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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Mike Doss, come up and lay the lumber on McGahee early in the 2002 NCG, looking to my Dad and saying, "Bucks came to play. Miami hasn't been hit in the mouth like that in 2 years!!!"
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Comment 2 hours ago

SM-sounds like he's done this before and knows the loopholes.  Whenever there is money involved, there's someone out there scheming to steal it.  It's so hard to find people to trust to get things done that you can't or won't do.  Luckily, we've been able to find a great mechanic, and our best friend has his contractors license, so if he can't do something, he has a list of people who he's worked with who can.  

Maybe offer him more just to get him to show up, or refer a friend to him to set him up for another "meeting."  

Comment 4 hours ago

I've actually been thinking about the QBs being recruited and those on the roster in terms of the desire to go to more of a pro-style offense.  I would imagine that Burrow and Clark fit that better than perhaps Gibson or Wallace, but that's not saying they wouldn't excel either.  Collier seems to be a nice blend from what I have seen.  

Comment 5 hours ago

I'd be interested in the average yards to go on 3rd down this year versus last year, and how that relates to the conversion %.

Comment 5 hours ago

The drive chart for the Maryland game last year was a thing of beauty IMO.  10 plays between 20-35 yards.  Multiple drives with 2 or more "big plays."  I also believe there was more than one 90 yard drive in that game IIRC.  

Comment 5 hours ago

The conversation started in the Skull Session about the average yards per play being exactly the same at this point this year versus last year.  I questioned it because it felt like there's been more big plays this year than last year, which was skewing the average.  I was wrong in that there was actually 1 more big play last year than this year through 5 games, but the big plays are about 3.5 yards longer on average this year.  These stats only tell part of the story, a very small part.  

The funny thing is, you are exactly right about the safeties being up, even though all offseason, everything we heard/read was that Cardale being in backs the safeties off to allow Zeke the room to run (I think we even had a back and forth about it a few times in agreement).  

Comment 6 hours ago

Hmm-interesting.  Assuming you're using female blue crabs?  Only had those once because the place was out of males, and didn't really care for the meat, but if it's in a soup, along with the roe, I'd imagine it's quite a bit different.  Thanks for the recipe.  

Comment 6 hours ago

No worries.  I just take MJ seriously.  Got into a heated argument with a girl my buddy was "dating" at the time about Chris Brown being a better entertainer and dancer than MJ.  She pulls up a video of Chris Brown doing MJs moves.   Argument over.  

Comment 7 hours ago

No problem.  There was a few questions brought up, some by myself, about the average yards per play this season versus last season, and it got the wheels turning.  One thing I left out was, in the two games this year with only two 20+ yard plays (NIU, Hawaii), the average for those 20+ yard plays was only 24.0 yards in each game.  There were two 24yd plays against Hawaii, and a 23yd and 25yd play against NIU.  The 24.0 average is the lowest of any of the 10 games Iooked at, with Cinci from 2014 next at 24.6.  

Comment 7 hours ago

What in the name of crustaceans is that?  I've eaten my share (and then some) of seafood soups, and have never heard of that.  

Comment 8 hours ago

Everyone could save time and send the $$ to me since I'd win

I'd love to, just don't have time.  Same reason for not doing fantasy football this year.