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What if? Braxton edition.

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August 19, 2014 at 4:45pm

I know there are quite a bit of Braxton Miller, silver lining, JT Barrett threads but I want to pose a question: 

First lets assume a couple things:

1) Braxton doesn't make a miraculous recovery, opts to use his redshirt, and he comes back next season

2) Barrett plays well (maybe 1-2 losses but wins the bowl game and, obviously, beats TSUN) 

3) Braxton makes a full recovery and JT ends the season healthy putting them on an even keel health wise.

All that considered my question is: This time next year who is the starting QB for Ohio State?

My opinion*: It should be Barrett. If he played well enough to win us 10 games plus a bowl game, let him take the reigns since he is the future. As for Braxton....use him in some capacity. Maybe put him at RB or use him like Leek/Tebow at Florida. 

*Disclaimer: I see Braxton taking a redshirt as highly unlikely but I like asking "What If?"

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easy choice

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Whoever Urban puts in is who should be starting

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If Braxton is healthy, he starts. Simple.

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Don't be so sure that braxton won't redshirt. Why wouldn't he? He would go undrafted and I'm a previous thread they said that nfl scouts said they'd encourage him to return. If he does return, braxton all the way. Too good to say he would be benched or moved. JT would just be like Kenny G. Last year then. 

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Remember too he has a family. He may have to go to the draft. Fine, he may not be drafted high, if at all, but a small signing bonus and a chance to make an NFL team may be worth more than trying again next year and maybe improving his draft stock or, worse, suffer a career ending injury. 

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Listen, I like JT too, but we're all massively overrating him right now because we're still in denial that losing Braxton de-railed our title hopes.

JT just passed Cardale. Hell, before Braxton's injury news yesterday, everyone's biggest concern was the backup QB. Now, all of the sudden, JT is going to be better than a healthy Braxton by this point next year? Pssh.

Braxton is the answer here, but if JT has a year under his belt, he's the perfect backup at that point. Plus he'd still have two years of eligibility after that.

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There are a lot of things this might change. What about Gibson. JT could look so good and Braxton coming back could send him somewhere else. Maybe Kirk decides he wants a year with Braxton. Thinking our third string QB moves on with little playing time. Dropping a couple of games loses us Harris or we get him because 2015 looks like a national championship. Players that would have entered the draft early now stay because of Braxton. (namely our d-line)  Herman decides to stay because of Braxton and JT. Maybe none, some or all this happens and things I didn't list. Just fun to think about.

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Use Braxton at RB?  Do you remember the punishment that El Guapo took last year at RB?  Sorry, but I don't think Braxton would make it 3 games at RB before getting injured.

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I think Braxton's best shot at success in the NFL is as a scat back or slot WR.  Would not hurt him to play 1 season in college at one of those positions.  Having said that if his shoulder is healthy and he comes back he will be the starting QB next year.  

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Braxton's best shot at success in the NFL is getting completely healthy and going in as a quarterback.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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He wouldn't be used like Carlos Hyde tho. He would be a 6-8 carry a game type. Similar to Deanthony Thomas at Oregon. Take him on jet sweeps, off tackle, or line him up at WR like we did with Guiton last year.