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Comment 21 minutes ago

No worries.  I just take MJ seriously.  Got into a heated argument with a girl my buddy was "dating" at the time about Chris Brown being a better entertainer and dancer than MJ.  She pulls up a video of Chris Brown doing MJs moves.   Argument over.  

Comment 39 minutes ago

No problem.  There was a few questions brought up, some by myself, about the average yards per play this season versus last season, and it got the wheels turning.  One thing I left out was, in the two games this year with only two 20+ yard plays (NIU, Hawaii), the average for those 20+ yard plays was only 24.0 yards in each game.  There were two 24yd plays against Hawaii, and a 23yd and 25yd play against NIU.  The 24.0 average is the lowest of any of the 10 games Iooked at, with Cinci from 2014 next at 24.6.  

Comment 1 hour ago

What in the name of crustaceans is that?  I've eaten my share (and then some) of seafood soups, and have never heard of that.  

Comment 2 hours ago

Everyone could save time and send the $$ to me since I'd win

I'd love to, just don't have time.  Same reason for not doing fantasy football this year.  

Comment 2 hours ago

Considering what Thomas did to Fuller, he'll Likely have a bigger impact on special teams than on defense.  

Comment 3 hours ago

putting an APB back out for slants.  They returned last year, and have been seen on occasion this year, but no corner in CFB can stop Thomas on one, and I would have to think with the quickness that guys like Braxton, Dontre, and Jalin have, that they'd be able to get a step inside just about anyone covering them as well.  

Comment 3 hours ago

So took a few minutes and went through the play by play portion of the box scores for the first 5 games of 2014 and 2015 and counted the # of 20+ yard plays by the offense, and totaled up the yardages for comparison:

-2014-31 (Navy-4, VT-7, KSU-5, Cinci-5, MD-10).  Average of those 31 plays was 31.5 yards.  The Maryland game had the most 20+ plays (10) and the most yardage (261), but the highest average was the the Kent St game with a 38.2 average on the five 20+ yard plays.

-2015-30 (VT-10, Haw-2, NIU-2, WMU-6, Indy-10).  Average of those 30 plays was 34.9 yards.  The VT and Indy games tied with the most (10), with the Indy game having more yards (380) than the VT game (370), thus the higher average of 38.0 per 20+ yard play.  

Some other interesting takes.  There have been 9 40+ yard plays this year, versus just 6 this time last year.  While the total # is almost identical, the range between the totals somewhat supports my theory of this offense living and dying by the big play.  There have been 2 games of only two 20+ yard plays this year (Haw and NIU) and 2 games of ten 20+ yard plays (VT and Indy).  In 2014, the lowest total was 4, with two 5s, a 7 and a 10.  The Maryland game last year featured 10 such plays, with the range being from 20-35 yards, by far the lowest range of any of the 3 games with ten 20+ yard plays.  

Anyone can spin statistics how they want, but to me, I've been saying (and not in a negative way) that Cardale is the high risk, high reward option.  The big plays have been bigger than in 2014.  However, the offense has also shown a propensity to be streaky, which is the down side of living by the big play.  Based on these statistics alone, the JT led offense was a little more consistent in getting big plays, but they weren't always as big.  

Comment 6 hours ago

Ryen Russillo said yesterday that Indiana came to play, and it was a good win for a Ohio State.  As long as Indiana doesn't poop the bed for the remainder of the year, and can get to 8-9 wins, looking in hindsight will show it was a good win.  

Comment 6 hours ago

I was under the impression it had to be mentioned for some reason.  

Comment 7 hours ago

I'd be interested in seeing a more in depth breakdown though.  Just feels like this year, there are more short drives that go no where, followed up by a few chunk plays.  Very interesting that the #s are exactly the same, but averages can be very misleading.