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Game Charting

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August 26, 2014 at 5:09pm

So are we going to attempt to do the Game Charting project again this year? We had a decent start to it last year and it kind of fizzled out. Chad took it over and did it on staff and made a weekly post out of it. If the staff isn't going to do it, I think we should try again. I can take a quarter here and there again this year as I had fun and learned a lot doing it last year.

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What exactly is the project?  Charting every play of the game?  During or can it be after?

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Volunteers DVR'd the game, divided up the quarters and offense and defense so 8 volunteers per game and took notes on every play: formation, down and distance to start, yardage, and graded every play, noted people who stood out for missed tackles/blocks/dropped balls/great catch/etc.

If you ever read MGoBlog, he does a Upon Further Review (UFR) and it's just like that basically.

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