chance. We can limit Gordon that way and also not have to keep our DB's on an island. The most important thing we need is for Grant to play sound and plug his gap and take good angles. Outside of that just play our game on offense and secure the ball.
Comment 03 Dec 2014
Just picture this for a second if you will. No announcement made, buckeyes come out in the all black uni's. Coin toss time, the entire team walks to the middle of the field arm in arm. No words spoken, black paint on face. We show the world what it means to be a team, we walk together, battle together and win together. Wisconsin can't compete with the emotions that have been built up and that pours over as we handily release that emotion on every team we face until that trophy is raised in the air in January.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
Of WIU can hold him to his season low I think we have a good shot at slowing him down. I mentioned in another post that he only averages 2.4 touchdowns per game and that is inflated because of Nebraska. The way I see it let him have his 200 yards and 17 points, just don't let anyone else score. I don't want it to play out that way. I'd like to see him under 130 like Rutgers and Maryland did and 1 TD and that's a ball game if we can stop the rest of the team.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
They have been working Jalin at QB and I'm not talking about just as the wildcat. You have to realize he was an all state QB and can play the position. There was only one person in the state that was better than him and he was our starter and the reason he was moved to WR. I'm sure he more than knows the play book and playing WR only helps him know when his man is suppose to be.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
Rather him stay one more year. One we have a huge shot at a second title at the very best, but he needs to show better play calling and in game adjusting. I will say another thing about this game. If they do not get Marshall the ball we are going to hurt ourselves. He wasn't used at all really last game unless it was to be fresh for this week.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
The one thing I hope Jones has is touch. Most of the throws in his video was fast balls like Braxton does, but then it could just seems that way cause he's so big lol. I think we are in good shape. I think the defense is going to play lights out and allow him some wiggle room to get those jitters out. I say by the second series he is gonna be on and lead this team for all of his teammates and for all of us who bleed Scarlet and Gray.
Comment 29 Nov 2014
Let Them all rip at this point. Jalin, Jones and throw in some Collier if we have too. He can rs next year.