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Comment 01 Sep 2016
Just made me pumped to go back to work from lunch break and smash the rest of this day before the hurricane hits.
Comment 12 Jan 2016
I'm sure they are going to be outrageous, probably better off just waiting until game day and go to the stadium if/when we make it.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
Turnovers is what will cost UNC, fucking hate depending on other teams. Sad the best team in the B1G won't be there because of 3 points, unless the committee looks at this game and says we can't put either of them in there lol.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
There is still time for a little chaos but even if UNC was to somehow pull it out Stanford might get the nod.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
MSU doing what they always do running the clock and getting close enough to take the lead for the win.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
I didn't read yours before I posted mine but up vote for you being a genius.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
Should be 6 teams and 1 and 2 get a bye week and then we get the final 4. That way you get 5 conference champs and 1 outsider.
Comment 01 Dec 2015
I don't really care either way, I'm just trying to burn 2 hours until work is over and was just wondering what would change if anything, if we ended up at 5 today instead of 6?