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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Mike Doss, come up and lay the lumber on McGahee early in the 2002 NCG, looking to my Dad and saying, "Bucks came to play. Miami hasn't been hit in the mouth like that in 2 years!!!" Last game I got to watch with my Dad, who passed away that following July
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Comment 5 hours ago

OSU almost lost last year to a bad Michigan team, and this year wasn't a cake walk.  The Game will more often then not be a hard fought, competitive game, that's why it's The Rivalry in all of sports.  A good Michigan team means more to OSU outside of The Game, because they will always get each other's best shot.

Not worried-Urban>Harbaugh.  

Comment 11 hours ago

Maryland plays Stanford right?  A win there would really go a long way in showing they both were legitimate additions.  

Comment 12 hours ago

a weak michigan almost won last year, just saying...  Their strength/weakness doesn't mean anything in The Game.  It will more often then not be a hard fought, competitive game.  Their strength/weakness out side of The Game is what OSU has a vested interest in.  

Comment 24 hours ago

Aren't all porns staged?  I mean, I've never delivered pizza, but if you could really just cut a hole in the bottom of the box, and put some sausage on it, and have a hot woman who ordered the pizza, open the box, and not be completely disgusted and most likely call the cops, but instead devour everything in the box, I must be missing out.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

If  were (they won't) to leave, why not just go independent, and sign on with FOX, much like ND is with NBC, and go from there.  If the committee will accept ND into the playoff, then the conference championship isn't a requirement.  Schedule whoever, whenever.  A Buckeye Network would probably work because of the size of the fan base.  Keep Michigan, MSU, Penn St, Wisky and Nebraska as every year opponents, and fill in the other 7 games with other power 5 teams (much like ND does with the ACC now).  Play games in pro stadiums 2-3 times a year, in targeted recruiting areas (California, Texas, Florida).  Win, win, win, win.

Comment 26 Dec 2014

Buckeyes win the whole damn thing, and makes the rest of the team's performances irrelevant.

Since Rutgers will win, I'm saying 3-8 (Buckeyes 2 wins and Rutgers).

Comment 26 Dec 2014

They need to cut the # of Bowls in half.  When over half of the teams end up in bowl games, the system is broken.  It's no longer a privilege to go.

Take the 1st 12-16 teams that didn't get selected to a bowl, and have a NIT type playoff that would run through the bowl season, just aired on the nights/days when the bowls weren't played, just like the NCAA BB tournament, and the NIT.  The final for the NIT would be sometime between the semi-finals for the NC on 1/1, and the NC on 1/12.  Everyone else can pound sand and try to get better (here's looking at you Purdue).

Comment 25 Dec 2014

I don't care who the coach is or how good/bad UM is.  It doesn't matter when it comes to The Game anyways (see last year).  The Game will more often than not be a hard fought game that will be decided in the 4th quarter.  Urban's not rolling over for anyone, Harbaugh, Miles, Schianno, Belicheck, Madden, Lombardi, Landry.  Doesn't matter.  IMO, I think a big hire like Harbaugh fires Meyer up even more, and takes the Buckeyes another notch up the competitive ladder.  No complacency.  No living in the past.  No assumptions about beating inferior teams.  It will make the Buckeyes show up, on the recruiting trail and on the field, in order to remain atop the B1G.

Comment 25 Dec 2014

They almost won last year, with a terrible team, against an OSU team that had won 23 in a row.  UM being good or not doesn't matter when it comes to The Game, it's always going to be a hard fought win.

Comment 25 Dec 2014

Not ham technically, but prosciutto-making beef wellingtons.  Unfortunately for me, I did it a few years ago and now it's become tradition.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

That FSU Coach just got an 8yr extension making him one of the highest paid coaches.  Anyone who questions the reasons behind covering Jamies' antics up need to look no further than that.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Didn't Hoke bring in like 6-7 4 star lineman in each class the last couple years?  Where are those guys at?

Comment 23 Dec 2014

02-because me and my best friend played what was arguably the greatest game ever.  Had 4 guys in a dynasty, and we all just started playing it at the same time our Sophomore year in college.  I was OSU, my best friend was Nebraska, one was UCLA, and one was Ball St (he didn't watch football, and couldn't believe there was a college called Ball St).  Anyways, me and the guy who was Nebraska made it to the NC.  Basically, it was back and forth, very little defensive stops.  I scored with under a 30secs left to tie it up.  He then took the ensuing kickoff back for a TD.  I promptly threw whatever I was drinking against the wall, and didn't hide my disgust.  So, I get the ball back with roughly 15-20 seconds left, and it took 2 plays, and I believe it was #4 (Chris Vance at the time?) who I hit on a post corner which I took about 60yds for the TD to tie it up.  Game ended up going 3 OT and I won after converting the 2pt when he missed his.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

My roommate during my 1st semester in college was a good friend from High School.  The first Tony Hawk game on PS1 did him in.  My conversations were much like Cardale and Powells.

8am, i'm up, hungover as all hell, "hey buddy, you got class right?"  "I don't know"

Comment 23 Dec 2014



Zac Brown Band.

Comment 22 Dec 2014

Yeah, i saw he has like 42% of their receptions, and an even higher percentage of yards.  He's a BIG piece of the puzzle.