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Comment 10 Jul 2014

Would you now....I believe the American Society of Civil Engineers begs to differ:

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Thing I'm most excited about with this guy: put him in the center on FG/Extra Point tries, all he has to do is put his arms up and he will block every last one. Glad you made the right decision Kevin!

Comment 18 Jun 2014
  • I thought Kenny G should have been the starting QB last year. 
  • I think Braxton, D Smith, Spencer, and Roby are overrated (ironically enough I have a Braxton Miller Jersey)
  • As for the 2012 Purdue game, I turned off the TV after Kenny G's interception in the fourth quarter
  • I think Herman isn't that good of a playcaller. Your running back is averaging 6 ypc in the B10 champ and OB and you give him a grand total of 3 carries in the 4th quarter in the two games combined? C'mon man! 
  • I don't think Fick is a terrible coach and got a lot of unnecessary blame for the defenses struggles but he is really bad at post game interviews. No adjustments after a bad defensive game just "Did we win?"
  •  7 nation army is the worst song and needs to die
  • Not a fan of the quick cals, the hive was better
  • Lastly, I actually wouldn't mind it if Ohio State left the BIG and moved to the SEC
Comment 05 May 2014

The Iron Bowl is better than the Game? AHAHAHA! Oh Sirrah, how deliciously absurd...... (in my best hedonism bot voice)