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Polls-Week 2

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August 20, 2014 at 7:40pm

So I was just watching the B1G preview on ESPNU, and it's clear Kevin Carter and Jason Sehorn are not members of 11W, as the playmakers they cited as having to step up to help J.T. were Devin and Corey Smith, and Zeke.  Fair enough, those guys should be prominent in the offense, but no mention of Wilson, Marshall, Thomas, Greene, Samuel, etc.


My Question is this: since those of us on here are obviously more knowledgeable about the roster and who the playmakers are and actually how many there are, let's assume in Week 1, there are no upsets.  All ranked teams win, and the higher ranked team wins in all matchups of ranked teams.  If/when OSU wins, and wins semi-comfortably to comfortably, do they drop in the polls?  Sehorn made a few comments about "#5 for now..."   I know the rankings were based upon Braxton being there, but if J.T. comes in and wins games, and the defense shows marked improvement, I'm curious as to how the voters who are most likely not members of 11W will view the Buckeyes and if they vote them where they think they should be without Braxton?  I know the polls don't factor into the playoffs, but the selection committee is most likely not as informed as we are either, so they are listening to the garbage that a lot of the "experts" on ESPN are spewing,

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Like you mentioned - the polls aren't really supposed to matter anymore, at least when determining the playoffs.  Of course it's hard to discount the rankings when they're listed there right next to every team's name during the game, but overall I'm thinking the committee will let the season play out and see how Ohio State develops with J.T. at QB.  I'm sure their ranking will drop even if they win by 30 against Navy, but it'll be hard to overlook a team that keeps winning, no matter who is at QB.

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Yeah bottom line if we're talking playoffs they just need to win and voting won't really matter - Obviously nobody knows for sure but it sure seems like winning your conference is criteria #1 so polls mean about as much as a poopy flavored lollipop.

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Other items they discussed were very frustrating    That since Braxton Miller is gone the Big Ten has nearly zero chance of sending someone to the playoffs.  Their logic - If anyone goes undefeated and beat Ohio State without Miller it is a weak win, and if Ohio State goes undefeated the conference is just that week and would not be deserving to go.  The only chance they gave was if MSU ran the table and beat Oregon along the way. as long as Oregon won their conference.  Basically the Big 10 has the worst/weakest out of conference than any other conference.  

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I don't know how or why you guys even watch that channel anymore, unless a game is on.  It's been the same tired talk since they signed the huge SEC contract and tried to lowball the Big Ten in negotiations and the BIG formed their own network with Fox.  They have decided to cater to the Jerry Springer/Jersey Shore, lowest common denominator crowd.  More and more networks are.  Heck, Discovery decided to kick off Shark Week with another fake documentary with TERRIBLE actors.  It seems like TV gets worse by the season.

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There isn't a heck of a lot else on TV these days, other than reality TV.  I've tried to watch Fox Sports 1, and some of the BTN programming outside of replays of old games, and it just doesn't do it for me.  I watched the heck out of shark week, and still have a few on the DVR to get through, but there just isn't much to watch these days like you said.

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I just recently moved and I did not transfer my cable.  I bought a raspberry pi and now watch what ever I want when I want.

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The team has to look the part or yes they will drop. It just happens. Its why no one respected them last year. The defense didn't look good at all.

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Leaving out Heuerman is a pretty big oversight too. Well, it is espn, so that's par for the course.

As far as the polls go, I too see us dropping a few spots unless we win by 30. They have to make room for the rest of the sec.


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I'm thinking we would have to hold them to 10pts or less, and win by 30 like you said.  The defense has to show improvement.  Even that, and I can see dropping to around 10.

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If OSU does drop, it will not be for long. As long as they keep winning, they will rise back up!

The people who vote for the playoff will have their own polls and I also think it is to be published. It is to come out about the same time the former BCS poll came out, after 3-4 weeks into the season. The playoff voters will then have weekly updates. I'm sure the other polls will be taken into consideration, no matter what anyone says.

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Pretty sure the BCS polls didn't come out until roughly week 8. Don't know if it will be the same or the 3 to 4 week timeline you said earlier

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Yes, it looks like the first playoff polls will be released week 9, October 28

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Polls today not only take in if you win or lose but how you win or lose. So if we look dominate we will stay but if we just skate by we will probably fall. 


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