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Comment 12 minutes ago

Yes and no.  Suppose Rutgers plays them close, but then OSU waxes Neb in the title game.  OSU destroyed Rutgers, so would that devalue the Nebraska win?  I know it's all hypotheticals, but it's fun to talk about.

Comment 17 minutes ago

We want Nebraska to roll over every one they play.  Need them in or near the top 10 (as they should be assuming they only have 1 loss) when tOSU inevitably plays them in the B1G championship

Comment 21 minutes ago

I think Minny could prove to be the toughest test, just because it's the week after MSU.  I know physically and the talent level isn't the same as MSU, but when you factor in the emotion and psychological effect we always see in CFB, it's going to be tough to get up for the Minny game, win or lose (gasp) at EL.

Comment 1 hour ago

Echo your sentiment on Fowler.  Maybe it's a case of him taking the attacks personally, even though he's usually neutral, with the criticism being aimed at others.

Comment 1 hour ago

I don't think that needs italics.  My 2 yr old would flip if there was no more Frozen.

Comment 2 hours ago

I would imagine that with the success in recruiting and hype around Franklin, that Mr. Meyer will have his foot on the gas all 4 quarters.  This may get ugly.  First real chance in conference (no offense to Maryland and Rutgers, as they may be better than PSU, but don't carry the same weight) for the Buckeyes to really flex their muscle.  Statement made tonight.  Get out healthy, start prepping for the scrimmage with Illinois next week, and on to EL.

Comment 3 hours ago

Yep.  My 3 month old will  be up around 4am to get his bottle on.  Luckily, he'll go back to sleep, and my 2 yr old won't be up until around 7.

As a Lions fan, I might not even go to sleep tonight since they kickoff at 9am EST tomorrow.

Comment 4 hours ago

Stanford has had pretty good success against them too.  Teams with strong D-lines is that offenses kryptonite.

Comment 4 hours ago

For those of us who work Saturdays, I love them.  My job does too because I'm actually productive.

Comment 7 hours ago

I don't think McShay is forgetting how explosive Miller is, because he talks about how many big plays he would've produced and the numbers he would've put up.  He's referring to the 3yrs of film on Miller, which in all honesty, shows some flaws in his passing and ability to read defenses.  That's been a strength of Barrett.  With the weapons in this offense, (every skill position is a strong 2, possibly 3 deep), Barrett's strength of getting the ball out fast to allow those guys to make plays is making this offense unpredictable, and is going to be extremely tough to stop for 4 quarters (here's looking at you MSU).  A Miller led offense was much more focused on the read option, and getting big chunks on the ground and through the air.  The Barrett led offense seems just down right methodical, just racking up first downs and yardage.  It seems every drive is 8-10 plays, 60-80yds, with no speed bumps along the way.

Comment 18 hours ago

I want 3 SEC teams and The Ohio State Buckeyes in the Playoffs, and figure out a way for the Buckeyes to play all 3 in route to a  NC.  

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I actually think this young group of Buckeyes will embrace the crowd and feed off of it.  With the uptempo offense, there will be a lot of hand signals anyways, so the noise shouldn't be as much of a problem as normal.  As long as the Center and QB on the same page, the offense should be fine.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Man I hate being pessimistic, but I sure as hell hope this practice didn't follow Withers to tOSU.  Even if he pointed an athlete towards a used book store versus buying a new book, the NCAA would hammer the Buckeyes while giving UNC a slap on the wrist.

I'm sure ESPN will spin this as, "Former OSU Assistant named in UNC Academic Fraud Case."

Comment 23 Oct 2014

You could see the disappoint in Urbans face and body language when he walked over and realized who it was on the field.  It's a shame certain players seem just can't escape the injury bug.  Hope he comes back stronger (it's the other knee this time correct?)  Hopefully this is it for his knee injuries, as most say with todays medicine, the knee is stronger after a tear and surgery.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Thinking the same thing this morning.  18 years that they know about?  Probably means it's atleast 25-30.  I guess everyone's speculation on the pool of teams to join the B1G just shrank by 1.