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Comment 8 hours ago

If the winner of Clemson/Louisville wins in the fashion Louisville beat FSU, they will/should be #2.  I don't see TTUN jumping because the game is at home over a top 10 team yes, but not an elite team in the eyes of most.  

Comment 9 hours ago

Remember when they had 3 straight shutouts last year...and all the talk was about how much this offense would struggle in The Game....?   

Me neither...

Comment 25 Sep 2016

I wonder if Urban has talked to Herman about the SEC and the win at all costs attitude in that conference.  Maybe Herman doesn't go down that road. 

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Another bit on Thomas, just read this morning that WIllie Snead is dealing with a toe issue, so Thomas might see even more work. 

Comment 25 Sep 2016

One thing to consider as well is the division. For all of the grief we give the SEC, the SEC West from top to bottom is still probably the toughest division in CFB. The B1G East is good, but very top heavy. Not saying he'd want to duck competition, but if Houston does go to the big 12, his path to the CFP is much easier there, not to mention the $5million bonus he gets... 

Comment 25 Sep 2016

ESPN has a college fantasy football you can play for free.  I played it once, with 2 teams. One was all players available, and the other was just B1G.  It's tough because of all of smaller school guys you've never heard of go bananas.  That made the just B1G team a little easier to manage.  

Comment 25 Sep 2016
Why stafford? Since Jim bob cooter rook over as OC last year, there's 2 QBs with more fantasy points than him. Cam and Wilson. That's it. I don't think Stafford is my problem. I've got Dak behind him and romo is still out there as a free agent. Outside of Staffords bye week, Im not that worried about sitting him.
Comment 24 Sep 2016

Early indications point to Clemson/Louisville, but nothing official that I've seen:

and looking at 3 top 10 match ups with Stanford/Washington also on tap.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Agree completely.  I think I was just looking to get greedy with Dak, and the added threat of him running in a TD or 2 also.  

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Oh ok.  8 team league explains it.  I'm in a 12 team, and had last pick.  Went Ingram/Jordy, then Evans/Tate, Matthews/Hyde.  Got Stafford in the 12th.  

With that lineup, i don't think you'll lose all season, good lord.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Good win for Wisky over Sparty, but let's pull back the reins a bit...LSU and Sparty are very similar to Wisky in terms of scheme and their offenses set up perfectly for Wiskys D. A pro-style offense that uses the I formation to setup play action. I'm not saying it will be an easy trip, but I think both of their signature wins look a lot better on paper than they actually were. We'll see how well those big boys up front go side to side, instead of having the RB run directly into them for 4 quarters.  

Comment 24 Sep 2016

First question is how in the hell did you get those 3 backs to begin with? They were all 1st rounders in my league.

i think it's Gio or Diggs. Who do the Bengals play?

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Actually, not a terrible idea, especially with Arizona playing Buffalo.  I had my eye on Pryor, but when RG3 went down, i think that hurt TP more than anyone on that offense. 

Comment 24 Sep 2016

I drafted Stafford with every intention of playing him every week. The way he finished last week left a sour taste though, but he did have back to back TDs called back on penalties.  

The news today on the GB defense is making the choice a little easier, although the Bears have even more starters out on D against Dallas. 

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Nuts man. I was offered before week 1 Eric Decker and Melvin Gordon for Mike Evans and I turned that down.  Felt good about my RB depth (pre Abdullah injury).  

Comment 24 Sep 2016

story on ESPN with other comments from that pressed.  I love it.  Keep him away from Jackson Carman and the rest of the highly rated Ohio guys.