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Comment 9 hours ago
I would like to see more WR screens, jet sweeps with good blocking and most of all more use of the TE's. Even the two TE set.
Comment 22 hours ago
We really need explosive plays from the skill positions. There have been a few deep balls to Devin but nothing from Eze or Dontre and Jalin. Especially in the punt and kick return game.
Comment 23 hours ago
He plays in the SEC so that actually might be way to harsh. Sorry on my phone and can't use sarcasm font. I actually applaud them for suspending him of he did wrong.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
And our stock with playoff committee just droppppppped unless we turn it on.
Comment 23 Oct 2014
Yes JT has more passing yards then Braxton has had per game, but he also has players that Braxton didn't. Even with the Shitty games he had last year he still finished with 63.5 comp % and JT is at 66% so there isn't much difference. Plus that 3% difference is made up with runs that JT as good as he is could never make.
Comment 23 Oct 2014
If that doesn't get some pumped then they have issues. I'm sick as shit and do not wanna move and I'm ready to get up and put the pads on.
Comment 22 Oct 2014
Could someone tell me when we do come out with an alternate uni where you can actually buy it? I saw someone say they won't go anywhere because people will buy them. Every year I have looked and haven't been able to find it. I tried to get the 2010 and 2011 ones and could never find them only.
Comment 22 Oct 2014
I think the best way to break their defense is one of two ways but both create the same outcome, which is keep them on the field. We either need to have some long drives that wear them down or we need to have lots of 3 and outs from out defense so they are back out on the field. I could see it being 21-7 going into the half and then we just press the gas in the second half.