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Stephen Collier

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August 19, 2014 at 2:39pm

Quick question: With Braxton out for the season, does this mean we burn Stephen Collier's redshirt? With the beating a QB takes in our offense, I feel like it might be a necessary sacrifice.

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Short answer? No, not unless it's absolutely necessary.

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Exactly, only 2 circumstances:

1) Collier is the best QB on the team when we face Navy

2) Both Jones and Barrett suffer injuries

It isn't like you have to announce their redshirt before the season starts.

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3) If Barrett OR Jones suffers an injury, Collier's red shirt could potentially be burned, UNLESS one of those guys makes it thru the remainder of the season and takes almost all the snaps at QB.

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I hope he's available. If either Barrett or Jones were experienced starters we might be able to get away with 2 QBs, but with how they are now, I think we let Collier play some. I don't think it'd be a bad idea to let him get some garbage time in some of the blowouts.

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ONLY if he's the best option. And if he's the best option we're in trouble.

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Between JT and the monster that is Cardale (6' 5" 250lbs), if we need to burn Stephen's redshirt, then IMO we will have larger issues. Mop-up is possible, but not sure if it is worth it. Then again, given our possible future success with QB recruiting, maybe they will decide it can't hurt. Depends on the other two guys and how ready Collier is.

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If one of Cardale and JT goes down injured then yes, otherwise no I doubt it.

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They don't have to make that decision yet. They can just wait and see how things go with Barrett and Jones. I imagine Collier will dress for games and "be ready", but I doubt he plays and I think he'll still redshirt.

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I Agree

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I think it is alittle too late to do that now. He hasn't played with the ones so we would look a lot like the browns last night. 

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With JT being so young the coaches probably feel he needs to get as many reps as possible, even if we are up significantly.  And if it's not JT getting them, it will be Cardale.  Therefore, I don't see Collier getting reps unless one of JT or Cardale go down.

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Barring any injury to JT or Cardale (knock on wood), Collier wont see the field. 

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if one of Jt or Cardale gets injured, I think Collier will not be redshirted. But for now I think they might actually consider a preferred walk on as the third QB. Didn't we get an Ohio kid as a preferred walkon this year?

not the most ideal situation but I think we need to save Collier and let him grow. He could be something special in a year or so, but not this year.

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Yes, i believe his name was Luke Morgan or something like that?

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No way.

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ideally we won't have to address the issue of using Collier at any point in the season. Just for the sake of argument though, IF, the situation arises where Jones and JT both go down I think the biggest factor is where we are at in the season and what our record is. Keep in mind, Braxton could possibly come back if the 2nd and/or 3rd opinion(s) on his shoulder aren't too bad. Conversely, if our record is crappy then maybe they go with the walk-on for a few games. Hell, the could even go a little wild-cat with Jalin Marshall lining up in the gun!   

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#1 dual threat QB in his class!  I'd prefer to let him throw a little too!!

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I like the Jalin wildcat idea, lets see that Teddy-G impression young fella!

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If memory serves correct Darren Lee was a pretty good QB at New Albany....... with his added muscle I'm sure he can run the read option!!!!!!

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oh yeah i forgot Lee played QB in high school too. Good call!!!